Question: What Happened To Nextel Walkie Talkie?

Can you still get Nextel?

Turns out, Sprint still cares about Nextel.

“We are aware of the situation and plan to respond,” spokeswoman Lisa Belot said in an email.

“While it is no longer one of our primary brands, we maintain ownership, sell handsets under the Nextel brand and currently have no plans to sell it.”.

Why did they get rid of Nextel?

They used a different technology for 2G than everyone else which is why they were the only ones to offer it. Sprint shut down the old Nextel network in 2013 so they could re-use those radio frequencies for LTE coverage. None of the remaining networks have the push-to-talk feature built-in.

Does boost still have walkie talkie?

About Boost Mobile You’ll connect instantly–under a second–on the fastest push-to-talk network with nationwide coverage. The Unlimited Walkie-Talkie service is included in the Boost Mobile Monthly and Daily Unlimited plans, and it can be added for $1 when using Pay As You Go.

How does Nextel walkie talkie work?

A Nextel customer looks over a Motorola telephone. Nextel phones offer a service called Direct Connect that allows you to push a single button and connect with another Nextel user. … It uses the 800 MHz portion of the radio spectrum assigned to specialized mobile radio (SMR) service.

Does Sprint still have push to talk?

Sprint Direct Connect Now marks another milestone for the Sprint push-to-talk franchise. Today, Sprint Direct Connect has matured into a service featuring: Sprint Direct Connect platform upgrades to support push-to-talk on Sprint’s 4G LTE Network. … Instant call setup time on domestic push-to-talk calls.

Does Sprint still have walkie talkie phones?

Sprint wants to bring a little Nextel back into more of its phones. Specifically, the much-loved walkie-talkie bit. The company said on Monday that select Android smartphones will be able handle push-to-talk communications through a simple app available in the Google Play store.