Quick Answer: How Do You Use Smart Fasteners In Solidworks?

How do I access my solidworks toolbox?

To display this page, do one of the following:In SOLIDWORKS, click Tools > Options > Hole Wizard/Toolbox > Configure .From Windows, click Start > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS version > SOLIDWORKS Tools > Toolbox Settings .When Toolbox is loaded and a document is open in SOLIDWORKS, click Toolbox > Configure..

What is a dumb component?

Dumb components are also called ‘presentational’ components because their only responsibility is to present something to the DOM. Once that is done, the component is done with it. No keeping tabs on it, no checking in once in a while to see how things are going.

How do I create a smart component in Solidworks?

Make SOLIDWORKS Smart ComponentsClamp Is Coincident Mated to the Plate.Use Clamp as Reference and Add Hole Wizard to the Plate.Make Smart Component by Selecting the Clamp, Bolts, and Hole Wizard.Smart Feature Folder Is Added to the Feature Tree in Clamp Part Model.More items…•

How do I add nuts in Solidworks?

To add nuts and washers at the end of a bolt:Under Series Components, select a component in Add to Bottom Stack. The component is added to Bottom Stack .Select more components as needed. Add washers first, and the nut last. The hardware appears in order from the bolted surface toward the end of the bolt.

How do you insert a standard part in Solidworks?

To insert a Toolbox component into an assembly: Open the assembly. In the Design Library task pane, under Toolbox , expand the standard, category, and type of the component to insert. Images and descriptions of available components appear in the task pane.

How do you use Fasteners in solidworks?

Smart Fasteners are added based on the Files options in the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox – User Settings dialog box. You can add fasteners to an assembly as a configuration of an existing part or as a copy of an existing part….Smart Fasteners OverviewClick Tools > Add-ins.Select SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Library.Click OK.

How do I repair a toolbox in Solidworks?

To repair Solidworks first open the control panel and find Programs and Features. Locate SOLIDWORKS in the list, right click SOLIDWORKS and then choose ‘Change’. Proceed through the windows and repair the installation of Solidworks. Once the repair is complete this should correct the issue.

How do I open the library in Solidworks?

Select the Options icon from the top middle of the SOLIDWORKS window. Step 6: Select File Locations from the right-hand pane in the System Options tab. Step 7: Click on the drop-down arrow next to “Show Folder for:” and select “Design Library.”

What is considered a fastener?

A fastener (US English) or fastening (UK English) is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. In general, fasteners are used to create non-permanent joints; that is, joints that can be removed or dismantled without damaging the joining components.

What are examples of fasteners?

Examples of fasteners include: nuts and bolts, screws, pins and rivets; examples of integral joints include: seams, crimps, snap-fits and shrink-fits. Some form of mechanical joining needs to be used where products need to be taken apart during their normal life, e.g. where repair or maintenance is likely.

Is a screw a fastener?

A screw is an externally threaded fastener capable of being inserted into holes in assembled parts, of mating with a preformed internal thread or forming its own thread, and of being tightened or released by torquing the head. … (Example: wood screws, tapping screws.)

What is a smart component in Solidworks?

Smart components are used within an assembly file to automate the creation of adding other parts and features to an assembly. They allow the user to place a component such as a door handle, and with a couple of clicks add the lock, screws and also a cut out within the door to house the lock mechanism.

How do I add a toolbox in Solidworks 2019?

Activating the Toolbox Add-insFrom the SOLIDWORKS menu, click Tools > Add-Ins .In the Add-Ins dialog box, under Active Add-ins and Start Up, select SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Utilities, SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Library, or both. You can also activate the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Library add-in by clicking Add in now in the Toolbox Design Library task pane.Click OK.

Does solidworks standard come with Toolbox?

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is a time-saving library of Smart Parts and Supplier Standard Components, fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium, the premium brand in affordable 3D CAD software.