Question: Why Did Laurie Strode Leave Jamie?

What happened between Michael Myers and Laurie?

When she was only two, her six-year-old brother Michael brutally murdered their teenage sister Judith with a butcher knife on Halloween.

He was sent away following the incident..

Did Laurie fake her death?

Curtis returned as Laurie Strode in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), the seventh film in the series. … In this timeline, Laurie faked her death in a car accident as a way of escaping her murderous brother, whose body was not found after Halloween II.

Is Laurie Strode Michael Myers sister?

There are, of course, still numerous mysteries about this new, alternate history of what followed the first film, but the trailer helpfully clears one of them up almost immediately: Michael Myers and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) are not brother and sister.

Why did Jamie stab her mom?

Jamie in Halloween 4 Jamie suffers from nightmares about her feared uncle, Michael Myers. She is also tormented by schoolmates because she is related to Haddonfield’s notorious “boogeyman”. … Later, back in her foster home, Jamie is possessed by Michael’s spirit and stabs her foster mother, though not fatally.

Is Jamie Laurie Strode daughter?

Films. First appearing in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), Jamie is Laurie Strode’s daughter, as well as the niece of Judith and Michael Myers, which she and all of Haddonfield know about. … She is put in the care of a foster family, the Carruthers, and later adopted after Laurie dies in a car crash.

Why did Michael kill Judith Myers?

There is no explanation. There is no explanation as to why he killed his older sister Judith. Laurie just seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when “He came home”. Starting with Halloween 2 in 1981 the story was reconned to Laurie being Myers’ sister.

Who got Jamie pregnant in Halloween?

It should be noted that in the Producer’s Cut of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, it is heavily implied that the Cult of Thorn forced Michael to rape Jamie and got her pregnant, resulting in him being the father of the baby.

Why does Michael Myers never talk?

Why doesn’t Michael Myers talk much? Actually, he doesn’t talk at all. Though the exact reason is never given, it is assumed that Myers became silent after he murdered his sister. … It’s said by Dr Loomis, Michael’s doctor, that Michael hasn’t spoken a word since Halloween 1963 when he killed his sister Judith.

Is Michael Myers a true story?

Halloween Movie’s Michael Myers Was Based on True Story According to Director. emergency funds to cover three months of expenses.

Why does Michael Myers kill people?

Halloween withholds his mental state from us. There’s a simple explanation for what motivates Michael Myers that closely follows slasher movie logic, in which the killer is often motivated by a combination of neglect and sexual jealousy.

How old is Michael Myers?

Old Man Michael Myers: How Halloween Handles its 60-Year-Old Killer. When the first Halloween movie begins, Michael Myers is six. After he kills his sister and is put in an institution for 15 years the film flashes forward to 1978, when the 21-year-old Myers escapes and goes on another killing spree.

Why does Michael Myers never die?

He literally cannot, as far as the original movies go, Michael Myers actually cannot die under any circumstances. … So, Michael Myers doesn’t die, because some astrological power legitimately won’t let him die. In the newer movies, it’s just to reinforce that Michael is a slow moving, but ever unstoppable force.

Why is Michael Myers after Jamie Lee Curtis?

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) confronts her evil brother Michael Myers in “Halloween Resurrection.” Three years after the events of the previous film, Strode has been confined to a psychiatric facility after finding out that she had mistakenly killed a man she only thought was her brother Michael Myers.

Why is Michael obsessed with Laurie?

Why is Michael so obsessed with killing Laurie? … Michael goes after Laurie because she was the one that got away. He wants to finish what he started. He found a sister-like figure in Laurie, and he’s become fixated on her.

How does Laurie Strode die?

In Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), Laurie is revealed to have died in a car accident prior to the film’s events, with the role of protagonist taken up by her young daughter, Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris).

Why did Michael kill his sister?

In the first film Michael, as a child, did kill his older sister and was sent away to a mental institution under the care of Dr. … Answer One: Michael Myers killed his sister because, as a child, for whatever reason he got it into his mind that stabbing his sister to death was something he wanted to do.

What is wrong with Michael Myers?

Because at a young age, he was cursed with the mark of Thorn. Although in the old Halloween films, Michael loved his family, but the curse made him kill them. So Michael became immortal, being that the cult of Thorn gave him the supernatural power to not die. … Michael Myers isn’t evil because reason, he IS just evil.

How does Michael know Laurie is his sister?

In the first film Michael has no relation to Laurie. The brother/sister relationship was introduced in Halloween II (1981). … From Michael’s perspective Laurie did not appear to be frightened of the scary, abandoned house and Michael hears her tell this to Tommy who is scared of the house and says it haunted.

Is Michael Myers a human?

Carpenter’s versions), he appears to be a human who becomes something more. I personally think Michael represents the sheer force of human will power, when it turns all it’s focus and energy into destruction and rage. He was human but now he’s just a force of anger and willpower.

How did Judith Myers die?

Suddenly, Michael stabbed her in the stomach with a butcher knife. Shocked, Judith stumbled into the hallway, but Michael caught up and stabbed her sixteen more times, killing her.

Why is Michael Myers so strong?

He is strong because he isn’t human. He is led by dark forces. Come on, the guys been shot, stabbed, run over, electrocuted, fallen off a balcony and survived it all. Why does Michael Myers follow Laurie Strode?