Why Does My Spotify Playlist Keep Deleting?

Why won’t my Spotify songs stay downloaded?

If your tracks won’t stay downloaded to your device, we recommend reinstalling the app before downloading the tracks again.

If you don’t go online with Spotify at least once every 30 days, any tracks you downloaded for offline listening are removed from your device..

What are the best Spotify playlists?

From those that emphasize rising talent, to genre-specific jaunts, here the best playlists on Spotify….Best New Music.1The Climb Back J. Cole5:042RELENTLESS (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) Gunna, Lil Uzi Vert2:483Burn The Hoods Ski Mask The Slump God1:424Made A Way Bobby Sessions3:205cardigan Taylor Swift3:5933 more rows

What happens to my playlists when I cancel Spotify Premium?

When you unsubscribe, all data on your account such as saved music and playlists will still be there. You can still listen to them while on Free, but just in shuffle mode (except on the Desktop app). When you re-subscribe to Premium you can re-download your music them for offline use.

Why Spotify keeps deleting my downloads?

Re: Spotify keeps deleting downloaded songs You can try removing all of your offline devices here. Sometimes there can be a duplicate cache in the offline devices and it’s fixed by removing them. After that, just reinstall the app following these steps. Finally, you’ll need to download the music again.

How long does Spotify keep deleted playlists?

Spotify doesn’t specify how long it keeps erased playlists around for, but we’ve seen ones that are six months old. Click Recover next to the playlist you want to bring back, and as if by magic, it’s restored to your account.

How do I remove a follower from my Spotify playlist?

Unfortunately there is no way to remove followers. All I can suggest is to copy and paste all of the tracks into a new secret playlist then remove all tracks from the original one and delete it. Not sure how they will have found the playlist, as secret playlists don’t appear on your profile or in the search.

Why does Spotify crash so much?

For Android users, visit the Google Play Store and update if necessary. Your phone may be overworked, which could cause delays or problems with the Spotify app. Try closing any other apps you’re not using. Delete your current Spotify, and re-visit the App Store or Google Play Store to reinstall it.

Why do my playlists keep disappearing on Spotify?

Re: My playlists disappeared If you don’t see your playlists on your account and deleted playlists, then we are fairly certain that you are logging into the wrong account.

Where did all my Spotify songs go?

First, click the “Playlists” tab. Once you’re there, go to the “Liked Songs” playlist, where all of your downloaded songs live. (All the songs that you’ve downloaded are automatically “liked,” so it makes some sort of sense that this is where they’d be found, but it’s still confusing.)

How do you get your old Spotify account back?

Re: lost access to my old spotify account When you got in touch with support you will have received an automated email reply pointing you to the community. If you reply directly to that email (even if its from no-reply) an adviser will be able to lend a hand to get you back to your account.

How do I permanently delete a Spotify playlist?

Click on “Playlists” in the left side panel. Click on the playlist I want to delete. At the Top of the page, under the playlist title, click on the ellipsis (three dots) and select “delete”. Done.

What happens if I delete my Spotify account?

If you close your account, you won’t be able to use your current username with Spotify again; you can, however, create a new account with the same email address. Additionally, you won’t have access to your playlists and followers anymore. You’ll also lose all the music you’ve saved to your library.

Does Spotify delete your playlists?

Re: spotify has deleted my playlists Your playlists will be left on your account no matter what subscription plan you are on.

Can you recover a deleted Spotify account?

Your old account will still be in the system just inaccessible for the time being. If you get in touch with the customer services team directly using the online contact form they will be able to get it restored for you.