Question: What Hollywood Producer Died Today?

What Hollywood legend just died?

Actor Kirk Douglas, whose Hollywood career spanned seven decades, has died aged 103.

The stage and screen actor was well-known for a range of roles, including the 1960 classic Spartacus, in which he played the titular character..

Who is Liz Hurley’s son?

Damian HurleyElizabeth Hurley/Sons

Did Steve Bing die?

June 22, 2020Steve Bing/Date of deathDeath. Bing killed himself on June 22, 2020, at the age of 55, by jumping from his apartment on the 27th floor of a building in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles.

What singer just died 2020?

2020NameAgeDateLou “L.A.” Kouvaris Riot66March 28, 2020Alan Merrill Arrows69March 29, 2020Bill Withers81March 30, 2020Cristina Singer with ZE Records64March 31, 202099 more rows

Who we lost in 2020?

People we’ve lost in 2020Ben Cross, the English actor who starred in the Oscar-winning film “Chariots of Fire” and appeared in reboots of “Star Trek” and “Dark Shadows,” died Tuesday, August 18, according to his manager. … Robert Trump, the younger brother of US President Donald Trump, died Saturday, August 15, at the age of 71.More items…•

How tall is Steve Bing?

1.93 mSteve Bing/Height

What famous producer died today?

Steve Bing, a real estate heir who became a Hollywood producer and film financier, died on Monday in Los Angeles after jumping from the balcony of his 27th-floor apartment. He was 55. The Los Angeles County coroner confirmed his death.

Why did Steve Bing die?

SuicideSteve Bing/Cause of death

Where did Steve Bing die?

Los Angeles, California, United StatesSteve Bing/Place of death

What actor died recently 2019?

Remembering 21-year-old rapper Juice WRLD, longtime “Sesame Street” puppeteer Caroll Spinney, barrier-breaking TV actress Diahann Carroll and other notable people we had to say goodbye to in 2019.

What movie producer just died?

Steve Bing, a Hollywood producer, writer and financier who famously invested in the Tom Hanks movie “The Polar Express,” has died by suicide.

When did Steve Bing die?

June 22, 2020Steve Bing/Date of death

What rock star died recently?

Ric Ocasek, rock star and The Cars lead singer, has died. Ric Ocasek, famed frontman for The Cars, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment. The New York City Police Department told CBS News he “was found deceased” early Sunday.

Who is the father of Liz Hurley’s son?

Roy Leonard HurleyElizabeth Hurley/Fathers