Question: What Should I Do After Nitec?

Is Higher Nitec equivalent to diploma?

With effect from 20 Sep 2012, CEA has decided to recognise Higher NITEC qualification as equivalent to 4 GCE “O” level passes.

NITEC qualification is not considered as equivalent to 4 GCE “O” level passes.

For applicants who have NITEC qualification, they can take the WPLN assessments from WDA..

What is the difference between normal academic and normal technical?

In Normal (Technical), students take subjects of a more technical nature, such as Design and Technology, while in Normal (Academic) students are prepared to take the O-level exam and normally take subjects such as Principles of Accounting.

What is N level qualification?

The Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Normal Level (N-Level) examination is a national examination held annually in Singapore. It is taken after four years in the normal academic or normal technical stream (secondary education).

What is DPP and PFP?

The Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) and the Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP) are two through-train pathways to polytechnics for N(A) students that were launched in 2013 to provide progression opportunities for well-performing Secondary 4 N(A) students who wish to pursue practice-oriented …

Can normal technical Go Higher Nitec?

Complete your 4 years of Secondary school in normal tech, progress to ITE and complete 2 years of course. … But from ITE (NITEC) progressing to Poly, you would require at least 3.5 and above GPA points. Any lesser, you will only be able to progress to Higher Nitec, which is another 2 years of ITE.

Can I go Poly after Nitec?

To be eligible for admission consideration, applicants holding Nitec or Higher Nitec qualifications must achieve the following Grade Point Average (GPA). Applicants who are currently taking the Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP) with a GPA ≥ 2.5 / ≥3.0 will be able to apply for mapped courses.

What is a level score?

A level examinations are graded on a scale of A* to E. Students that take the full A level in addition to the AS are awarded one grade for each subject, with the AS results being subsumed into the A level point score if not ‘cashed in’ as a terminal credential after the first year of study.

What should I do after Higher Nitec?

Higher Nitec graduates with a relevant GPA can also apply for admission to the first year of a related diploma course at the polytechnics. For some diploma courses in the Engineering / IT field, Higher Nitec graduates with a GPA ≥ 3.5 may be admitted directly to the second year of training.

How do I appeal ITE Higher Nitec?

To appeal, follow the steps below. To check your appeal result, login to with your NRIC/FIN and Password. For appellants who have accepted the posted course but are not successful in their transfer, they will remain in the course and ITE College which they have accepted.

What should I wear on my first day of ITE?

If for some reasons you do not have uniform, you may come in a white polo shirt, black pants & black shoes (which is similar ITE common design uniform Design C). Socks are recommended for comfort and a good outlook. Dark coloured pants or shoes allowed. NO jeans unless you really have no other bottoms to wear.

What should I do after N level?

Beyond N-Levels: What are Your Options?Promotion to Sec 5.Direct-Entry Scheme to Polytechnic Programme.Polytechnic Foundation Programme.Opt to study at a private diploma/ degree.The Differences Between PFP and DPP.Moving Forward To Higher Nitec.In Conclusion.

How many years is normal technical?

4Normal (Technical) course for secondary school. Normal (Technical) is a 4-year course leading to the N(T)-Level examination in Secondary 4.

What is Nitec qualification?

The ITE Certification System comprises certification levels as follows: Full-Time Education. National ITE Certificate (Nitec) for courses that require completion of GCE ‘N’ Level or GCE ‘O’ Level as an entry requirement, with pre-requisites for certain courses.

Can N level Go Higher Nitec?

Eligible GCE ‘N’ (Academic) Level holders may apply for Higher Nitec courses under the JIE ‘H’ and Nitec courses under the JIE ‘N’. However, if you are offered a Higher Nitec course under the JIE ‘H’, you will not be offered a Nitec course under the JIE ‘N’.

When can apply Higher Nitec?

If you have graduated from a full-time Higher Nitec course at ITE and wish to return to do a second full-time Higher Nitec course, you may apply for admission one year after graduation. For April 2020 intake, you may submit your admission application if you have graduated before 1 May 2019.