Question: What Is A Good $10 White Elephant Gift?

What is a good white elephant gift for $30?

To give you a hand, we’ve gathered a list of 15 wacky, whimsical and downright delightful White Elephant gifts under $30.Color Changing Unicorn Mug.

100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings.

Pizza Nightlight.

Vintage Vinyl Record Label Coasters.

Harry Potter Coloring Book.


Mermaid Blanket.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker.More items…•.

Are white elephant gifts new or used?

The rules of the white elephant party are simple. Everybody who attends is required to bring a wrapped gift worth no more than a specified amount — generally between $10 and $20. … In turn, the rest of the participants, in order, choose to either unwrap a new gift or to “steal” a previously unwrapped gift.

What kind of gifts do you buy for Dirty Santa?

31 Dirty Santa Gifts That Will Definitely Get a Good Laugh90’s Mistaken Lyrics Coasters.Game of Phones.The Bathroom Guestbook.National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Glass Moose Mug.Disposable Camera.Wine Condoms.The Star Wars Cook Book.Bob Ross Coffee Mug.More items…

What is a good $10 Dirty Santa Gift?

These 16 quirky Dirty Santa gifts are all under $10 and will make you the best Dirty Santa.Macro Lens – $8.95. … Fuzzy Christmas socks – $9.99. … Baby Dino Tea Infuser – $9.97. … Burt’s Bees travel essentials – $10. … A geometrical frame – $9.99. … A blingy pen – $5.99. … You Are a Badass book – $9.59. … Selfie Light for your phone – $8.99.More items…•

What is a good white elephant gift under 10?

Be the hero of Christmas this year with the best White Elephant gifts for only $10.Lottery ticket (and a penny) … Cool socks. Sherpa Winter Fleece Lining Knit Animal Socks : $7.99. … Starbucks Gift card. … Fluffy Blanket. … Ghirardelli Chocolate. … Calendar. … Two movie tickets. … Tervis Tumbler.More items…•

What is a good $20 white elephant gift?

20 Great White Elephant Gift Ideas For Under $20NapSack. To be clear, the NapSack isn’t a real product. … People of Walmart Calendar. If you’re going to bring a calendar to a gift exchange, you better make it a good one. … Toilet Bowl Mug. … Moose Mug. … Muffin Top Baking Cups. … Pick Your Nose Cups. … “A Christmas Story” Mug. … High Heel Tape Dispenser.More items…

What are good 5 dollar gifts?

50 stocking stuffers under $5An Original Slinky Jr. Image: amazon. Amazon, $3.00.A pack of 20-sided dice. Image: amazon. Amazon, $3.99.A goat-shaped cookie cutter. Image: target. … A teeny face mask. Image: target. … A panda mini stapler. Image: amazon. … A big bag of Play-Doh. Image: amazon. … A rubber duck. Image: amazon. … A luxe hand cream. Image: amazon.More items…•

What are good cheap gifts?

Food & drinkA loaf of homemade bread. … A nice vase or jar filled with candy. … A coffee or tea mug with a bag of coffee or a box of tea. … A pour-over coffee starter kit. … A bottle of good bitters and a book of cocktails. … A handful of nips of quality whiskeys. … A nuts and trail mix gift bag.More items…•

What are good white elephant gift ideas?

The top 5 best gift ideas for White Elephant:A Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery.The world’s strongest coffee from Death Wish.A desk fan for the always-sweaty coworker.A guide to beer and food pairings printed on a towel.The Exploding Kittens Card Game.

What is a good $25 grab bag gift?

Keeping reading for all 50 Secret Santa gifts under $25:A little candle that smells like home. … A reusable bag that’s cute and sustainable. … A set of skin-care essentials. … A bestselling body moisturizer. … A portable cheese melter. … A limited-edition pair of socks inspired by The Rolling Stones.More items…•

What is a good white elephant gift for $25?

Need something for a white elephant gift exchange? Here are quirky and creative gifts all for $25 or less!Cozy Sweater Mug. … Rainbow Yoga Joes. … Pop Art Crew Socks. … 1,000-Piece Moon Puzzle. … Unicorn Trinket Bowl. … MagnaShapes Spinning Circles. … Garden Greeting Pot. … Metropolitan Museum of Art Masterpieces Deluxe 2020 Calendar.More items…•

What is a good white elephant gift for work?

30 Best White Elephant Gifts for Your Office Gift ExchangeDesktop Boxing: Knock Out Your Stress! … Flingshot Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey. … Titanic Kittens Air Freshner. … Magnetic Putty Unicorn Poop Stress Relief Kit. … My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open Mug. … Desktop Skee-Ball: Give it a roll! … Funny Tape Dispenser. … Definitely Not Vodka.More items…

What is a good $20 gift?

20 gifts under $20 that won’t get thrown awayThe car mount they didn’t know they needed. … A fun party game for everyone. … A journal with a few guidelines. … PopSockets for the phone obsessed. … The best notebook for bullet journaling. … An essential oil diffuser to chill out. … New brews for the coffee lover.More items…•

How many times can a gift be stolen in white elephant?

To avoid never-ending circles, each gift can only be stolen once per turn. The game is over when everyone has a present. Generally, it is recommended to have at least six participants for the gift exchange party.

Can white elephant gifts be used?

No, a White Elephant gift should be something useless laying around the house – the shabbier, the better. … Before you start ransacking your basement for something to bring to the upcoming gift swap, you should pause to consider whether used items are welcome.

What are some creative gift ideas?

And once you’re done with this list, don’t forget to check out our gift finder for extra help finding the perfect present.Marbled Ring Dish. … Leather Mason Jar Sleeve. … Washi Tape Mirror. … Homemade Milk Candles. … Roasted Cinnamon Almonds. … Melted Bead Suncatchers. … Mini Pallet Coasters. … Decorative Sign.More items…•

What is a good 10 dollar gift?

25 clever gifts under $10 everyone will loveFor the tea drinker: Fred Manatea Silicone Tea Infuser. … For the person who colors outside the lines: An adult coloring book. … For the person who loves to eat their veggies: Ontel Veggetti Power Electric Spiralizer. … For the person who is always cold: A 5-pack of cozy socks.More items…•

What are good unisex gifts?

Here are various ideas under $20 that make great unisex Secret Santa gifts for coworkers, friends, or family members.Food or Sweets.Cute or Funny Mug.Tea Steeper.Flashy Bike Lights.Board or Card Game.Scratch-Off Poster.Package-Opening Tool.Water Bottle With Infuser.More items…•