What Size Bike Do I Need If Im 5 2?

What size bike do I need if I’m 6ft tall?

Road Bike Size ChartYour heightSuggested frame size5`5″-5`9″160-168 cm51-54 cm5`9″-6`0″168-175 cm54-56 cm6`0″-6`3″175-183 cm58-60 cm6’1”+183-191 cm62 cm+3 more rows•Feb 1, 2019.

What size bike do I need if I’m 5 7?

Road Bike Size ChartFrame SizeHeightS (51)5’4” to 5’7” (163-170 cm)M (54)5’7” to 5’10” (170-178 cm)L (56)5’10” to 6’0” (178-182 cm)XL (58)6’0” to 6’3” (182-190 cm)4 more rows

What size bike do you need if you are 5 feet tall?

For those between 5 feet three inches and 5 feet seven inches, purchase a bike between 15 and 16 inches tall. Individuals between 5 feet 7 inches and 5 feet 11 inches should look for a bike between 16 and 17 inches tall. People between 6 feet tall and 6 feet 2 inches tall need a bike between 17 and 19 inches in height.

What size bike should I get if I’m 5 11?

Fixie/single-speed bike size chartHeight (inch)Inside leg (inch)Frame size (cm)5’3” – 5’5”28 – 30”50 cm5’5” – 5’7”29 – 31”52 cm5’7” – 5’9”30 – 32”54 cm5’9” – 5’11”31 – 33”56 cm3 more rows

How do I know what size my bike is?

Back to top. Adult bikes are measured by their frame size. Most manufacturers now measure the frame from the centre of the crank axle, to the top of the seat tube. Most road bikes are measured in centimetres (cm), whereas mountain bikes are generally measured using inches (in).

How do I know my bike tire size?

Check your tire’s sidewall—the numbers there indicate your tire size (roughly its outer diameter and its width, but not always in that order). Typical road bike tire: 700 x 32c indicates a tire that has an outer diameter of 700mm and a width of 32mm.

Should my feet touch the ground on a mountain bike?

The height of your saddle is important for the most comfortable position and safe riding style. … If your feet are flat on the ground the saddle is too low and needs raising, and if your toes are just touching the ground right on your tip toes, either your bike is too big for you or the saddle is too high.

What age is a 24 inch bike for?

Kids Bike Size ChartWheel sizeAgeInseam16”4-518-22” 45-55 cm18”5-620-24” 50-60 cm20”5-822-25” 55-63 cm24”7-1124-28” 60-72 cm2 more rows•Dec 10, 2018

Is it better to get a bigger or smaller mountain bike frame?

Sizing up gave a longer wheelbase that is more stable at higher speeds, and the spacious cockpit offered more comfort on long climbs: “For me, I like the longer wheelbase of the XL compared to the L, and the increased reach, as the bike is more comfortable on long days out on the pedals.” Sizing up is a good option for …

How do you determine what size bike to buy for a woman?

Frame size determines how big or small a bike is and whether or not it’s going to fit you….Women’s Mountain Bike Size Chart.Rider HeightFrame Size (in Inches)Frame Sizes (S,M,L)4’10”-5’2″13-14XS5’2″-5’6″15-16S5’6″-5’10″17-18M5’10”-6’0″19-20LNov 12, 2018

How do I know what kind of bike to buy?

Your priorities should be:Frame: Test ride the bike, the frame is heart of the ride. … Suspension: On mountain bikes, suspension almost goes hand-in-hand with the frame.Wheels: Reliability and rotating mass are important.Contact points: Tyres, saddle, and handlebars.More items…

What size bike should a 5’2 woman get?

TT/triathlon bike size guide tableHeightTop tube length5’2″ – 5’5″157.5 – 165cm50 – 51.5cm5’4″ – 5’7″162.5 – 170cm51.5 – 53.5cm5’6″ – 5’9″167.5 – 175cm53.5 – 55.5cm5’8″ – 5’11″172.5 – 180cm55.5 – 57cm3 more rows

What size bike should I buy for my height?

Road bike size chartRider heightSuggested frame sizeFeet/InchesCentimetersCentimeters5`6″-5`9″168-175 cm54-55 cm5`9″-6`0″175-183 cm56-57-58 cm6`0″-6`3″183-191 cm58-59-60 cm4 more rows

What size mountain bike do I need 5 2?

#3 – ChartRider HeightSuggested Mountain Frame SizeFeet & InchesCentimetresFrame Size (inches)5’2″ – 5’6″158cm – 168cm15″ – 16″5’6″ – 5′ 10″168cm – 178cm17″ – 18″5’10” – 6’1″178cm – 185cm19″ – 20″3 more rows•Aug 24, 2020

Can adults ride 24 inch bikes?

And 24” sounds like a wheel size. It’d be no problem for an adult to ride a 24” wheeled bike IF the frame is designed with adults in mind. A regular-sized adult trying to ride seated on a 24” wheeled kids’ bike is likely to end up fatigued or uncomfortable quite fast.

How tall should you be for a 24 inch bike?

Kids bike size chart by heightChild height (Feet)Child height (cm)Wheel size3’8″-4’0″115-120 cm18 inches4’0″-4’5″120-135 cm20 inches4’5″-4’9″135-145 cm24 inches5 Feet and tallertaller than 145 cm26 inches4 more rows

What does a 26 inch bike mean?

Usually the size is written on the tire sidewall, for example it might read 26 x 2.2”, a typical mountain bike size. This indicates the wheel is 26” and the tire is 2.2” wide. Wheels are categorized in size by their primary use for road cycling, off road, touring and BMX.