What Could Possibly Go Wrong Meaning?

Who said what could possibly go wrong?

Murphy’s lawMurphy’s law is a popular adage that states that “things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance,” or more commonly, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” A number of variants on the rule have been formulated, as have several corollaries..

What is the meaning of gone wrong?

If a situation goes wrong, it stops progressing in the way that you expected or intended, and becomes much worse. It all went horribly wrong. Nearly everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Synonyms: fail, flop [informal], fall through, come to nothing More Synonyms of go wrong.

What could possibly go wrong cast?

Grant ReynoldsKevin MooreWhat Could Possibly Go Wrong?/Cast

Where did I go wrong meaning?

“Where did I go wrong in my relationship?” is a common phrase. It really means “At what point in the relationship did I go wrong”. Sometimes, it is mainly that the other party to the relationship went wrong somewhere, but not as often as most of us would like to think!