What Are The Highest Paid Security Jobs?

What are the highest paying security guard jobs?

Top 10 Highest-Paying Security Careers for 2020Chief Information Security Officer.

Security Architect.

Risk Manager.

Systems, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester.

Network Security Engineer.

Network Security Administrator.

Cyber Crime Investigator.

Information Security Analyst.More items….

What is the best security company to work for?

America’s Top 10 Security Guard CompaniesEpic Security Corp.Spear Security.American Hawk Security.National Security and Protection Services.Brinks, Inc.Guardsmark*G4S.Allied Universal.More items…

What are the highest paying salary jobs?

The highest-paying job in the US pays over $190,000, and it’s not in techPhysician. Median base salary: $193,415.Pharmacy manager. Median base salary: $144,768. … Dentist. Eva-Katalin | E+ | Getty Images. … Pharmacist. Median base salary: $126,438. … Enterprise architect. … Corporate counsel. … Software engineer. … Physician assistant. … More items…•

How much do security jobs pay?

A Security Guard can earn a salary of between 16000 to 24000 depending on education and experience. Security Guards can expect an average compensation of Twenty Six Thousand Four Hundred dollars every year. Security Guards are paid the highest in Louisiana, where they earn an average job salary of approximating $40120.

Is security a dangerous job?

A security guard job is extremely dangerous. … Nobody can deny the risks involved when you work as a security guard, and the security guard training should not be taken lightly. However it is one of the most exhilarating and high paying jobs today as well.

Do all billionaires have bodyguards?

No, not all billionaires have bodyguards. However, billionaires do require some measure of heightened security depending on their profile – whether that is strictly estate security, information security, or close personal protection. Ultra-high-net-worth individuals face unique threats due to their wealth.

Does Warren Buffett have a bodyguard?

Meet Dan Clark: Warren Buffett’s Personal Bodyguard For Almost 20 Years. … And for almost two decades, he has been Warren Buffett’s personal bodyguard.

Is security a good job?

Generally speaking, working as a security guard is a great job for a young person who is going to school or preparing for a career. It is also a great job for retirees trying to either supplement income, or just looking for a way out of the house. However, it is not the best way to make a good living.

How old are you supposed to be to be a security guard?

18 yearsIn order to become a licensed security guard within the state of California, becoming a legal adult is one of the key required criteria, along with getting the right training and passing a background check. California requires that you be at least 18 years of age in order to become a licensed security guard.

How do security guards not get bored?

If security guards want to avoid boredom on the job they need to mix it up a bit, giving themselves some mental and physical variety. Simple exercises can help the body stay more alert. … Security guards also do well when they commit to eating more healthy foods both on and off the job.

Are security jobs boring?

Security jobs are boring If you see yourself as an insignificant part of your job, then you’ve left open a vulnerability that can be exploited. Security guards who see their jobs as mundane, become easy targets for criminals and troublemakers.

How much does a celebrity bodyguard make?

How Much Does a Celebrity Bodyguard make? On average, Celebrity Bodyguards earn approximately $64,700 per year. The salary range for Celebrity Bodyguards runs from $42,000 to $145,000. Bodyguards at elite firms start off at $100/hour and usually work 8-12 hour shifts.

Do celebrity bodyguards carry guns?

Celebrity security details are often armed. Local and state laws dictate who may be armed and where they may be armed. Many bodyguards are off duty or retired police officers. In the US, active duty police and retired police officers may carry concealed firearms in all states.

How much money does a mall cop make?

Many of the entry level jobs in mall security are part-time hourly positions that require little training or education; most positions aren’t going to have salaries in the stratosphere. The average salary is around $25,000, meaning the starting salaries are likely to be even lower than that (source).

What do security guards do at night?

Night shift security job is to provide overnight security for buildings and/or its occupants. A night security guard may patrol on foot or in a car or spend your shift watching the grounds via a closed-circuit television system. He may also answer phone calls, take messages and respond to requests and questions.