Question: Is Structube Like IKEA?

Does Structube furniture have to be assembled?

Do your products come ready-to-assemble.

In order to provide our customers with quality products at great prices, many items are ready-to-assemble.

A large majority of hardwood home furnishings come flat-packed, for ease of transportation at reduced costs..

Does Structube ship to us?

MONTREAL-Canadian furniture retailer Structube has extended its e-commerce site,, to the United States, offering shipping to American customers. Structube owns and operates 47 stores in Canada and plans on opening many locations across the United States, starting in 2016, the company said.

What happened to Structube USA?

In May 2015, Structube began offering its product line through an e-commerce website integrated with its conventional stores, and in November 2015, expanded this to the United States. Structube abandoned the US market in May 2019.

Can you put a TV on a console table?

Look for a sturdy console table that will hold the weight of your TV and make sure it’s wide enough to accommodate the cable box, DVD player, or stereo. Tip! Since most console tables don’t have as much storage as media centers, storage boxes are perfect for keeping DVDs and CDs close by but out of sight.

Does living spaces ship to Canada?

Unfortunately, we do not ship to Canada at this time.

How legit is Wayfair?

Is Wayfair legit? Yes, Wayfair is a legitimate company with safe practices surrounding shopping, shipping and consumer privacy. Wayfair provides customers with a one-stop shopping experience that lets you purchase home goods, furniture and appliances from one site.

Is Structube furniture good quality?

Structube styles are great and so are their prices. The quality is horrible and customer service is just as bad. If you are buying furniture to just look at then go for it but if you plan on using it DO NOT BUY!

What’s another store like Ikea?

Stores Like IKEA: 10 Alternatives for Modern FurnitureAllModern. This massive online retailer is part of Wayfair. … Overstock. Overstock sells more than furniture and decor, but they have a surprisingly strong selection of modern styles at great discounts if you dig deep enough.Fab. … Etsy. … Scandinavian Designs. … CB2. … Dwell Store. … World Market.More items…•

Who owns Structube?

Marcel KnafoBut president and founder, Marcel Knafo, had a passion for furniture, opening the company’s first home furniture store in Montreal in 1980. Structube quickly became popular for its modern designs which were perfect for a new generation of customers shifting from larger homes to apartments and smaller houses.

How long does it take for Structube to deliver?

within 30 daysAll orders that are ready to ship must be delivered within 30 days of becoming available. In light of current events, if you require that delivery occurs more than 30 days after the order becomes available to ship, please contact our customer service team at 1-877-721-3787 to select an ulterior delivery date.

How long does it take to deliver furniture?

Due to their large size and unusual shape, most furniture items, such as sectional sofas or mattresses, cannot be delivered through standard parcel delivery services (FedEx, UPS, or USPS). As a result, the delivery often takes longer than two to three days, which is the norm for most consumer items.

Which is better Ikea or Wayfair?

If you are looking for cabinets to go then you might be better off at IKEA but when it comes to all the other home goods goodies, Wayfair is going to have as much as IKEA. … If you are looking for homestyle home goods then Wayfair is going to have more selection over the modern furniture you will find at IKEA.

What does IKEA sell besides furniture?

Beyond IKEA: 10 Other Places to Get Affordable FurnitureWayfair. 1/11. A good dining room table can really set you back several hundred bucks. … Urban Outfitters. 2/11. … Muji. 3/11. … Craigslist. 4/11. … HomeGoods. 5/11. … World Market. 6/11. … Chairish. 7/11. … Sauder Furniture. 8/11.More items…