Quick Answer: Can I Use BT Whole Home With Sky Broadband?

Does BT whole home work with Sky Broadband?

@Reallyfree you can use BT whole home wifi discs with a Sky hub if you turn of the hub’s wifi and link the disc by ethernet.

It is possible to link Q boxes to the discs again by ethernet with their wifi off…

What is BT whole home WiFi?

Whole Home Wi-Fi from BT completes your home wi-fi experience. Enjoy seamless high-speed wi-fi all around your home, delivered from a supercharged network that automatically connects everyone to the fastest, strongest signal.

Do BT WiFi discs work with other routers?

Re: Complete WiFi The white whole home discs will work with any router.

Is Smart Hub 1 better than BT Hub 2?

Re: BT Smart Hub v BT Smart Hub 2 In theory Smart Hub 2 should be much better in terms of speed and coverage than Smart Hub 1. But in reality I see no difference at all. The worst feature of smart hub 2 is that there is no way you can separate the channels.

Can I use old BT router as wifi extender?

Re: Re-purposing an old Home-Hub 2.0 router as a wi-fi extender. Just give the hub you are going to use an extender an IP address outside of the DHCP range of the main hub, disable DHCP on it and connect it to the main hub via Ethernet cable LAN port to LAN port.

Do I have to use my Sky router?

sky never advertise they have the best wifi out there and most users know that, and you could have wired your sky box to the q hub and would get the same speeds. Sky just like other providers have no obligation to support your router, even if you are allowed to use it on their network.

Will a BT router work with Sky?

Be aware that Sky won’t support your use of a third party router. It might be simpler just to connect the BT hub to your Sky router, switch off WiFi on the Sky Hub and use the BT’s WiFi.

Can you use BT whole home with other providers?

Yes, although the two systems can work together. The BT smart hub is a powerful, fast and reliable router that brings BT broadband into your home.

Can I use my Sky router in another house?

It is highly unlikely you can use your old Sky hub to extend the wifi to your room as it has no access point mode. You can buy a relatively cheap broadband access point or booster which needs to be connected in an area with good signal so roughly half way between the houses router and your room.

Is BT whole home WiFi any good?

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi review: Performance We tested it in a typical 1930s semi-detached home and the noticeable difference is that Wi-Fi is more reliable and faster across all areas of the house, rather than having a bias toward those in closer proximity to the router.

How can I make my whole house WiFi?

How to Extend WiFi Coverage in Your HomeInstall a WiFi Range Extender. One way to attain complete WiFi coverage throughout your home is to install a range extender. … Install an Additional WiFi Router. … Even Better, Install a WiFi Mesh System. … And Yes, Nighthawk Mesh Works with Any Router.