Question: What Devices Does Sky Go Extra Work On?

How much is sky go extra a month?

See compatible device and software requirements.

Sky Go Extra: Sky TV customers only.

No extra cost with Multiscreen, otherwise £5 extra a month.

Allow up to 24 hours for your account to be activated..

Does Sky Go have all channels?

When you’re new to Sky, you can access all channels that are available on Sky Go. All Sky Cinema channels. … All Sky Sports channels.

Can I connect sky go to my TV?

To make Sky Go work with a smart TV via an HDMI cable, you have to screen mirror your laptop. … Connect your computer to the television using HDMI cable. Ensure you have a Sky Go app on your TV and Wi-Fi is working fine. While on the Sky Go app, start watching your content and choose to mirror your screen.

Does Sky Go have bbc1?

Both the old Q app and the new combined Sky Go app can play BBC channels when connected to a box.

How do I get Sky Go on my Amazon Fire Stick?

As we mentioned above, the Sky Go app is not officially available on the Amazon Firestick. That is why we would have to install it via side loading. To do that, you have to first go to “Developer Option” in the settings. Then find and turn on the option to install apps from unknown sources.

Can I watch Sky go without using my data?

Did you know, if you’re a Sky TV customer with Sky Mobile, you can watch Sky TV and use any Sky apps on the go without using your data? Plus, you get Sky Go Extra at no extra cost, so you can download on demand programmes to watch later. You don’t need to do anything, just start watching content on any Sky app.

How do I add more devices to my sky go?

Sign In to Sky Go using your username (email address) and password. From the settings menu on your device, select ‘Manage Devices’. If you’re on your PC/Mac, scroll down to the ‘Sky Go app’ section of the My Account home page and click on the ‘Manage Devices’ tab. Any devices registered for Sky Go will now be listed.

How do I watch Sky go from ipad to TV?

Can I use Airplay to get Sky Go on to my TV?Make sure your Apple TV & device are on the same wireless network.Go to your TV and select the source your Apple TV is plugged into.Select a show/movie on your Sky Go app and press play.Press the Airplay icon in the bottom right of the Sky Go video controls.

How do I cast Sky Go app to my TV?

How can I watch Sky Go on Chromecast?Open the Sky Go app on your tablet or smartphone.At the top right of the app, you’ll see the Chromecast icon which looks like a little TV. … Once connected, choose the TV show or movie you want to watch, press play and you should see Sky Go on your big screen!More items…

Can you download Sky Go on a smart TV?

Sadly, you can’t simply connect your phone or tablet to a TV and then play Sky Go content. … Likewise, Smart TVs currently don’t support Sky Go, so you won’t find the app available to download for your telly’s app store. The only way you can enjoy Sky Go on a big screen is by using a laptop.

How many devices can I watch Sky go on?

six devicesHow many devices can you register on Sky Go? You can add up to six devices and any new device will be automatically added the first time you sign into the Sky Go app with your Sky iD.

What is the difference between Sky Go and Sky Go Extra?

So Go Extra is an additional service for the Sky Go app, allowing you to watch Sky TV content on-demand on more devices. Extra gives Sky customers more options when streaming TV away from their Sky Q Box and standard TV, allowing for more freedom to enjoy any TV you want on the go.

Can I watch Sky Go on my browser?

If you have a Sky TV subscription, you’re automatically given access to its on-demand service Sky Go, which allows you to watch programmes on a smartphone, tablet, desktop PC or laptop. … As a result, Sky Go no longer works in the desktop version of the Chrome browser.

Can you get Sky Go without having sky?

If you’d like to subscribe to Sky Go but you do not happen to have a Sky subscription, you’re in luck! Sky has a Sky Go monthly ticket option available that will allow you to watch Sky Go without needing to subscribe to SkyTV.

Can someone else use your sky go?

By default, you can only watch Sky TV programming on one device at a time. … Once you’ve hit your device limit, you can only watch Sky Go on another device if you first remove it from another one (we’ll show you how later).

What devices are compatible with Sky Go?

These Android devices are now compatible with Sky Go:HTC: Desire X, One X, One XL, One S and One V.Google: Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.Samsung: Galaxy S3 LTE, Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 2 LTE.Sony: Sony Xperia S, Sony Xperia T.LG: LG 4X HD.