Quick Answer: What Is Desensitization Theory?

What does Desensitisation mean?

verb (tr) to render insensitive or less sensitivethe patient was desensitized to the allergen; to desensitize photographic film.

psychol to decrease the abnormal fear in (a person) of a situation or object, by exposing him to it either in reality or in his imagination..

Is it bad to be desensitized?

Desensitization to violence causes non-emotional reactions to violence and victims of violence. … I believe that is a conditioned response to repeated exposure to violence, which can cause that person to not acknowledge violence for what it is: Harmful.

How do you use desensitize in a sentence?

Desensitized in a Sentence 🔉Children can become desensitized to aggression when they play violent videogames. … Because Tom and Helen use a lot of profanity at home, their children have become desensitized to swearing. … Many diabetics have desensitized skin which makes them less likely to notice when they’re injured.More items…

Is it possible to desensitize yourself?

Performing Desensitization On Yourself It’s possible to desensitize yourself on your own, in the comfort of your own home. But generally it’s advised that you do it in the presence of experts.

What’s another word for desensitized?

Desensitized Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for desensitized?compassionlesscallousunsympathetichardhardenedinsensateinsensitiveironheartedobdurateruthless230 more rows

Why is desensitization dangerous?

Although the emotional numbing that characterizes emotional desensitization may be adaptive, allowing these youth to function and survive in dangerous environments, our results also suggest that, over time, emotional desensitization contributes to more violent behavior and thus may bring about maladaptive developmental …

How do you desensitize anxiety?

Slowly exposing yourself to fears Once you have relaxation techniques and a hierarchy of fears, you can start gradually exposing yourself to your fears. A typical first step is thinking about the thing you fear. Once you begin feeling afraid or anxious, use relaxation techniques to regain a sense of calm.

What causes desensitization?

Desensitization also occurs when an emotional response is repeatedly evoked in situations in which the action tendency that is associated with the emotion proves irrelevant or unnecessary.

What is the purpose of desensitization?

In medicine, desensitization is a method to reduce or eliminate an organism’s negative reaction to a substance or stimulus.

Is desensitization a word?

noun. the act or process of desensitizing. Physiology, Medicine/Medical. the elimination or reduction of natural or acquired reactivity or sensitivity to an external stimulus, as an allergen.

What are the effects of desensitization?

In conclusion, exposure to violence in the mass media may result in a desensitization effect in which viewers experience diminished feelings of concern, empathy, or sympathy toward victims of actual violence.

What is an example of desensitization?

Systematic desensitization is a behavioral technique whereby a person is gradually exposed to an anxiety-producing object, event, or place while being engaged in some type of relaxation at the same time in order to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. For example, a very common phobia is the fear of flying.