10 Grooming Tips Every Dapper Gentleman Should Know

  1. 11 Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know
  2. Beard Maintenance
  3. Time for a Trim
  4. Visit the Barbers Regularly
  5. Invest in Hair Products
  6. Wash Your Hair Every Other Day
  7. Moisturize Your Skin
  8. Protect Your Skin
  9. Smell Good
  10. Don’t Neglect Your Feet
  11. Or Your Eyebrows
  12. Pay Attention to Your Hands
  13. The 12 Habits Of Impeccably-Groomed Men
  14. 1 | Become a regular at your barbers
  15. 2 | Know which hair products work for you
  16. 3 | Find your signature scent
  17. 4 | “Do a Dylan” with your toothbrush
  18. 5 | Scrub your face
  19. 6 | Manage your facial fuzz
  20. 7 | …Or learn how to shave an expert
  21. 8 | Put your best feet forward
  22. 9 | Tackle dark circles
  23. 10 | Sort those eyebrows
  24. 11 | Nail your hand-care routine
  25. 12 | Wear sunscreen
  26. 10 Men’s Grooming Tips
  27. Grooming Tips EVERY Guy Should Know – Beauty Hacks For Men
  28. 1. Best Time To Cut Your Nails
  29. 2. Powder Your Balls
  30. 3. Take Cold Showers
  31. 4. Wash Your Hair Less Often
  32. 5. Shave The Back Of Your Neck
  33. If you do use a razor on the back of your neck, remember to use shave cream to avoid razor burn.
  34. 6. Relief For An Itchy Beard
  35. 7. Substitute For Shaving Cream
  36. 8. Substitute For Conditioner
  37. Use hand or body cream or lotion – it contains many of the same ingredients.
  38. 9. When You Don't Have Toothpaste
  39. Baking soda whitens your teeth and cleans your mouth almost as well as conventional toothpaste.
  40. 10. Eyebrow Grooming
  41. 12 Grooming Tips for Men
  42. Grooming Checklist for Men
  43. Grooming Tip 1. Get a haircut regularly
  44. Grooming Tip 2. Healthy scalp = healthy hair
  45. Grooming Tip 3. Learn how to shave an expert
  46. Grooming Tip 4. Trim your nose hairs
  47. Grooming Tip 5. Use a proper face wash
  48. Grooming Tip 6. Picking your signature scent
  49. Grooming Tip 7. Wear deodorant
  50. Grooming Tip 8. Take care of bad breath
  51. Grooming Tip 9. Eyebrow grooming
  52. Grooming Tip 10. Nail your hand-care routine
  53. Grooming Tip 11. Wear sunscreen
  54. Grooming Tip 12. Exfoliate
  55. Recommended Grooming Routines
  56. Monthly Routine
  57. Weekly Routine
  58. Morning Routine
  59. Nighttime Routine
  60. Personal Grooming as a Mindset
  61. Articles Related to Grooming
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  68. 7. Lip Balm Isn’t Just For the Ladies (Honestly)
  69. 8. A Sturdy Handshake is a Man’s Best Signature
  70. 9. It Might be Winter, But Don’t Neglect Your Feet
  71. 10. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise. No excuses

11 Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know

10 Grooming Tips Every Dapper Gentleman Should Know
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Maintaining a grooming routine that ensures you look your best involves trimming regularly, moisturizing daily and finding products that work specifically for you. Taking great care of yourself is quick and easy once you know how.

Want to look dapper every day of the year? We have just what you need 11 grooming tips to keep you looking a stylish male model everywhere you go.

Beard Maintenance

Everyone’s loving the beard trend right now with most guys leaving their stubble to grow. However, the common misconception is that facial hair is low maintenance, which is completely wrong.

Make sure you wash and condition your beard to keep it clean and smelling good. Also, trim unruly hairs to keep your beard looking neat and tidy. Use either scissors or invest in a trimmer and always follow the shape of your face.

 For longer beards a comb is a must.

Time for a Trim

Whilst were talking of trimming, don’t neglect those pesky nose and ear hairs that are determined to make an appearance. For a neat, groomed look use a trimmer to get in those hard to reach places. It’s a quick task that will keep you looking dapper all year round.

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Visit the Barbers Regularly

Make an appointment every 4 weeks to keep your locks looking in good shape. A professional will be able to maintain your hairstyle without it looking overgrown at an important business meeting where appearance is everything. Make sure you tell the stylist how you would your hair to look to ensure that you leave completely satisfied.

Invest in Hair Products

Ask the expert what products work for your hair type before you leave. Curly hair is a lot thicker, coarser and drier than thin, straight locks. Not only will they be able to recommend shampoo and conditioners that will compliment your hair but products too that will work well when styling your tresses.

Wash Your Hair Every Other Day

It can be tempting to wash your hair everyday especially if you have shorter hair. However, try to extend your routine to every other day as daily washes strip the hair of natural oils, which can leave your locks looking dry. For healthy looking, bouncy hair, skip those morning washes some mornings.

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Moisturize Your Skin

To avoid dry skin make sure you moisturize twice a day. Find a product that works for your skin type, as there are many moisturizers available to buy specifically for different complexions.

Working this into your everyday routine will make sure that your skin remains hydrated looking and feeling younger. Therefore, it is worthwhile moisturizing after washing your face morning and night.


Protect Your Skin

Your moisturizer should contain SPF to protect your skin from the weather.

Both seasons can be harsh on your skin so either using sun cream especially when on holiday or a facial product that contains protection is important.

Lying with your face in the sun for too long can create sun damage and age your skin also. Therefore, always apply sun lotion and keep your face shaded via a hat on holiday.

Smell Good

Finding a scent that works for you will leave you smelling nice and feeling fresh. However, don’t over do it and apply too much. A subtle scent is just enough rather than an overpowering one that is too strong. Invest in one or two aftershaves that suit your personality and stick with them.  

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Don’t Neglect Your Feet

You might forget about your feet as they are usually hidden in your shoes all day long yet when you unleash those size 10s make sure they are well groomed. Trim those nails before they get too long and cause a problem.

For those with naturally sweaty feet try using powder or spraying deodorant to the soles of your feet before slipping your socks on. For those who want soft heels and manicured toes a pedicure could be a good option now and again.

Or Your Eyebrows

It’s common for men to see growth between their eyebrows, which is not a good look. Make sure you trim in between them to make each one is distinct and avoid meeting in the middle. You could go that one step further and pluck any stray hairs to make your eyebrows uniformed and neat.

Pay Attention to Your Hands

Always cut your nails after a bath or shower rather than leaving them to get too long and break off. Make sure you clean behind each nail and moisturize your hands to keep them soft concentrating on the rough skin around the nail bed that can become irritated.

To Finish

There you have it, all the tips you need to keep your reputation of a swerve gent intact. Find a good barbers, invest in some good trimmers, protect your skin from the elements and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to spritz your scent of choice on your way out.

Author Bio

Ella is Fashion Blogger & Stylist at UK Models – UK’s Leading Modeling Support Service for New Faces.

Source: https://www.thefashionisto.com/grooming-tips-every-man-know/

The 12 Habits Of Impeccably-Groomed Men

10 Grooming Tips Every Dapper Gentleman Should Know

Men's grooming is now an honoured art. There's no shame involved. On the contrary, the shame is on you, and solely you, if you don't have a morning routine. The secret is to appear understated: be the man who looks after himself without a low-level radiation glow and the brows of typical Picasso portraiture.

That means you find the bare essentials that work for you. For your skin type, and indeed, your hair type. The trick isn't to spend a fortune on a thousand different products, or to lock yourself in the bathroom for hours at a time. Rather, you should develop a daily routine that is quick, simple and – above all else – about maintenance.

Presenting: 12 easy grooming habits all men should adopt.

1 | Become a regular at your barbers

Get into the habit of regular stays in the barber's chair: if you've noticed your hair needs a trim, then others have too. That means you get proactive (as opposed to reactive).

While some guys can settle for monthly appointments, your locks may still enjoy a growth spurt, thus requiring increased attention.

Don't be surprised if it takes triweekly, or even fortnightly visits.

2 | Know which hair products work for you

One size does not fit all, and the current rotation of men's products reflect this. If you've thicker, unruly hair, know that pomade and waxes are for you. The finer-headed should go go for lighter products. Moreover, there's stuff for those with no hair at all.

The solution is simple: do your research. Products usually do what they say on the tin, and some light reading, in addition to some slight trial-and-error, will glean the right kit for your hair.

3 | Find your signature scent

Colognes and aftershaves are built to complement, not knock passers-by out cold. So, use sparingly, and rather than owning eight to ten average scents, find one or two classic blends that you really .

Then, invest. Typically, woody, spicy or herby scents work in the winter, while lighter, citrus-based notes are better-suited to summer.

4 | “Do a Dylan” with your toothbrush

If eyes are the window to your soul, your mouth is the gateway to your character. That means you present the best version of yourself, and let an electric toothbrush do the hard work for you.

According to a study by Sheffield University, rotating brushes reduce 11 percent more plaque than manual toothbrushes, and can also significantly reduce gum problems. And while you're at it, use a mouthwash after you brush first thing in the morning.

5 | Scrub your face

Flannels won't cut it. A well-chosen scrub – concoctions specially designed to slough away deceased skin – is a weekly essential to keep skin in its best condition.

Your gleaming face shouldn't come at the planet's expensive, though. Opt for natural ingredients, oats, or apricot kernels, as opposed to microbeads that work the way up the food chain, and end up on your plate. Bon appétit.

James Dean: an early advocate of the male grooming routine

6 | Manage your facial fuzz

In recent years, beards have surpassed trend status to become a regular fixture: amongst offices, amongst bars, amongst creative agencies resplendent with bean bags and 'blue skies thinking'. Whatever that means.

The newfound green light isn't without regulation, though. Maintenance is essential, and a decent beard trimmer will keep unsightly neck hairs at bay, and give some semblance of care. They're not even that expensive, either.

7 | …Or learn how to shave an expert

Clean shaven is just as permissible though. And, if you've the stone jawline of a Givenchy campaign, actually encouraged.

Prepare your skin beforehand with a shave oil that'll help the razor easily glide, while soaking the blades in warm water will help your pores expand, reducing redness and irritation. If it still feels a chore, leave your precious face in the hands of the experts and get a professional shave once a week.

8 | Put your best feet forward

They might not be on show that often, but a good footcare routine is still important. Take care of them after a bath or shower (when the skin is softest) using a pumice stone on any dead skin, before lathering a generous amount of moisturiser on.

Then, when summer rolls back around, you can wear your some incredibly sharp, utilitarian sandals, and cause minimal disgust in your holiday compatriots.

It's impossible not to pull a funny face when shaving. Even if you're David Hockney.

9 | Tackle dark circles

Eyes are not natural bag carriers. But, burn the candle at both ends, and you'll be the office Uncle Fester in no time at all.

Eliminate dark circles and puffiness with an eye cream, or a roll-on. Or better yet: just go to bed early, man.

10 | Sort those eyebrows

Big eyebrows aren't a problem – see Clooney, Farrell et al – but if they're meeting in the middle, you've got a problem on your hands (and in the middle of your face).

Naturally eliminate a monobrow by focusing on the stragglers that stand apart from the main body of your slugs. Plucking is time-consuming, though so if needs be ask your barber to tidy your brows up when you're next in. If they're worth their salt, they'll offer to do it for you.

11 | Nail your hand-care routine

Cutting your nails once a week – preferably after a bath or shower, to soften them and make them easier to trim – is basic. But that rough, flaky skin around the nail bed? Treat with a tiny bit of moisturiser every couple of days to smooth things over.

Elvis getting an army-issue crewcut in 1958. You might want to go for something a little more subtle.

12 | Wear sunscreen

Baz Luhrmann's 1999 sleeper hit was correct: “if I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.” It reduces aging. It reduces wrinkles. It reduces the risk of skin cancer, which, worryingly, is on the rise.

We suggest adding a light SPF 15 moisturiser into your daily grooming routine, a two birds one stone job that will nourish and protect. Just Baz said.

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Note: we earn a commission for products purchased through some of the links in this story.

Source: https://www.esquire.com/uk/style/grooming/news/a6949/13-grooming-tips-every-man-should-know/

10 Men’s Grooming Tips

10 Grooming Tips Every Dapper Gentleman Should Know

It can be hard in such a busy, hectic world to keep up with what’s generally expected of us guys in terms of grooming.

But, I’m here to help with an actionable list of grooming tips you can start using today. I’ve left off obvious things that everyone should know to do already, brushing your teeth or washing your ass.

If you need me to tell you to do those things, you may be beyond my ability to help.

So, without further adieu, let’s jump right into The Nines’ top 10 Men’s Grooming Tips to look younger, stay fresh and generally be a hit with the ladies (or fellas).

We’ve all been there. Maybe you were up all night studying for exams. Maybe there was an office party that got a little wilder and ran a little later than you thought it would.

Maybe you have a baby at home who wakes you up a few times a night. Whatever the cause, tired eyes can age you considerably. Those dark circles, that droopy bagginess, they’re tell-tale signs of a tired soul.

Or, sometimes they’re just genetic. In either case, there’s a solution: eye balm.

You can also get creams that come in tubes with “massaging” roller balls, but in my experience, a good quality balm in a plain jar can’t be beaten in terms of pure results.

Guys, exfoliating isn’t just for the ladies, anymore. There are just too many benefits to exfoliation for you to leave it your routine. Let’s take a quick look at what a good face scrub can do for you:

  • Removes outer layer of dull looking dead skin cells
  • Softens skin
  • Prepares face for a close, comfortable shave
  • Unclog pores, preventing blackheads and acne
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Are you still using those “cheap razors” with 3 to 5 blades? Or even worse, the single blade plastic razors you get a vending machine? Well, sir, it’s time for an upgrade. Switching from a multiblade razor to a safety razor or a straight razor will not only save your face, it’ll save your wallet in the long run. Let’s do a little comparison.

We’ll use the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide as an example since it’s a relatively popular and ubiquitous razor. You can pick up the razor itself for around $9, whereas a decent quality safety razor or straight razor will run you at least $35.

So far, it seems a no-brainer, right? Sure, unless you add up the cost of continuing to use that cheaper razor: a pack of Gillette Fusion5 blade refills will run you $17.97 for 8cartridges. How much do safety razor blades cost? $2.99 for a 10 pack.

So that means you would have made back that $26 you saved on the cheaper razor after running through just two of those Gillette 8 packs. After that, you’re saving a cool $15 every time you stock up on blade refills.

So, you’ll save money, absolutely. But there are so many other reasons why you should throw out those old multiblades that it warrants an entire list. Luckily, I just happen to have such a list handy. But in the end, Obi Wan said it best, when passing down his safety razor to Luke: “not as clumsy or random as a multiblade–an elegant razor for a more civilized age.”

If you’ve been following me for a while, you already knew this would be on my list. The main reason is this: there’s nothing good for your skin in that cheap, grocery store soap.

It’s literally just water, a buttload of sulfates, fragrance and preservatives. That’s it. Nothing to moisturize your skin, nothing to help protect it from the harm the sulfates may be doing.

I do a more in-depth compare & contrast between cheap soaps and the kind we carry at The Nines in the video below.

Look, guys. It’s almost 2019. Giving the boys downstairs a little trim isn’t just acceptable, anymore–it’s expected. And, really, it’s the polite thing to do.

Now, being a hairy guy, myself, I would never tell anyone else what to do with their own body hair. I to keep my chest hair fairly natural, but it can get a little too long so I’ll give it a trim about once every few months.

But that’s just me. What you do with your own hair is your business.

That being said…we live in an age where guys who don’t trim the hedges are going to be at a disadvantage to those who do. Now, nobody’s saying you have to shave the boys completely (in fact, don’t do that…especially if you’re hairy everywhere else.

It just looks weird) but you should definitely at least take the clippers to that mess. I mean, you don’t ask someone to a nice surf & turf dinner without at least shaving the cow first. Does that analogy work? I don’t know. Just trim your pubes, guys.

It’s time.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Manscaping

Beards are often seen as a symbol of wisdom and joviality, but all of that is ruined if your beard is smelly and/or unkempt. Remember: growing the beard is just the first step. You have to take care of it just as much as you do the hair atop your head. So, to keep your beard looking more Tommy Lee Jones in The Hunted than Tom Hanks in Castaway, here’s a couple of quick tips.

Although, I guess it’s really just a matter of taste…

Don’t use regular shampoo on your beard. Invest in a beard wash. Your scalp has different needs than the skin on your face, so it’s important to give the skin beneath your beard the nourishment it needs. How often you should wash it depends on a number of factors, but I’d say every other day is probably fine for most guys.

Moisturize and soften with beard oil or balm. That way you’ll keep the dreaded beard-dandruff from showing its ugly face on the front of your shirt.

Applying some oil or balm will help tame fly-aways and keep your beard looking neat. You’ll want to do this once a day.

You can bump that up to two if you feel it’s necessary, but for an average beard once in the morning is generally enough.

Brush or comb your beard daily. This will do a couple of things for you: it’ll distribute the oil/balm evenly throughout your beard and it’ll smooth and style your facial hair. I tend to brush my beard in the morning and then carry a comb with me to touch it up throughout the day as needed.

Guys, the last thing you want to do when getting intimate with your partner is to is to scratch them with your jagged nails or the rough scratchy skin that can grow around them. So, it’s time to stop picking or biting at your fingertips and start clipping them. There’s a good, comprehensive guide on how to get those bad boys smoothed down here.

The only thing I would add to that article is that you can use your beard oil on the tips of your fingers to soften the skin surrounding your nails.

It’s why Detroit Grooming doesn’t even refer to their oils as “beard oils”, opting instead for the “grooming oil” moniker.

This is important because that rough, dry skin can scratch your partner just as easily as sharp fingernails.

Is this really that important? Women certainly seem to think so. A Men’s Health survey of 400 women revealed that 46 percent would rather talk to a guy with bad breath than nose and ear hair poking out their respective orifices.

Even so, I can’t give this the top spot, simply because I did my own informal polling. When asked what their biggest pet peeve was when it came to men’s grooming, only 1 100 women chose “nose and ear hair.

” So, there seems to be some incongruence and fluctuation on how high this grooming issue is on women’s list of turn-offs.

The good news is, it’s a super simple problem to fix. Just grab a pair of nose hair scissors (you know, the kind with rounded ends instead of sharp, pokey points) or an electric trimmer and cut down any strays that are visible. You don’t need to trim further inside your nose, though, as those hairs are necessary to keep particles from entering your body.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your skin looking young and tight is to moisturize at least once a day.

Doing so can help to retain the moisture that’s already in your skin and replenish the moisture that you lose throughout the day, especially in the winter.

Keeping the moisture in your skin where it belongs helps to keep your skin supple and prevent wrinkles from forming.

On the flip side, moisturizing regularly can also help to keep your skin from producing too much oil.

Showering (especially with a soap that uses harsh surfactants) can strip your skin of too much of its natural oils, causing your body to overreact by producing entirely too much oil in response.

That can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. So, if you’re afraid to moisturize your face for fear of causing a breakout, you may be doing yourself a disservice.

This is the single most important thing you can do to keep your skin looking young and vibrant. The sun delivers many benefits to your skin and your mental health, but its UV rays can damage your skin and cause you to age prematurely. Protecting against those rays can help you to avoid developing wrinkles and age spots, as well as keep you from developing melanoma.

Seriously, guys. It’s an issue.

This is particularly important on your face, so finding a good face moisturizer that has at least SPF 10 UV protection can be a good way to kill two birds with one stone even in the winter. But, don’t neglect the rest of your body during the summertime, either. It’s no good having a youthful face with a body that looks an unmade bed.

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Grooming Tips EVERY Guy Should Know – Beauty Hacks For Men

10 Grooming Tips Every Dapper Gentleman Should Know

Some men look they were born dapper.

Hair always on point.

Skin always clear.

Are they BETTER men than you?

Of course not.

They just know grooming tips that you don't.

Good grooming is an essential part of style, gentlemen. Don't just go through the motions. Innovate. Save time, money, and your look – by giving these tricks a try.

Click Here To Watch The Video – 7 AWESOME Grooming Upgrades Every Man Should Know

Read on for 10 quick grooming tips to sharpen up your style. Some of these might seem weird or counterintuitive – but they all WORK.

1. Best Time To Cut Your Nails

There is no ONE best time – it depends on your technique. If you're using clippers or a file, you want your nails to be hard. Do it before your shower.

As I've mentioned before, clippers are pretty hard on men's fingernails and difficult to achieve a neat look with. Filing is better.

But your best option by far is nail scissors – which you'll want to use AFTER you shower. Their sharper edge will give you unmatched precision on a shower-softened nail.

2. Powder Your Balls

Real talk – it doesn't matter how sharp you look if you smell ball sweat. Or if you have a puddle of ass sweat on the seat of your pants. Even if you're lucky and nobody catches a whiff of you – when YOU know you smell it affects your confidence so much that women rate you as less attractive ON VIDEO.

Solution? Ball powder. This stuff keeps you dry and fresh-smelling where it counts. Avoid powders with talc (which can cause cancer) or menthol (because… ouch.) Also steer clear of powders that turn into a paste with sweat. Frosted balls: not a good look.

3. Take Cold Showers

This grooming tip works even better in the WINTER! Why? Cool or cold showers may not exactly be a treat, but they're less irritating to the skin. This is especially true in the winter and for those who get dry skin easily.

Unless you're a real masochist, you'll also be in and a cold shower way faster. This gives you more time to spend polishing your appearance overall.

4. Wash Your Hair Less Often

Frequent shampooing is necessary for most because hair collects dirt and sweat. The soap in shampoo, however, is very drying – and it can cause your hair to look dull, frizzy, or straw-. If your hair is unmanageable, washing too frequently may be to blame. Try shampooing every other day.

5. Shave The Back Of Your Neck

Shaving the back of your neck once a week can add a week or more to your time between barber visits. Save money – and time in the chair getting your hair cut. Ideally you'll want to use a trimmer – smaller than a clipper and specifically designed to trim your hairline.

If you do use a razor on the back of your neck, remember to use shave cream to avoid razor burn.

Use a handheld mirror to see what you're doing, and follow your natural hairline. Don't push it up too far or create hard lines – they tend to grow out unnaturally.

6. Relief For An Itchy Beard

When you're first learning how to grow a beard, your new beard hair tends to be very coarse and dry, often causing horrible itching that drives many potential beardsmen to give up. I know a lot of you are desperate for grooming tips to solve this.

Luckily, there's a simple solution – condition your beard along with your hair when you shower. Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes and then rinse. Moisturized beard hair is MUCH less itchy.

7. Substitute For Shaving Cream

In a real pinch you can just use soap, but conditioner or cooking oil will dry your skin far less. You only need about a teaspoon to get the job done. Just rub it onto your face in circular motions and shave as usual. Then rinse off any excess.

These alternatives can also help prevent razor burn, so if you're prone to it, give them a try. Olive oil is especially good for most skin types.

8. Substitute For Conditioner

Hair and beard conditioner are important to your grooming routine because – as I said before – shampoo is drying and strips the natural oils from the hairs. You may find yourself without conditioner though – especially if you're traveling.

Use hand or body cream or lotion – it contains many of the same ingredients.

If you've got a choice, look for a lotion that's a similar thickness to the conditioner you usually use (for instance – if you usually use a liquid conditioner designed for fine hair, a heavy body cream may weigh your hair down too much).

9. When You Don't Have Toothpaste

This is another quick fix grooming tip for emergencies. Don't skip brushing your teeth the morning before an interview or big presentation – or the morning after hitting up the local Thai buffet – just because you've run toothpaste at exactly the wrong time.

Baking soda whitens your teeth and cleans your mouth almost as well as conventional toothpaste.

Mix 1/2 teaspoon with a bit of water and apply it to your teeth with your toothbrush or finger.

To get the teeth whitening effect, allow it to sit on your teeth for 1-2 minutes. Then brush normally. It won't taste minty but it should leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean and remove surface stains from your teeth.

10. Eyebrow Grooming

Unruly eyebrows can mess with your facial symmetry and draw attention away from your eyes – both big hits to your overall good looks according to scientists who study attraction.

If you're not quite ready to borrow your girlfriend's brow gel, hair gel works just fine. You only need a tiny bit though – if you try to use even a fingertip-sized glob you'll get an eye full.

Want the easiest way to look your ABSOLUTE best – for free? Click here to download my ebooks on men's skincare, beard care, wet shaving, and more.

These are full-length books packed with clear, easy-to-read, actionable tips on all the most popular men's style topics – and you won't find them anywhere else. Grab them all in one package here.

Source: https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/grooming-tips/

12 Grooming Tips for Men

10 Grooming Tips Every Dapper Gentleman Should Know

If you want to look dapper among all men, start learning these 12 easy grooming tips and adopt it to become your daily routine.

Grooming Checklist for Men

How to look your best. Men’s grooming ideas that will make you feel great about yourself.

Grooming Tip 1. Get a haircut regularly

many things in life, your hair requires maintenance to look its best. You should visit your barber / hairstylist every month or so to get a haircut before your hair goes shape. The frequency of your visit depends on factors such as your hair growth and length. Consult your barber for further advice.

If you’ve just moved to a new town or are exploring new salons, go on social media to check out their review and portfolio. Bad reviews probably predict that you’ll be having a bad hair month. Check out the salon’s page and Instagram to see what haircuts are their specialties.

If you have a certain hairstyle in mind that you want to get, but they don’t seem to have done it before, chances are high that you won’t be getting what you’re looking for.

Consult with the barbers first before deciding any new hairstyle because not every one’s hair is created equally.

Follow our men’s fashion ideas on Pinterest.

Grooming Tip 2. Healthy scalp = healthy hair

The secret to good looking hair is a healthy scalp. By making sure that your scalp is clean and healthy, you are also preventing your hair from thinning and going blad.

Do some simple research to find out which hair products work for you. Apply hair conditioner after washing your hair to make sure that your hair gets the proper nutrients it needs.

Here are some scalp health tips to help you out.

Grooming Tip 3. Learn how to shave an expert

Many men are doing it wrong when it comes to shaving. You can reduce problems such as irritation, bumps, and ingrown hair problems after shaving by following these simple shaving tips:-

  • Soften the skin by exfoliating the shave-zone with a men’s face scrub as it will remove excess oil and dead skin cells that can clog up your razor blade.
  • The best time to shave is right after a shower when the skin is warm and moist.
  • Apply shaving cream or gel before shaving. Choose shaving cream labeled for “sensitive skin” if your skin is dry and sensitive.
  • Use an aftershave as it will greatly reduce irritation post-shave.

Grooming Tip 4. Trim your nose hairs

If you don’t want someone stares at your nostrils because you have a strand of hair sticking out, you should start trimming your nose hairs every week. For a safer option, we recommend every man to use a nose trimmer.

But if you want a budget option, a tiny pair of scissors will do the trick. One thing to note – choose a scissor with rounded tips to prevent you from poking your skin and bleeding.

The skin on our nostril walls are very delicate — don’t ask me why I know.

Grooming Tip 5. Use a proper face wash

Your face is your ambassador. It represents you, so take good care of it. Using the wrong face wash, or worse — using a harsh body soap — and your face becomes dry and exposed. That will speed up the appearance of wrinkles.

Understand your skin type and get a face wash that will balance the pH on your face so that it will leave your skin more comfortable and moisturized after washing.

If you have dry skin, most people do, go with a milder product.  Not sure what is your skin type? Find out from this article. Another factor to consider when choosing a face cleanser is the season.

For example, you might want to go for a moisturizing, cream cleanser in winter.

Many men don’t do this but if possible, apply some toner and moisturizer after face wash as it helps to shrink pores, adds a layer of protection, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Grooming Tip 6. Picking your signature scent

Smell is one of the five basic Human senses along with sight, touch, hearing, and taste. That is why smelling pleasant is an important aspect of personal grooming.

Get yourself a cologne that represents you. You can have several — one for different occasions — but in my opinion, the main cologne should only be one. And it is an extension of your identity.

You should never buy a cologne just because someone left a good review on the store’s website. Pay a visit to the department store, and test all colognes by spraying on the sample card or on your wrists to get an idea of how the scent changes over time. After proper research, invest in the cologne you most. I know, it’s easier said than done.

Here’s another trick if you’re willing to spend some money. Buy a sample kit. This way you get to try on different scents in your daily life before committing. In my experience, some colognes smell great in-store only and not so great when you wear them for a few hours.

So getting a cologne sample kit will help you to find out your preference via experimentation.

When applying a cologne, your goal is to smell pleasant — not to suffocate other people who share the same elevator with you. So few sprays on the heated areas / pulse points will do.

Grooming Tip 7. Wear deodorant

Get yourself a deodorant. Everybody needs one. If you don’t think you need one because you don’t think you smell bad, oh boy, stop reading and hit the store now.

If you’re worried that its smell will clash with your cologne, invest in an unscented deodorant instead.

Deodorant helps reduce the smells created by your sweat and the bacteria live on your armpit. Remember to get a natural and aluminum-free deodorant so that it won’t block the pores and leave yellow stains on your shirt.

Grooming Tip 8. Take care of bad breath

You may look smart and well-groomed on the outside, but having bad breath will shatter your image the second you start talking.

To get rid of bad breath, always brush your teeth after eating. You should also floss at least once a day. Flossing helps to get rid of plaque and food build-up between teeth where a toothbrush can’t reach. Left unattended, the food build-up & plaque causes odor in your mouth and other oral problems.

Of course, you don’t always have access to a toothbrush. If you can, always keep an antibacterial mouthwash in your bag. And if all fails, just rinse your mouth with plain water after eating. This action can also help to remove some loose food particles that get stuck in between your teeth.

Another tip on getting rid of bad breath is watch what you eat. Certain food ingredients are known to cause bad breath. For example, the infamous garlic and onion.

They make food taste so much better but you might want to keep the balance in the name of fresh breath.

There’s this one time when I ate a spoonful of chopped up raw garlic (don’t ask why) and my breath was bad for literally 3 days.

Grooming Tip 9. Eyebrow grooming

Trim your eyebrows every 1-2 weeks depending on the growth speed of your eyebrows. You should get a set of tweezers to pluck off the stray hairs appear in your brow arch or between your eyes.

For extra long eyebrow hairs, you can comb the eyebrows first and then trim it using a tiny scissor.

If you think plucking eyebrow is too time-consuming, you can always ask your barber to trim it for you on the next visit.

Grooming Tip 10. Nail your hand-care routine

One of the basic grooming routines all men should already be doing. Trim your nails at least once a week or every two weeks. All you need is a nail clipper and you can do this at the comfort of your home.

Personally, I prefer to work with my regular hard nails. But if your nails are too hard for the clippers to handle, you can do it after a bath or shower.

The nails are softened post-shower, making them easier to trim off.

Grooming Tip 11. Wear sunscreen

This aspect of male grooming is often overlooked. Personally, I’m guilty of not using enough sunblock. The Sun both rejuvenates and harms us every day. Harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the Sun causes premature wrinkles and, in some cases, skin cancer. The solution to this problem is the sunscreen.

Many sunscreen products today include moisturizer content and we suggest adding a light SPF 15 moisturizer into your daily grooming routine will nourish and protect your skin from wrinkles and dark spots. If you are doing sports under the sun, get a higher SPF sunscreen.

Grooming Tip 12. Exfoliate

Face washes and moisturizers protect your skin from aging and free radicals. But they do nothing to those layers of dead skin cells on your face. One of the ways to get rid of these dead skin is by exfoliating by using a face scrub regularly.

A face scrub or exfoliating face wash can help to remove excess oil and dead skin cells on your skin, leaving you with skin that feels clean and smooth and looks glowing.

Also, a cleaner skin will have a better absorption to any kind of moisturizer and serum that is going to apply afterward.

Even though face scrub has many benefits, but you shouldn’t do it every day as it will irritate the skin. Personally I recommend exfoliating your face as part of your weekly grooming routine. The most you should do is 3 times a week, anything more than that will probably hurt more than it helps.

Here’s the recap of what we have covered so far… in the format of a routine.

Monthly Routine

  1. Get a haircut
  2. Stock up on products (no product = routine goes haywire)

Weekly Routine

  1. Trim your nails
  2. Get rid of nose hair
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Groom eyebrows
  5. Thoroughly wash your hair – remember to massage the scalp apply hair conditioner

Morning Routine

  1. Brush your teeth
  2. Shower
  3. Shave
  4. Wash your face
  5. Apply toner & moisturizer
  6. Apply sunblock
  7. Use a deodorant
  8. Wear some cologne

Nighttime Routine

  1. Floss
  2. Brush your teeth
  3. Shower, wash your hair (daily if you use hair styling product)
  4. Wash your face (daily) or exfoliate (1-2 times a week)
  5. Apply toner & moisturizer

Personal Grooming as a Mindset

It’s true, an unkept man is unattractive to members of the opposite gender and other people in general. But personal grooming should never be about other people. Don’t do it for other people, do it for yourself. Why? Because you deserve to look your best. You deserve to smell excellent.

You deserve to feel confident and feel good about yourself. Personal grooming can help you achieve that. Subconsciously, or perhaps even consciously, your mind and body feel the care that you’re giving them. And they will care for you in return by making you feel energetic, focus, and confident.

This is why I think it’s important for a man to be well-groomed.

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12 Grooming Tips for Men

Source: https://urbanmenoutfits.com/men-grooming-tips/

10 Grooming Tips Every Dapper Gentleman Should Know Grooming | Mar 15, 2016

10 Grooming Tips Every Dapper Gentleman Should Know

You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t dedicate a little elbow grease to washing her face at night. The same should go for the fellas. According to science, on average men sweat four times more than women a day. Daily grit and grime clogs pores and leaves you breakout prone and shiny.

TRY Nickel Cleansing Gel for a super clean face. This scrubbing gel helps to reduce impurities, dead cells and smoothes your complexion.

2. Start Your Morning With a Swirl and Spit

If you haven’t already, introduce a little mouthwash into your daily grooming routine, preferably after your morning coffee. You'll find it to be your new best friend.

3. Double-Douse, Nothing More

There are few things worse than trying to hold a conversation with someone who’s gone a little spritz-happy and overdone the cologne. Most of us are immune to our own scent after an hour or so, so while you may think it’s worn off, a spray of the good stuff on the cuffs should last you all day.

4. Just Because You Skipped a Workout, Does Not Mean You’re Not Perspiring

This may seem a no-brainer, but it deserves an honorable mention. A great deodorant is not optional. Men have incredibly active sweat glands, regardless of the climate or activity.

So, while you’re subconsciously getting your daily sweat on, armor up with a deodorant that’s anything but the pits.

We recommend Nivea Men Invisible for Black and White roll on deodorant is especially formulated to leave no trace or dusty residue on your clothes.

5. Well-Styled Hair Will Seal The Deal, Guaranteed

These days, real men get blow-dried. While even smarter men own a double-duty brush and hot roller tool. If you’ve been blessed with a full head of hair, try making the most of it while you can. Mid-length styles and thicker, wavier hair looks great with a bit of styling and texturizing. 

6. He Who Knows Nose Hairs Knows Best

Pesky nose hairs a never-ending battle? Plucking those suckers is not only painful, it’s a surefire way to ensure they grow back twice as quick. Invest in the right gadgetry; a proper Nose & Ear Trimmer will have you out the door in no time.

7. Lip Balm Isn’t Just For the Ladies (Honestly)

If you can look past the fruity flavors lip balm is famed for, you’ll be grateful come winter. A basic, fragrance free balm is a pocket friendly and over-the-counter alternative to dry, chapped lips. 

8. A Sturdy Handshake is a Man’s Best Signature

Nobody s a clammy shake and nobody s a dry one either. Keep your mitts hydrated during change of season with a light and natural hand cream.

9. It Might be Winter, But Don’t Neglect Your Feet

Most men are repeat offenders when it comes to maintaining their feet throughout the cooler months. Winter boots, workouts and the general chill in the air, can wreak havoc on your feet. Show them a little love with an all-weather foot cream.

10. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise. No excuses

Our skin is most dehydrated after a hot shower, so be sure to moisturize top to toe.

TRY A great gydrating moisturiser  Nickel Mousteriser is a faster, stronger longer mousteriser for thirsty man skin.

Source: http://www.menstyle.co.nz/news/6/20/10-Grooming-Tips-Every-Dapper-Gentleman-Should-Know