The Ultimate Beauty Tips To Get You Spring Carnival Ready

The Ultimate Beauty Tips To Get You Spring Carnival Ready

The Ultimate Beauty Tips To Get You Spring Carnival Ready

The Melbourne Spring Carnival is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, and while we are sure you have been planning what to wear and carefully following the latest clothing trends, your beauty regime is even more important.

The prestigious event sees the city of Melbourne come alive with glitz, glamour and the sound of horse’s hooves. The event is held outdoors which means you get to enjoy the summer sunshine and it is also a major factor in your beauty routine.

Below are the eight ultimate beauty steps to ensure your beauty regime is simple and sophisticated, when getting ready for Spring Carnival.

1. Make Your Pearly Whites Sparkle

First and foremost, you want to brush your teeth (there’s nothing worse than brushing your teeth when you already have your lipstick on).

This is probably the most important step, because you want to be able to flash your winning Hollywood smile in all the event photos.

One sure-fire way to get pearly whites is by using a good whitening toothpaste or gel which you can purchase from your dentist.

2. Never Leave Home Without Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be one of the most important things in every woman’s beauty routine, come rain or shine. But because you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors this is even more important.

Choose a sunscreen that has an SPF15 or higher, and apply it to your skin before applying any makeup. Then wait 5 minutes to allow the sunscreen to seep into your skin. Remember that application is very important, you should never rub in a back-and-forward motion, but instead apply in smooth, downward circles.

3. Don’t Slack On Your Skincare Routine

It’s important to maintain healthy skin, and in order to achieve this you need a great skincare routine. Make sure you are cleansing morning and night and using vitamin C and A creams to boost, repair and hydrate your skin.

4. Create Elegant Tresses

Your hair has to be on-point while enjoying the big events during Spring Racing Carnival, especially since so much attention will be on it because of your hair accessories.

Don’t forget to make a statement with fascinators – which are truly a standout feature – or if less fuss is what you want when it comes to your hair, then accessorize with some of this season’s hottest hat trends, including the floppy hat and the oversized straw hat – perfect for warmer weather and a great way to shade your face during the spring sunshine.

Always wash your hair a day before, as this makes it more manageable and less slippery to style. Treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment, and do a cold water rinse to maintain your natural shine. Also use a high shine spray on the day of the event – we all want hair that looks as healthy and shiny as the celebs.

5. Nail It

A chipped nail or an inappropriate nail colour is the quickest way to ruin your outfit.

While makeup and accessories are a great way to add a pop of colour into your looks, and you could always match your nail colour to your outfit, we think that the best way to get your nails looking super glamorous is with a natural-looking polish. You can never go wrong with a French manicure, but colours nude, white and blush are all colours that compliment every look.

Tips: Try opting for Shellac – this will leave you without chips and sporting beautiful nails for at least two weeks.

6. Pay Close Attention to Your Eyes

Your eyes might be the window to your soul, but they are also a going to affect your overall appearance, and one thing you definitely don’t want while attending any event is puffy red eyes.

Make sure you drink plenty of water and sleep on an elevated pillow the night before. Lying flat when you’re sleeping can create fluid build-ups around your eyes and make them look puffy. Then what about the makeup?

The cat eye has long been a popular trend in the beauty world, thus it makes perfect sense that it was beauty look from the couture 2015 collections. While some designers sent models down the runway with dramatic flairs, you should keep yours simple and sleek, as seen on the runways of Ellie Saab. Before applying any makeup, add concealer to your eyes, with special care at the corners.

7. Do You Have a Spot? No Problem

We all know how terrible it can be to have perfect skin and then the morning before the event a spot appears. The good news is there is a way to cover them: use concealer over the blemish.

8. Water, Water and More Water

Water is a must! Before a big event you should always ensure that you are eating the right foods and drinking enough water. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated. It might also help if you cut out coffee and replace it with detox juices and green tea two weeks before the event. Also avoid salty foods to avoid bloating and puffy eyes.



The Ultimate Beauty Tips To Get You Spring Carnival Ready

Spring racing season is well & truly upon us (insert clapping here) so it’s time to start prepping for the big days ahead! Thanks to my good friends at Priceline Pharmacy, I am able to get race day ready with all the beauty & health products under one roof. Plus, I’ve rounded up all of my fave beauty products, trends & tips to get you trackside looking & feeling your very best!

Having been an avid carnival-goer for a number of years now, I have my beauty routine sorted. This year, I headed into Priceline Pharmacy to stock up on my race day faves & here’s 11 reasons why you should too…

1. Matching Nails

I love to co-ordinate my trackside nails to fit in with the traditional race day themes & colour schemes. So for Derby Day, white is always my go-to choice to compliment a monochrome look. On Cup Day I love to go bold with a statement colour such as red or coral.

For Oaks Day I love to sport a nude or beige tone to pair back with your pastel ladies day outfit & for Stakes I love to have some fun with something different such as blue or lilac. I am a big fan of the Essie range which always goes on smoothly for an even finish.

2. A Healthy Fake Tan

Whatever look you are going for at the races this season, a healthy and bronzed glow always works wonders trackside. One of this year’s biggest trends in the fashion stakes (& one that is sure to be everywhere) is an off-the-shoulder or asymmetrical cut.

For this style, it’s great to have some colour across the chest and shoulders to contrast the garment. I am a long-time user (& lover) of Aussie-based tanning gurus Bondi Sands.

They have a fabulous range  of products & the results are always natural – never orange! Winning!

3. Hair Styling Tools

It’s always fun to try different hairstyles across the race week, depending on your outfit & overall look. This year, I am loving slicked back & neat at Derby, big barrelled curves for at Melbourne Cup, a messy high pony for Oaks Day & loose textured waves for Stakes Day.

To create these looks you’ll need a utility belt of hair products. I always start by using a spray in volumiser & heat mist protection spray before messily blow drying my hair upside down. To finish, I love using Toni & Guy’s hair spray to keep it all in place for the long day ahead.

4. Illuminating Highlighter

I recently discovered the Maybelline Strobing Liquid Highlighter at a beauty tutorial I attended & have been a converted fan ever since! It provides the most beautiful, iridescent glow to highlight but be sure to use sparingly as a little goes a long, long way. Use it to provide a shine to areas such as cheekbones, your upper lip and eyelids. Or, for an all over glow, don’t be afraid to mix a touch of this liquid into your foundation. A glowing complexion will match any race day outfit!

5. A Winged Eye

My all time favourite Derby Day look is a bold red lip paired back with a thick winged eye, as it always works perfectly against a black and white outfit. And this year is sure to be no different. Try a matte lip colour so it lasts all day & add some fake lashes for extra glam!

6. A Nude Lip

Expect to see plenty of pastel pinks and neutral shades in the fashion stakes at the races this year.

Either blocked out in head-to-toe or patterned in gorgeous florals, these tones are a huge spring racing trend. To match your beauty look, opt to go for a beige or nude lip colour to compliment your outfit.

Maybelline have even released a dedicated nude lip range which will have certainly have you sorted!

7. Sun Protection. Always

An absolute essential under that Australian sun. Avoid that dreaded race day sunburn with a light sunscreen spray that won’t leave you with white streaks or a heavy coating. My fave? This Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist which is non-greasy and easy to apply from any angle.

8. Pain killers (just in case!)

To keep you feeling good at the track, Nurofen is always one of those things I pack in my handbag. It’s always handy to have as you never know when you may need it!

9. Bobby Pins. Bobby Pins. Bobby Pins

One of the big millinery trends to emerge this season is the classic turban. It’s undoubtedly a beautiful look, but one that needs some upkeep with a bobby pin or four! Keep everything secure with a stash of these in your clutch. Be sure to pack plenty as we all know they run away faster than most horses!

10. Hayfever medication

If you’re me & sneeze your way through spring then make sure you take a Telfast before heading to the track!

11. Cushioned heels

A pair of Party Feet are your trackside lifesavers. This year, think ankle strap heels & ruffles on your feet in terms of trends at the track. Keep your feet happy throughout the day with some cushioning from these handy little inventions. It will make your day a lot more comfortable trust me!

So there you have it. My fave race day beauty & health products to get you prepped for the spring carnival. The team at Priceline Pharmacy will have you race day ready ASAP! Be sure to check out their beauty pavilion at Caulfield where you can get prepped, pampered and retouched throughout the carnival! See you there!


Beauty + Skin Tips for Spring Racing Carnival

The Ultimate Beauty Tips To Get You Spring Carnival Ready

Spring Racing Carnival is officially begun and while the dress and headpiece is important we believe that your skin & overall aesthetic should be your best accessory. To ensure your you look luscious and polished all day long, here are our ultimate tips for creating your best track side look.

 1. Start from within

As the weather heats up and the party season begins, maintain skin health with non-alcoholic cocktails to re-balance and support inner health as great skin starts from within. Just eight glasses of water a day can maintain systemic hydration for plumper and more radiant skin.

Counterbalance the effects of alcohol by alternating each glass of champagne with a glass of water. This can also reduce the effects of a hangover.

Don’t the taste of water? Why not try sugar-free ice tea or electrolyte-rich coconut water for instant refreshment? Over-indulged at the track? Re-alkalinise with liquid chlorophyll or spirulina powder (mixed with water) to promote digestive balance.

Taking just 6000mg of essential fatty acids (such as olive, fish, wheatgerm or evening primrose oils) help to prevent water loss and re-conditions the skin for the ultimate in comfort and luminescence.

2. Glow Getter

Microdermabrasion is more than just about exfoliation. This three-in-one clinical treatment promotes the removal of dulling dead skin cells, stimulates nutrient-rich micro-circulation and activates detoxifying lymphatic drainage. The suction effect dislodges congestion, pollution and impurities for instant rehabilitation.

The mechanical exfoliation not only delivers instant smooth, but provides the ultimate skin base for flawless spray-tanning and make-up application and the ultimate glow!  This in-and-out treatment requires no downtime and can even be teamed with a gentle enzyme peel to further enhance results. For the best effect, try a series of one micro every two weeks.

Upgrade for even greater solutions and combine with Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel.

3. Goodbye Cake Face

Gone are the days of heavy foundation which can age the complexion, creating a chalky and unnatural effect. The first step for weightless, creaseless, undetectable and smooth make-up application is a great primer.

Primers not only blur skin imperfections, but can deliver increased durability for all day freshness with a ‘just-applied’ look. Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer combines zesty botanicals with hardcore peptides to kick start and awaken the complexion.

Applied after your moisturiser and before foundation, this primer also prevents make-up fading and caking. Even apply to eyelids for crease-free eyeshadow and an anti-panda-eyes effect.

Colorescience Hydrating Setting Mist delivers a veil of heavy water and essential oils to rehydrate and awaken the skin, particularly in hot and humid weather.

4. Get Lippy

The  trout-pout or duck look of yesteryear are officially out, with today’s look promoting natural flirty volume to enhance your lips to increase the sensuality of your face.  Turn your lips into the ultimate pout with some re-densifying dermal filler.. This procedure is performed only by a registered cosmetic nurse or doctor.

Natural hyaluronic acid plumps and rejuvenates the contour for a poutier, hydrated and kissable effect. For best results, book your appointment a week before any engagement to give any swelling the chance to reduce. The results of dermal fillers can last over 6 months to create long-lasting lip longevity.

  Protect and immerse your new lips with buttery nourishment by using ASAP Hydrating Lip Balm with SPF15.

5. Sun proof = Age proof

Whilst every skin care addict knows that sunscreen is a daily must to protect the face against ageing rays, don’t forget to apply SPF to arms, shoulders, legs and ears every day during the Spring and Summer season. The ravaging effects of ultra violet damage on unprotected skin hastens the ageing process, whilst stimulating uneven skin tone, burning and hyper pigmentation.

Aspect Dr Envirostat Dry Touch contains an SPF 50 and applies effortlessly onto the skin with no heaviness or greasy residue. The matt gel will not stain fabric and absorbs for an undetectable finish – no white marks or tell-tale signs. Reapply every 3-4 hours onto sun exposed skin.

The nifty tube is small enough to fit into the smallest of handbags to ensure all day skin protection.

Get glowing this Spring Racing Carnival and make your skin a sure-winner no matter where your trackside may be.

By: Andrew R. Christie

Beauty & Skin Industry Specialist


Beauty Tips To Get Ready for Spring!

The Ultimate Beauty Tips To Get You Spring Carnival Ready

With the days getting longer and the nights getting warmer, it is high time we start adjusting beauty routines for the changes in the weather. Get carried away in new season’s preparations with these 10 easy steps that will let your beauty flourish this spring. Here is how to get ready for the warm weather from head to toe!

Buff away dry skin cells

To get smooth, glowing, beautiful skin in just 10 minutes use an at home solution. Massage a scrub into the skin using circular movement to exfoliate and reveal a healthier, younger looking skin. Apart from reducing the appearance of fine lines, blemishes and uneven skin tone, a scrub increases effectiveness of moisturizers.

Take care of your face

…schedule a facial. Start with a professional exfoliation (microdermabrasion should be fine), get a face massage to de-stress and unwind and in the end, go for a facial mask to restore skin’s freshness and radiance.

Change your perfumes

The changing of season means new perfumes to compliment warmer weather. In winter it is common to use perfumes with warm, sensual base of woodsy, spicy notes. Spring requires more subtle scents: go for a tangy, fruity aroma or inviting floral fragrance to invigorate your senses.

Invest in a healthy hair look

…and make an appointment at the hair salon. Ask your stylist for a moisturizing treatment, get your hair cut. Try something new: fresh highlights, a new celebrity-inspired hairstyle womanly side-swept curls.

Start using pastel nail polish

 Sophisticated and sheer pastels reign supreme this spring. They epitomize femininity and project the fresh romanticism of young love. Soft pink, fresh yellow, gentle green or cool blue nail polish is good to go from the beach to the boardroom.

Change your bath & shower gel

Refresh yourself after long winter months starting from your wash regime. Ditch a spicy bath get, and buy a citrus or floral one that moisturizes skin so it feels soft. Lemon blossom, sweet apple, juicy mandarin, honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine will make your skin supple and touchable all over!

Get a pedicure

After months of negligence, your feet deserve a little pampering. Prepare everything you need for the perfect pedicure: nail clipper, pedicure paddle, nail file, toe separators and a fair amount of time. Alternatively, choose a professional pedicurist to incorporate your toenails and the remove the calluses.

Incorporate new trends

Start working fun colours, denim separates and prints floral print or lace into your wardrobe. These romantic sweet-meets-sultry pieces are ideal for balmy weather days! Check out the best floral print dresses for this spring.

Get a sun-kissed skin

Use a liquid bronzer or a self-tanner to get the impression of fresh, healthy, radiant skin (far from wintery pale). The gorgeously glowing cheeks in your own perfect sunkissed bronze shade will complement the stylish minimalistic white dress ensembles.

Do not forget about the SPF protection

Your daily face protector should start with SPF 15. High-protection cream works invisibly to deliver ultimate sun protection and skin nourishment. It is your face’s best defense against damaging and premature signs of aging.

Your body is now ready to welcome the warm weather. But is your mind ready too? If you still have problems getting bed in the mornings, read the following blogger’s tips guaranteed to perk you up and beat winter blues.



The Ultimate Beauty Tips To Get You Spring Carnival Ready

When a major event is happening on Australian shores, the red carpet may as well begin at Jade Kisnorbo’s chair.

The celebrity hair and makeup stylist’s brushes have graced the faces of Sofia Richie, Kelly Gale and Jessica Kahawaty to name a few, as well as the nation’s A-listers of racing fashion.

With a trademark glow and signature flair, Jade is the go-to girl for glamour and Fashion At The Races found out her favourite products and preparations to try for your next race day.

The Melbourne-based beauty buff fell in love with red lipstick when she was just five years old at her very first ballet concert.

From there, Jade’s passion saw her chair filled with a collection of the world’s most famous faces. “There is no magic way,” Jade said.

“I just kept my head down, woke up early, said yes to every given chance and honestly poured my heart and soul into my business,” she said.

“I always ensured that anyone who sat in my chair didn’t just leave with a made-up face, but felt amazing inside and out and above all, had the best time,” Jade said. “Through doing this, I was lucky enough to have doors open and amazing talent come my way, which I am and always will be grateful for.”  

Jade’s aesthetic stems from a client-focused approach. “I tell my clients that I set out to make them look them, just in HD,” the beauty icon said. “I love natural glowing skin and skin to still look  skin, however we do have fun along the way whether it’s a smoky eye or a bright lip.”  

The E! Australia & New Zealand Beauty Contributor’s schedule is especially full come Spring Carnival, where her skills are in Insta-glam posts by stars from Rachel Finch to Megan Gale.

“I get inspiration from colours that are on trend both in beauty and in fashion/runway,” Jade said of her creative process.

“It is also speaking with stylists and the talent about the overall feel of the look and then further enhancing that with the final beauty look.” 

Jade has no rules for racing beauty looks, but she insists racegoers focus on the complexion, naming SPRAY AUS and Elle Effect as her go-to fake tans.

“Have fun with your makeup and don’t be scared to use lipstick as blush or blush as a lip stain,” she said.

“However, always take time to prep your skin and be careful when getting spray tans, as daytime events are very different and not as forgiving!” 

To prepare her clients’ skin for a long day at the track, Jade focuses first on hydration. “Skin prep is imperative,” the Westfield Doncaster Beauty Ambassador said. “I always give my clients a really firm facial massage with a good moisturiser,” she said. “My favorite is Dr. Spiller Collagen Cream, which also works as a primer.”

“Being a daytime event, skin needs to look flawless and this always stems from how the skin is prepped,” Jade said. “I would say that setting powder also is a key item to invest in, or fixing sprays,” she said. “The reason for this is to ensure the makeup has longevity and doesn’t appear too shiny in pictures, dependent on the weather.” 

Once her clients have left the chair, Jade recommends they keep an arsenal of quick fixes in their clutches. “Hourglass compact powder is a fave and Mecca Cosmetica Original lip balm – no one s dry lips when trackside!”   

When styling hair to match millinery, Jade prefers to keep it simple. “Don’t over-style, and if you get totally stuck, sleek always looks chic,” she said. The mane expert trusts ELEVEN Hairspray for a hold no other, as well as and Hair by Sam McKnight Dry Shampoo.

To keep the complexion in top condition, the hair and makeup stylist believes routine is everything.

“Always remove your makeup before bed and commit to a night time routine, as this is when your skin repairs most,” Jade said.

 “Even if you are time poor, the best product you can use is SK-II Overnight Miracle Masks or GO-TO SHEET MASKS,” she said. “Both amazing products are made for us time poor people!” 

Jade’s number one industry icon is Makeup Artist, author and founder of her eponymous beauty line Lisa Eldridge. “She is the reason I became a makeup artist,” Jade said.

“She is so clever with how she uses makeup and the research she does on products shows in her work,” she said.

“She is an icon because she has moved with the times but also kept her own style, which I think today is a very difficult thing to do.” 

Jade’s 2019 beauty vibe is an amplification of her own signature style.

“I’m a makeup artist that doesn’t really plan any beauty look and it is often something we collaborate and create on the day,” the beauty guru said.

“But I will say, I always love a bronzed flawless skin look with a healthy glow as a base,” she said. “I'm sure it will be an extension of that and a bit of fun with maybe some colour on the eye.” 

With just two qualifying race days left on the FATR calendar this season, we have impact on our minds. Keep up with Jade’s latest beauty projections and product recommendations on Instagram @jade_kmakeup for your racing inspiration. 


Top 5 Makeup Tips for Spring

The Ultimate Beauty Tips To Get You Spring Carnival Ready

MySkin Laser Clinics on 11 September 2017

Spring has sprung in Melbourne, and it’s time to shed those winter layers and let yourself shine. While you’re swapping jeans for dresses and heading outdoors for some much-needed sunshine, take some time to update your makeup routine. 

From switching up your foundation to adding a pop of colour to your look, we have all the best tips to take your makeup into the new season.

1. Spring clean your beauty bag

There’s no better time than spring to clean out the clutter and make a fresh start. But your house isn’t the only thing that deserves a refresh. Your makeup bag could also use a good spring clean to rid it of unnecessary and old items.

Beauty bags can be a little black holes. Things get sucked in, and they never come out. Over time, our once refined edit of makeup products begins to build into a mass of junk. So, if you’re guilty of hoarding more makeup than you need, there’s no better time than now to purge the inessentials.

Not only will spring cleaning your makeup bag lighten your load, but it’ll also improve your morning routine. From saving you time (no more searching through a mountain of lipstick to find the one shade you wear) to improving your skin (say goodbye to old, bacteria-ridden powders), this simple task will transform the way you use makeup.

2. Prep your base

Your skin provides the base for all the beauty products you wear, so it’s an essential factor to consider.

We all know winter can be harsh on our skin, so chances are your complexion is looking a little dehydrated and dull. Prevent your makeup from looking flaky and dry by showing it some love.

Special treatments such as chemical peels are perfect for sloughing away the dry and dead skin cells that plague us during winter to reveal fresh, new skin. Chat to a MySkin Laser Clinics consultant to discuss these treatments and find out how you can improve your complexion for a beautiful base.

3. Refresh your makeup for spring

Every season brings with it a change in the weather and a need for fresh makeup to suit the temperature and aesthetic.

For spring, the new wave of sunshine means reaching for products infused with SPF. wise, as the weather warms up, it’s also a good idea to swap your full-coverage winter foundation for something with a lighter formula. Jane Iredale’s mineral makeup products, which protect against UV damage, are perfect for this.

The shade of your foundation is another important factor to consider. As the spring sun returns colour to your complexion, you may need to opt for a slightly darker hue to ensure your makeup continues to suit your skin tone. Try to select one with a natural, dewy finish for a fresh appearance.

4. Make the most of the extra light

Take advantage of the longer days and more frequent sunshine to showcase your best features with shimmering shades. Use bronzer for a glowing appearance; dust it where the sun naturally hits your face, the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and on your forehead.

Spring is an excellent time to try a brighter makeup look and experiment with different shades.

Where a pale, shimmery eyeshadow can look faded in the winter gloom, in spring it adds a touch of lightness. Look for neutral eyeshadows with a sparkle copper, gold or champagne.

Apply across the lid, blending into the socket. Add a hint of white to the inner corners of your eyes to really open them up.

While we all have a favourite daily beauty look, there’s nothing more fun than experimenting with the latest trends. This season, it’s all about bright and bold makeup, so express your confidence and embrace exciting colours in spring.

Straight from the international runways, this season’s makeup trends involve daring pops of colour, bright blush, sparkling glitter, graphic eyeliner, and smudgy smoky eyes. While this all may sound intense, select just one to highlight for a gorgeous, on-trend appearance. 

Want to create a flawless base for your stunning spring makeup? Contact MySkin Laser Clinics today for a complimentary assessment to find out how you can enhance your complexion.