Question: How Can I Get Apple News For Free?

Is there a free news app?

Flipboard has established itself as one of the most popular news apps for both Android and iOS.

Flipboard is available as a free download for both iPhone and Android smartphones..

What’s the best free news app?

7 Top News Apps for Free: Google News, Flipboard, Feedly, and…Google News. You’re probably already familiar with this one. … Microsoft News. Microsoft’s take on news aggregation is similar to Google News in a lot of ways. … Flipboard. Advertisement. … News360. News360 is another news reader app. … Feedly. … Apple News (iOS Only) … SmartNews. … 2 comments Write a Comment.

App App NamePublisher Publisher1News Break – Local Headlines & Breaking NewsParticle Media Inc.2TwitterTwitter, Inc.3SmartNews: Local Breaking NewsSmartNews, Inc.4Redditreddit Inc.46 more rows

What is the best app for world news?

11 Best News Apps For iOS and AndroidBBC News App. The BBC is a worldwide recognized news organization that keeps readers updated with the latest news stories and videos on-demand. … Flipboard. … Google News. … The New York Times. … CNN News. … DIGG. … AP Mobile. … Reuters.More items…•

What is the best app for daily news?

Here are the best news apps for Android!AP News.Feedly.Flipboard.Inoreader.Microsoft News.

Is the Apple news app free?

Listen every weekday morning to an audio briefing from our hosts, Shumita Basu and Duarte Geraldino. They’ll guide you through the day’s top stories and how the world’s best journalists are covering them. Apple News Today is free to everyone and is also available in Apple Podcasts.

How can I get Apple developer for free?

Creating an Apple developer accountStep 1: Visit 2: Click Member Center.Step 3: Sign in with your Apple ID.Step 4: On the Apple Developer Agreement page, click the first check box to accept the agreement and click the Submit button.Step 1: Download Xcode from the Mac App Store.More items…•

How do I get rid of Apple News App?

Remove a built-in app from your Home screenOn your iOS device, touch and hold the app lightly until it jiggles. If the app doesn’t jiggle, make sure that you’re not pressing too hard.Tap. on the app, then tap Remove.Press the Home button to finish.

Why do you have to pay for Apple news?

Pay Apple a monthly fee to unlock paywalled content from all participating publishers. … The same report says that major publishers including The New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal are resistant to a proposed revenue split.