Quick Answer: Why Has My Lock Button Stopped Working?

How do I restart my phone if my power button doesnt work?

The volume and home buttons Pressing down both volume buttons on your device for a long period can often bring up a boot menu.

From there you can choose to restart your device.

Your phone may use a combination of holding the volume buttons while also holding the home button, so be sure to try this as well..

How much does it cost to repair power button?

Power Button Damages Also, if a phone is dropped, the power button may become loose or broken causing it not to function as it should. If this happens, a professional should be able to restore the button controls by doing some repairs. They can charge you $30-$64.99 depending on the type of phone.

How can I turn my phone on without the power button?

You can replace the power key with your hands as well. An app called WaveUp lets you wake up or lock the phone by hovering your hand over the proximity sensors. Similar to Gravity Screen, WaveUp can turn on the screen when you pull the phone out of your pocket.

What to do if iPhone lock button stops working?

In iOS, there’s a little known feature that can help massively when buttons stop working on your iPhone. To get to this feature, go to Settings > General > Accessibility. There, scroll down to click AssistiveTouch and slide the toggle so that it appears green.

How much does it cost to fix iPhone power button?

AppleiPhone 7 Volume Button Repair$49.99iPhone 7 Power Button Repair$49.99iPhone 7 Speaker Repair$49.99iPhone 7 Charging Port Repair$49.997 more rows

Why did my power button stop working?

Hard reset your Android phone Believe it or not but your broken power button could be the result of some software issue that exists on your phone. … Check your manufacturer’s website to see if they created a device reset tool that will work for your phone.

What causes iPhone power button to stop working?

Possible Causes for Your iPhone Power Button Not Working Like most device issues it comes down to hardware issues vs software. Software Issues – A problem with the IOS or an app that could be interfering with the power button.