Zodiacs Ranked In Order Of How High Their Standards Are (Him & Her)

I Ranked The Zodiac Signs Worst To Best, Change My Mind

Zodiacs Ranked In Order Of How High Their Standards Are (Him & Her)

I have a moderate amount of knowledge of the signs. I know about the elements and the three different qualities and can organize them accordingly. But as a person, I to have a reason for everything.

Something to take the blame for when shit hits the fan, or a reason to be thankful when things go well. And the stars seem as good as anything else. I don't put all my faith in my horoscope, it's just something to do to pass time.

But even with my little bit of background knowledge on the signs, some people can make or break how we think about a certain sign.

Maybe it shouldn't be personal, but it is.


Coming down at the bottom is Aries. And it's not just me, tons of people have something against them. (Thankfully) I don't know a whole lot of them, but the ones I do didn't leave a great impression. A few of my favorite celebrities are Aries, Reese Witherspoon and Emma Watson, which is why a small part of me feels bad putting it this low on the list.

But a lot of the time, Aries are aggressive and judgmental. Aries is a fire sign, which, in general, I kind of . But they're what I would describe as “a lot,” and that can be a good or bad thing. I think the part of Aries that is “a lot” is the way they just want what they want and don't care about much else. They're demanding and all over the place.

In my experience, Pisces are manipulative and make everything about them. And they care way too much about what people think about them. If any sign is going to get butthurt over their rank, it's Pisces.

They're a water sign, so they're known for being emotional, but not in a way that helps them be empathetic, the way I think a Cancer is. I just find that they can be hard to get along with in large doses.

And they don't seem to make a lasting impression, which may be why there aren't too many famous Pisces. With that being said, there are some.

Camila Cabello and Rihanna are Pisces and I absolutely adore them, but so is Justin Bieber and I've never been sure how I feel about him.


Two words: Donald Trump. Yep, he's a Gemini. And that's all that really needs to be said on that.

No, but seriously. Geminis are the Nickelback of the zodiacs. Everyone kind of hate them and aren't sure why. They are so dramatic. They talk a big game and don't follow through most of the time. Gemini is an air sign, which really annoys me because I'm one too and we should be on the same team.

Plus, I have friends that are Geminis and I love them a lot, but as a general sign, I can't get behind it.

And maybe it's because they're the mutable air sign, which makes them a harsh wind or tornado? I've tried to find a pattern within the system so it makes sense as to why I dis them so much but I can't.

It probably won't come as a shock that another water sign is toward the bottom of my ranking. I was close to a Scorpio for a really long time, but I don't think I could ever allow myself to be again.

And Pisces, Scorpios are emotional and lack empathy. But there's also an underlying sense of pettiness. They generally don't care about most things.

their symbol, the scorpion, they'll sting you even if it would hurt them.


We're at a point with my ranking where I don't have it out for the signs. From here, I just think the next sign has something to offer that the one before it doesn't.

Sagittarians are what I would consider being the fieriest of the fire signs. I attribute that to them being the mutable fire sign. All the ones I know are so undoubtedly themselves, all while being the wanderers. The one Sagittarian that comes to my mind instantly is Taylor Swift.

And I think of her as being the ultimate Sagittarian. She's changed a lot over the years, but has been consistently authentic no matter what direction she is headed in. Same with Miley Cyrus. They do what they want and find themselves in the process.

It's a quality I wish more signs had.

I feel Capricorns are seriously underrated, so I wanted to compensate for that. Being that it's an Earth sign, Capricorns are grounded. They're so low maintenance. My roommate is a Capricorn and she's the easiest person in the world to live with. If I could compare Capricorns to anything, it'd be a goldfish.

And as someone who can't take care of anything, that's a high compliment. They're cynical and a little mopey, but they aren't going to bring anyone else down while feeling what they're feeling.

And next time you think about Capricorns in a negative light, remember Michelle Obama is a Capricorn and one of the greatest people on the planet.

Taurus are the most neutral sign I can possibly think of. They're the fixed Earth sign, so they're rocks. Unbelievably solid and dependable. They don't do anything wrong, ever.

They aren't a very notable sign and don't steal the show, but there's something special about them. A Taurus has qualities you'd want in a good friend.

And I consider myself lucky because that's exactly what my best friend is.

There's a pattern here. Apparently, I'm a pretty consistent fan of Earth signs. Virgos are the purest of the signs. They're light-hearted and practical.

Of the Earth signs, they're the most down-to-earth. Virgos hold a special place in my heart and are some of my favorite people: my dad, Freddie Mercury, Blake Lively, Beyonce, and John Mulaney.

They're so natually loveable.

Cancers have a bad reputation. They usually come out just on top of Aries in the rankings. But I think that, of the water signs, Cancer is the only one that matters. I can't deny that they're emotional, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

And compared to Pisces and Scorpios, they handle their emotions with empathy and loyalty. They'll listen to your frustrations and not judge you because they know what it's to have a lot of feelings. If there's anyone to depend on, it's a Cancer.

They'll be down for anything.


I had a bit of trouble organizing my top three because they each have different purposes in my life and I hold them all to different standards. My mom is an Aquarius and she is my favorite person in the world, without question. But because I know her better than I know anyone, I can easily pick out her flaws.

Aquarians are temperamental and direct almost to a fault. But they're also wholesome, strong-willed, and expressive. They run on emotion sometimes, but from what I can tell, they run on positive emotions, love. So much of what they do is driven by a passion for people. One person who is a great representation of his sign is Ed Sheeran.

He seems feel so deeply and gets his point across in such an amazing way.

I'm a Libra, and a little too proud of it. My favorite thing about myself is something I have no control over. Aquarius, Libra is an air sign, which I love. We are the balance of the signs and see the best in things. We seek justice and try our best to be authentic.

Patience is important to The way we avoid confrontation is what really sucks about us. We're notorious people-pleasers. As I was writing this, I was dancing around certain words when taking swings at the zodiacs I dis.

Along with that, we can't make decisions and we have to put in a lot of effort to not take life too seriously. Not taking life too seriously is my biggest goal in life, and a Libra I look up to, because of how well he achieves that, is John Mayer.

He's the most light-hearted, pure Libra I could imagine. I think we all strive for wholesomeness and purity we see in other signs.


Leos are my favorite sign. I had to decide if I prefer Leos over myself, and because I'm working on not being a narcissist, I decided I do. If I could be any other sign, I'd pick Leo for the confidence they exude. I feel all Leos would definitely be sorted into Gryffindor. They have a perfect blend of personality, charm, creativity, and humor.

Off the top of my head, I can think of more famous Leos than any other sign. They just have this star power. It can come off as conceited, but if they can dial that back and still be humble even with all the talent they probably have, then it's really special. Take Barack Obama for example; the man had a magic about him that caused so many of us to really trust him.

He knew he had something special and never took it for granted.

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Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best (According To Their Zodiac Sign)

Zodiacs Ranked In Order Of How High Their Standards Are (Him & Her)

Virgo women are very neat and orderly in everything they do so they strive to make their relationship as perfect as possible. By doing that, they drive their partner crazy.

They will dictate their clothing style and demand them to be as clean and tidy as they possibly can around them. Someone who doesn’t share that opinion won’t get along very well with a Virgo.

Her biggest downfall is her insecurities. In her pursuit of perfection, she has become her toughest critic. Everything she is and isn’t is not quite good enough in her eyes.

That mindset has affected her self-esteem in such a way that she looks for constant reassurance and approval from her partner, which can become quite overbearing with time.

Because of this, Virgo women tend to be jealous. They want to know their partner’s every move, every second they spend apart and that’s really not something that holds two people together.

11. Scorpio

To be able to date a Scorpio woman, you really have to get to know them on a deeper level. Their cold exterior hides a soft heart and at first glance, they are a bit intimidating.

It’s in their nature to try and control everything around them, including the course of their relationship. They know it’s their biggest flaw but they are unable to help it at times.

They set the bar high and they don’t lower their standards when choosing somebody they will get into a relationship with. A man has to raise his game to be with a Scorpio as they don’t settle for mediocre investments.

They are brutally honest, which is simultaneously a blessing and a curse. Not everyone can handle brutal honesty. That’s why a Scorpio woman needs someone tough who welcomes that honesty, no matter how harsh it might be.

10. Aries

Patience is not something that an Aries woman possesses. She wants it all and she wants it now and there’s no time to waste. That’s why her relationship progresses rapidly.
She s to feel she is in control and that she has the last say in everything. She is very dominant, that’s why she needs someone who is totally opposite to her to be able to sustain the relationship.

9. Taurus

A Taurus woman is the epitome of a strong, independent woman, so much so that she hardly ever turns to a man for help or for anything else, so men feel pretty much useless.

A Taurus s to build things slowly, so they don’t rush into things. They don’t appreciate men who take them for granted or try to pull mind games on them—they discard them immediately.

She needs a man who calls and texts first and who makes actual efforts to be with her. She will reciprocate efforts with efforts and coldness with coldness. She isn’t about to run after anybody.

She has a huge heart but always follows her mind and intuition. That’s why nobody can mess around with her.

8. Cancer

A Cancer woman is the most emotional of all zodiac signs. She has an enormously soft heart that she puts out for everyone to see. She doesn’t hide her feelings and she makes everything pretty much clear.

When she is in, she is all in. She will give her best to someone she cares about. She will go above and beyond to make them feel loved.

The bad thing is that she can exaggerate in all of it and neglect herself in the process of loving somebody else. By doing that, her confidence decreases and she becomes codependent on the person she is with.

She has such as major fear of losing the person she is with that she will suffocate them with exaggerated love displays or, in some cases, jealousy.

A Cancer woman can be the best and the worst girlfriend ever, depending on her ability to control her emotions and not blow them proportion.

7. Leo

She exudes confidence and radiance. She is looking for someone with a personality as strong as hers, otherwise they can’t co-exist.

She doesn’t when things are handed to her on a platter, so she doesn’t mind the chase or being chased after for that matter. The bad thing about it is that she continuously chooses the wrong men.

Players who are full of confidence and charm are her first choice. She will feel she can handle the game or turn things around so it’s played in her own way. But that never works out.

Leo women are not the worst girlfriends, they are quite great, but they have poor decision-making skills. They usually go after men who prefer casual over committed in a relationship.

6. Aquarius

An Aquarius woman is a combination of impulsiveness, intelligence, and independence. She values her freedom so she prefers a relationship in which she is loved in such a way that she feels free.

She despises boredom and she needs a partner who is a bit more dynamic and energetic. She needs to be content in a relationship and she needs someone who can match her intelligence.

She is an overthinker above all, that’s why she notices things no one else would ever notice about herself and about other people.

That’s why her partner will feel they can’t live up to her expectations, while she will have the same problem with herself. She will constantly feel she can do, act and achieve better.

She needs a partner who will stand by her and boost her confidence a bit until she realizes that she is more than enough and that she has to work on restoring her confidence.

5. Gemini

There are two sides to a Gemini woman—the one who is bright and outgoing and the other who’s a bit more reclusive and dark.

She will always give more emphasis to her brightness when she is in a relationship but she will stay with a man who embraces her darkness too.

Because of this, she is the most accepting girlfriend anyone can have. She never judges or looks down on her partner; she tries her best to understand and help in any way she can.

She values loyalty above everything, so if someone crosses her once, she will never give them the opportunity to do it again.

4. Capricorn

A Capricorn woman is very dominant, both in life and in a relationship. She always gives her best when she is in a relationship so she expects someone who is capable of giving their best too.

For her, the basis of everything is reciprocity. She needs a random show of affection, a listening ear, and the love and support she herself gives or she would rather have nothing. Half-loves are not for her.

What’s remarkable about her is that she is loyal to the bone and she will always defend the one she cares about, even if they are not there to hear.

3. Libra

Librans balance. They don’t going to extremes in a relationship. They don’t things changing rapidly and they avoid conflict at any cost. Sadly, avoidance of conflict is not always good.

They sweep things under the carpet instead of dealing with them or talking about them openly. They keep things bottled up inside until they burst and by then it’s already too late.

They are charming and charismatic, they to socialize and they will include the person they are with in the better part of their life. Unwillingly, they put themselves into the spotlight and that easily provokes jealousy in their partner.

However, they ditch a jealous partner early on because they don’t being held down or controlled. They need a partner who lets them be free to be themselves.

They are sweet, kind, supportive and loving. They favorize their partner’s well-being above their own, which is not always a good thing for them.

2. Sagittarius

The only rival a Sagittarian woman has is herself. She will be her own worst critic and judge. However, for that special someone, she will do the exact opposite.

She will cheer them every step of the way and urge them to believe in themselves. She will think of someone she is with first and put aside her needs, which is not a good thing for her.

She will always try to look at things from the other side and not jump to conclusions, so conflicts in the relationship will be successfully solved thanks to her.

She is very passionate, especially with the one she loves. Boredom is a word that can never be connected to a Sagittarian woman in any way.

1. Pisces

A Pisces woman needs someone who will make the first move and put in some extra effort to get to their guarded heart. They are shy in nature so they need someone who is not to pursue them.

At least at first. They will open up and put their guard down eventually. Once they do, the one they are with will realize that they stumbled upon a true treasure.

A Pisces woman is both a best friend and the best lover and therefore perfect girlfriend material. She is someone to confide in and cuddle with into the night.

She will safeguard secrets and be a rock to the person she is with. She is strong and supportive. She is a true keeper.

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