Are There Glasses That Can See Through Clothes?

Is there any device to see through clothes?

Gadget fans have stumbled across a special filter on a premium smartphone that allows you to see through plastics and some layers of clothing.

This ‘X-ray vision’ mode is actually an infrared filter that can be accessed through the smartphone app..

Is there any see through glasses?

X-ray specs are American novelties, purported to allow users to see through or into solid objects. In reality, the spectacles merely create an optical illusion; no X-rays are involved. The current paper version is sold under the name “X-Ray Spex”; a similar product is sold under the name “X-Ray Gogs”.

Can you see through people’s clothes?

Sexy Booth FREE makes you hot Use a special scanner to look through your friends’ clothes. All you need is to point the camera to your friend. You’ll be able to see them naked!

Can Google Glass see through clothes?

Augmented Realities: Google Glass With See-Through ‘X-Ray’ Feature. … The camera in the GOOG goggles could easily be tuned to infrared wavelengths that reveal body shape and other details beneath people’s clothing. A simple 1000nm filter can reveal a lot and it’s easy to adapt any type of video camera.