Want to Get Lucky on Your Holiday Date? Skip the Mistletoe and Wear Red Instead – Luvze

Want to Get Lucky on Your Holiday Date? Skip the Mistletoe and Wear Red Instead

Want to Get Lucky on Your Holiday Date? Skip the Mistletoe and Wear Red Instead - Luvze

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, everyone knows that red is one of the colors associated with this holiday.

It’s the color of Santa’s suit, Rudolph’s nose, and those tacky woolen sweaters you inevitably see at the office holiday party.

However, recent research suggests that red gets us “in the mood” for more than just eggnog and gift-giving—it also increases how attractive and sexually desirable we find other people.

As we’ve discussed before, men feel more “amorous” when they see a woman wearing red than when she is wearing almost any other color (including green, grey, and blue).1 Not only do men report being more sexually attracted to women in red, but they also express more willingness to open up their wallets and treat her to an expensive date!

These effects are not limited to men, though. Recent research has documented that women tend to get aroused by men who don red clothing as well.2 What makes these findings especially interesting is that neither men nor women seem to be aware that the color red influences their perceptions of attractiveness.

Why does red generate these effects? Most explanations offered to date have been based in evolutionary theory, but the exact mechanism is thought to differ for men and women. The argument for women is that they tend to be attracted to men with status, and the color red is a potential indicator that a man has high social standing.

This link between red and status is pretty obvious when you think about it.

For instance, what color robe would a king wear? Or what color carpet would we roll out for a celebrity? Red has historically been a sign of wealth and prestige and, for this reason, it is theorized that women have evolved a preference for men draped in this color.

In contrast, the argument for why men go for ladies in red has nothing to do with social status. Researchers argue that men have simply been conditioned through biological and social processes to see this color as a sexual signal.

For instance, in both human and non-human primates, the female of the species literally becomes red when she is sexually aroused or near ovulation.

As one example of this, most women experience what has been termed a “sex flush” when they are turned on, in which parts of their body will take on a reddish color as a result of increased blood flow.

3 In addition to these biological processes, society tells women that the way to make themselves appear more youthful and attractive is to paint their faces with red lipstick and rouge, which further reinforces men’s perception that red and sex are linked.

More work is certainly needed to verify these proposed explanations, and also to examine whether similar patterns emerge in gay men and lesbians. For the time being, though, there would seem to be enough evidence to suggest that wearing red is ly to give you both a happy and horny holiday!

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1Elliot, A. J., & Niesta, D. (2008). Romantic red: Red enhances men’s attraction to women. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 95, 1150-1164.

2Elliot, A. J., Niesta Kayser, D., Greitemeyer, T., Lichtenfeld, S., Gramzow, R. H., Maier, M. A., & Liu, H. (2010). Red, rank, and romance in women viewing men. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 139, 399-417.

3Masters, W., & Johnson, V. (1966). Human Sexual Response. Boston: Little, Brown.

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Funny holiday wishes quotes

Want to Get Lucky on Your Holiday Date? Skip the Mistletoe and Wear Red Instead - Luvze

You can send these holiday wishes sayings to your friends and family by e-mails, SMS, cards and through social media networking.Use these holiday wishes or you can show your creativity and mix your wordings with our messages in order to make it more special and personalized. So what are you waiting for? Go, read and share!

Holiday Wishes Quotes:

Have a look at this witty and sweet holiday wishes quotes. We are sure, these quotes and wording are surely going to make you and smile. And if you smiled while reading these, and we are sure it is worth sharing!! So, go on and read. These holiday wishes quotes are worth sending out.

  • May this holiday be the best holiday ever, May you have fun and get tired never!!Loved holiday wishes to you!!
  • Long awaited holidays are here, Fun and joy is awaiting there, Hope you have a blissful holiday,See you after a short break!!
  • Here’s wishing you, A healthy, comfortable, And prosperous holidays ahead!Enjoy! Happy Holidays!!
  • It is time to enjoy and forget the work-pain, Say YAY, it’s a holiday again!!Happy Holidays!!
  • May you spend this holiday season, With love, peace and joy.Joyful holiday wishes to you.
  • Holiday is a joyful way to escape, From the hectic schedule of life! Here’s wishing you happy holiday,Go on and enjoy with your wife!
  • The only sad thing about a holiday is that, After every holiday, there is a non-holiday! But till you are on a holiday,Enjoy it to the fullest.

Happy Holiday Wishes:

A simple happy holiday wish can brighten up the face of its receiver. If you are a teacher, you can send these happy holiday wishes to your students, bosses can send these to their juniors and co-workers, even the friends and family can greet their near and dear ones with these wishes. Here is the list of unique and best happy holiday wishes. Feel free to share!

Kindly accept my sincere wishes, Filled with hope and prosperity!

Happy Holidays!

* * * * * * * * * *

Dear students, Holidays are finally here. I would to say enjoy and relax but don’t forget to take care of yourself. We shall meet soon after the holidays.

Happy Holidays!

* * * * * * * * * *

Wishing you unlimited joy and infinite fun! Hope these holidays rejuvenate you, so that you return with full on energy and enthusiasm.

Take Care. Happy holidays!

* * * * * * * * * *

It is time to say good bye, as Holidays are starting from tomorrow. Hope these holidays makes you feel happy, And takes away all the sorrow!!

Happy Holidays!!

* * * * * * * * * *

Wishing you a joyful holiday, That has a harmonious tone, You enjoy each and every bit of it, And end it on the same note!!

Happy Holidays!

* * * * * * * * * *

Everybody waits for holidays, You are lucky to get one. Hope to see you back soon buddy,

Do take care of yourself and have a peaceful time!

* * * * * * * * * *

Hope you spend a peaceful time, with your family this holiday season. Hope you experience the best time ahead, Enjoy the holidays!

Happy Holidays!

* * * * * * * * * *

Have a fun filled time ahead, With you loved ones. Hope you relish the moments of joy and love, which would make your holiday even more blissful!

Happy holidays, dear friend!

* * * * * * * * * *

May the coming moments of holiday, Be filled with tons of laughter and love! Forget all your worries, And enjoy these memorable days to the fullest!!

Season’s Greetings and Holidays Wishes!

Warm Holiday Wishes:

Warm holiday wishes are filled with love and warmth. These wishes express your love and affection towards the one, to whom you are sending them. Hope these beautiful warm holiday wishes make your loved ones smile from the bottom of their hearts and make them feel happy from within.

As this holiday season begins, I send you warm and cozy wishes, Full of love and affection to you! Please accept these wishes with love.

Season’s greetings!!

* * * * * * * * * *

Please accept my holiday wishes, Made with happiness, Filled with warmth, And wrapped in love!

Please accept my warm holiday wishes for you my love!

* * * * * * * * * *

This holiday season, may God fill your life with, Love, Laughter and Luck!! Holiday wishes for you!

Stay Blessed.

* * * * * * * * * *

Though, it is time for us to say good bye As we have to part our ways For holidays! But take my warm holiday wishes with you, that will take care of you and keep you safe!

Happy Holidays!!

* * * * * * * * * *

Warm holiday wishes to you,
And you family!! Enjoy and take care.

* * * * * * * * * *

Best wishes, good luck, and warm thoughts, From the coming holidays!!

Season’s greetings.

* * * * * * * * * *

Christmas is near, Why to fear? Enjoy to the fullest, Its holiday time my dear!! Oh, I forgot to say… Happy New Year!!

Best wishes for this holiday season.

* * * * * * * * * *

May this holiday be, Filled with peace, love and warmth! May you spend it with joy.

Holiday blessings to you!!

* * * * * * * * * *

Indulge yourself into the spirits of Holiday, Forget all the work and forget all the pain!! Enjoy these days and make them memorable, Make the most these holidays, and don’t get them go in vain!!

Warm and love-filled holiday wishes!!!

* * * * * * * * * *

the gleaming light of candles, The coziness of quilts, And the warmth of sunshine, You enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Have love-filled warm holidays!!

* * * * * * * * * *

The winter wind has started blowing, The Christmas lights have started glowing, Let’s us all dive into the holidays spirits, As the seeds of joy have started sowing!!

Best wishes for holiday season!!

* * * * * * * * * *

Here’s sending you best wishes for the coming holiday season!
Hope you have a wonderful time.

Funny Holiday Wishes:

Send out these funny holiday wishes to your friends and family, to tickle out their funny bone and bless them for their holidays. After-all it is good to make someone smile!!

It’s holiday time!! Don’t forget to take care of yourself And don’t forget to take bath everyday!!

Enjoy your holidays.

* * * * * * * * * *

Its time to pull your party pants, And wear on your party socks!! It’s time to celebrate with near and dear ones, It’s a call from the holiday dock!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Make some noise, Say Oh Yay!! Go out and enjoy,

It’s a HOLIDAY!!

I know why you love holidays so much? Because our boss is not around!! Happy Holidays Buddy, Come back soon

(This funny holiday wishes are for co-workers)

Holiday means lying down on bed, Without bathing for days, Not picking up calls, neither answering mails!! I hope you enjoy your holidays, In the above mentioned ways!!

Happy Holidays!!

These were some of the best and unique holiday messages and wordings for you. Sending these cheerful and joyful wishes will surely add an extra happiness to the one who is going on a holiday.

May it be the holiday season, Christmas holidays, school vacations, college vacations or your friend, family or colleague is going for a holiday or holidays, No matter which type of holiday it is, you can always send out these holiday wishes and holiday quotes. These messages and quotes can also be used as holiday wishes for cards!!

Feel free to look around our amazing website for more messages, quotes, wordings and sayings!

Holiday Wishes Messages

Holidays are always blissful. It becomes even more blissful when you receive a holiday wish from someone who is near and dear. This happens with each and every one. So, if someone in your friend circle, relation, family or co-worker is going on a holiday, just send these beautiful holiday wishes quotes and make their holiday more joyful.

Church bells ringing, Mistletoe swinging, Mince pies, chocolates and mulled wine, Now we know it must be Christmas time.

Happy Holidays!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rudolph’s nose is so bright It threatens to keep you awake at night But at least we know he’s on his way

Spreading Christmas cheer, come what may.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Merry Christmas to one and all, Time to gaze at the decorations in awe, But, despite all this splendour,

It’s the company we all remember.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Turkeys presented waiting to be carved Potatoes roasted ready to be halved, Christmas food is a tasty blend,

Although it all goes the same way in the end.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The tree is loaded The presents all coded Eager children sleeping tight

Waiting for the morning light.

Holiday Wishes For Cards

The festive season is here again Good cheer between all men, Christmas lights twinkle in the night sky

Reminding all that the reindeer can fly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Christmas wishes come your way
From someone who cares, in every way

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tinsel, baubles and the Hanging from every tree in sight A wondrous time of year

It’s the time to hold those you hold dear.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Christmas wishes to one and all It’s time to have a ball! The party season is in full swing,

As long as I’m with you I feel a King!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Snow is falling all around Softly, softly, hardly a sound, Santa is on his way You can nearly see his sleigh The Children are all tucked up asleep

Let’s just hope the snow is not too deep!

Holiday Greeting Cards

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Tips for Holiday Travel!

Want to Get Lucky on Your Holiday Date? Skip the Mistletoe and Wear Red Instead - Luvze

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

Holidays are the busiest time of year to travel by plane. Preparing a child, teenager or adult with autism spectrum disorder for plane travel – and new security techniques used at airport security checkpoints – can make a huge difference in making holiday travel a more enjoyable experience for all involved.

Start by providing the airline with advanced information.

Offer to email or fax information to let them know you will be traveling with an individual with autism and the challenges the individual may face on travel day.

A good place to start is to prepare a one page document with information stating the diagnosis, any allergies or medications, and other special information (i.e. communication ability).

Persons with autism should always carry identification. Make sure an ID tag is attached somewhere on the individual. You can order medical bracelets, necklaces and tags to attach to shoe laces. If the individual carries a cell phone, activate the GPS device as a safety precaution. Adult passengers (18 and over) are required to show a U.S.

federal or state-issued photo ID that contains the following: name, date of birth, gender, expiration date and a tamper-resistant feature in order to be allowed to go through the checkpoint and onto their flight. Acceptable identification includes: Drivers Licenses or other state photo identification cards issued by Department of Motor Vehicles.

To help prepare the individual for the trip, bring a special item to make him or her feel more comfortable. A favorite electronic device or book can help focus the individual during travel days, which are often filled with lots of waiting, Having special foods readily available, rather than standing in long lines for food, will help things go smoothly.

Remember to rehearse or discuss the travel plans with the individual prior to the travel day. You can use the following social story, “Taking an airplane: A guide for people with autism” prepared by Autism Speaks, JetBlue, or you can create your own!

Traveling by Plane

“I called the airport and explained that my 6-year-old son Marcel has autism and had never flown before, and we were planning a trip in December.

Before our travel day, airport personnel allowed my son to do a simulation of what would happen when he went through the security checkpoint step-by-step. This made all the difference Marcel.

If you can't do a practice run, at the very least alert security about your child's needs.”
-Marcy Mullins, Cincinnati, OH

Transportation Security Administration (TSA): Getting Through the Security Process!

Every individual has to be screened regardless of age or disability before going through an airport security checkpoint. Security techniques include: walk through metal detectors, Advanced Imaging Technology (ITA), pat-downs and other types of security measures. Be sure to check the TSA website for airport listings and the techniques being used:  www.tsa.gov.

“Passengers with intellectual disabilities or developmental disabilities, such as Down syndrome or autism, can be screened without being separated from their traveling companions if traveling with one.

You or your traveling companion may consult the TSA officer about the best way to relieve any concerns during the screening process. You may also provide the officer with the TSA notification card or other medical documentation to describe your condition.

– TSA website https://www.tsa.gov/travel/special-procedures

You can contact TSA Cares Passenger Support with your questions, suggestions or complaints at: 
E-mail: TSA-ContactCenter@tsa.dhs.gov
Phone: 1-855-787-2227

What triggers a pat-down?

Pat-downs are used to resolve alarms at the checkpoint, including those triggered by metal detectors and AIT units.

Pat-downs are also used when a person opts AIT screening in order to detect potentially dangerous and prohibited items.

Because pat- downs are specifically used to resolve alarms and prevent dangerous items from going on a plane, the vast majority of passengers will not receive a pat-down at the checkpoint.

Parents or guardians of children with disabilities should… 

  • Inform the Security Officer if the child has any special needs or medical devices. 
  • Inform the Security Officer if you think the child may become upset during the screening process as a result of their disability.
  • Offer suggestions on how to best accomplish the screening to minimize any confusion or outburst for the child.
  • Ask the Security Officer for assistance during the process by helping you put your and the child's carry-on items on the X-ray belt.
  • Know that at no time during the screening process will you be separated from your child.
  • Know that if a private screening is required, you should escort and remain with your child during the private screening process.
  • Tell the Security Officer what are your child's abilities are.

    For example: can the child stand slightly away from equipment to be handwanded, walk through the metal detector, or need to be carried through the metal detector by the parent/guardian.

  • Know that at no time should the Security Officer remove your child from his/her mobility aid (wheelchair or scooter).

    You are responsible for removing your child from his/her equipment at your discretion to accomplish screening.

  • Know that if your child is unable to walk or stand, the Security Officer will conduct a pat-down search of your child while he/she remains in their mobility aid, as well as a visual and physical inspection of their equipment.

Other Resources on Travel and Autism 

Autism Speaks Air Travel Resources

Autism Speaks Social Story – “Taking an airplane: A guide for people with autism”

Autism Speaks Community Connections: Travel Tips for Individuals with Autism

Download an app to your mobile phone that tells you in real time the waiting time at security checkpoints.

Visit the Autism Speaks Resource Guide.

Tell us about your travel experience! E-mail us at familyservices@autismspeaks.org.

Source: https://www.autismspeaks.org/blog/tips-holiday-travel