Magical Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Kind of Bride – TheTrendSpotter

Magical Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Kind of Bride

Magical Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Kind of Bride - TheTrendSpotter

Nailing the perfect wedding makeup look for your special day can be tricky – so many styles, choices and beauty trends can complicate your decision-making process. We’ve got you covered with a guide to the most beautiful makeup styles available for every kind of bride, making planning your special day a touch easier.

Natural Wedding Makeup

The last thing you need on your special day is worrying about your makeup and whether it is staying on, still fresh and as beautiful as when it was first applied. Natural makeup is ideal for ensuring all-day longevity, focusing on dewy skin and neutral eyeshadows.

A nude lip means no colourful smudging after a ceremonial smooch, and if you can’t touch up regularly, it won’t be noticeable. A natural bridal makeup look is also perfect as it highlights your features, ensuring you are the best version of yourself on your special day.

Classic Wedding Makeup

A classic makeup look is a perfect option for your big day, as it will be elegant, timeless and won’t go style.

In achieving this look, go for simple eye makeup with velvety browns, and depending on your eye shape, a clean-cut eyeliner. To soften the look further, try a dark brown eyeliner rather than black, teamed with rosy pink lipstick.

Don’t overdo it on the bronzer either – keep your natural features enhanced and not masked for a classic, all-day glamour.

Dramatic Wedding Makeup

You can still achieve flawless, romantic wedding makeup and make a statement at the same time. For a more dramatic style, go for thick full lashes and eyeliner, teamed with smokey brown hues.

For bigger eyes, run a pencil eyeliner in your waterline to make your eyes pop, and for smaller eyes stick with a liquid eyeliner with a flick to elongate the eye. In keeping with the dramatic theme, opt for a nude lip, as a bold lip may be too much for your canvas.

To finish, lightly dust the frame of your face with a bronzer to compliment the deep tones of your eyeshadow.

Glamorous Wedding Makeup

The key to beautiful wedding makeup is to keep it relatively soft, but still feminine and flirty. A glamorous bridal look will take your wedding outfit to the next level, playing up your features in the most flattering way. Keep brows bushy and natural, with eyes golden for a timeless shade.

Apply thick coats of mascara on both top and bottom, and for the shorter lashed ladies, don’t be afraid to use false eyelashes. For a soft, sultry touch, use a copper eye pencil along the top lash line for extra depth, and blend it out, so the line isn’t severe.

Ensure to match your lip and cheek shade to the tones in your eyeshadow for a seamless finish.

Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup

You can still achieve romantic smokey eye makeup without it looking too heavy or dark for your special day. Go for a charcoal grey palette, building darker shades in the outer corners of the eye and lighter on the lid.

If you aren’t a massive fan of ashy hues or they just don’t suit your complexion, opt for sultry plum shades instead, meaning you can still achieve the smokey trend.

To balance the colours, finish with a nude lipstick with warm undertones.

Red Lips Wedding Makeup

Timeless and classic, a red lip has long been a favourite of the beauty world. A red lip is foolproof in pulling off a beautiful wedding makeup look, and if you’re someone who has a bold, modern style, then this is a perfect option.

In choosing the right shade, take into account your skin tone and whether you have cool or warm undertones – this will ensure you get the right colour and hence, the right makeup.

Additionally, go for a long-lasting formula, so your pout is perfect all day.

Vintage Wedding Makeup

When thinking vintage makeup, dramatic winged liner and cherry lipstick all spring to mind. Fear not, you can still get gorgeous vintage vibes from your makeup without going over the top.

For skin, keep it sheer and simple, leaving the bronzer in the drawer for this one. Instead, let the eyes be the focus, with a flicked liquid liner and voluminous lashes.

Finish the look with a glossy apricot lip.

Bohemian Wedding Makeup

Boho bridal makeup is the ultimate romantic style for your wedding day and it is so easy to achieve. Keep skin natural and dewy, priming skin with an illuminator for bright and glowing skin for the base.

Highlight the high points of your face to accentuate your features while adding some sparkle, and a pastel rose lipstick to keep the makeup soft.

If you’re wearing a floral crown, use similar shades to the flower arrangement for your eyeshadow.

Beach Wedding Makeup

Everyone dreams of having a beach wedding, and now you can have your dream makeup to match. Think dewy, bronzed skin to get the ultimate beach babe look, paired with a cool-hued nude lip gloss. To prepare the skin, use an illuminating primer to get a sunkissed complexion.

Keep brows bushy and natural, with a champagne eyeshadow on the lids. To complement, a pop of highlighter on the cupid’s bow, inside corner of the eyes and brow bone will take the glossy look to the next level.

To finish, work your bronzer along the frame of your face in the shape of a number 3; along the hairline, into the cheekbone, and along the jawline.

Winter Wedding Makeup

Winter is notorious for drying out your skin, so make sure your skin is moisturised, prepped and go with a liquid or cream foundation for your base. Additionally, a bold lip for your wedding look will add even more glam – go for plum, berry and red wine tones for the ultimate winter shade. Keep lids simple and not too dramatic, allowing the lipstick to be the star of the show.

Wedding Makeup Looks

  • In choosing your cosmetics, remember to take into account flash photography and ditch the SPF foundations.
  • Pat some highlighter on the brow bones and inner corners of the eyes to open up the face.
  • Always use a primer before applying your foundation and eyeshadows for a flawless look.


8 Best Wedding Makeup Ideas – Gorgeous Wedding Makeup Looks We Love

Magical Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Kind of Bride - TheTrendSpotter

There are approximately one-billion things you could stress about before your wedding day—aka a day of big, monumental, life-changing moments. But one thing that shouldn't bring you anxiety? Your wedding makeup. Because finding your day-of look shouldn't be harder than finding your fiancé.

Sure, it's normal to be overwhelmed—especially if you have no idea what beauty vibes you're going for—but that's where I come in.

Instead of rounding up a million beautiful inspo images to inundate you with options, I broke it down into the eight most-requested makeup looks, below, to simplify the selection.

Take a quick scroll, pick out your fave for your trial appointment, then get back to that frustrating seating chart.


Moisturizer might be enough for your everyday life, but on a day that’s so heavily photographed, you may want to amp up your makeup just a bit so it actually shows up on camera.

For a fresh-faced look, stick with a sheer foundation, brow gel, and a layer of blush for a pretty, flushed finish.

If you get in your dress and realize your natural look isn't quite enough, pump it up with a light wash of bronze eyeshadow and a strip of false lashes.


Not everyone wants to be a natural, blushing bride.

If you don’t ever leave the house without a sharp contour or a blinding highlight, choose your features you love the most and focus on building those up (even if that means all of them).

Love a bold eye? Choose a dramatic false lash. Love playing up your lips? Skip the sheer gloss and try a pigmented liquid lipstick (it’ll last longer through all the kissing and eating, anyway).


Bronze tones will always be a bridal favorite, thanks to their slightly smoldering, slightly natural finish. Not only do copper and gold feel expensive and festive, but they also give skin a really healthy, glowy look when dusted over your cheekbones. Try a glittery gilded eye, a metallic lip, or a gilded highlight in powder formulas, versus cream or oil, so your look will last all night.


Quite possibly the most popular way to play up your eyes for a formal event is with a little smoked-out eyeshadow or smudged liner.

If you expect to shed a few tears during your walk down the aisle or throughout the maid of honor’s toast, consider a smoky eye, which will work with the waterworks, not against it (the smudgier, the better!) For a bold look, try shadows in the charcoal or gunmetal-gray family, and for a lighter, softer look, play with light browns and taupes.


If you don’t buy into trends and want something that’s going to feel timeless no matter when you look back through your wedding album, you can't go wrong with a classic cat-eye and red lip. If this is already your signature look, stick with it but maybe bump up the lashes or add a cheekbone highlight to glam it up.


If you’re not a glitter queen, don’t feel you need to be just because it's your wedding day (it's the number-one day to feel comfortable in your own skin!).

A full-matte look can be just as glam and extravagant as its shimmery counterpart—just play up the eyes with shadow and liner, and go a bit deeper on the contour for the ultimate effect.

Equally important: Keep blotting papers in your clutch (or, realistically, your maid of honor's clutch) to prevent shine during photos.


If your goal is to feel a freakin’ goddess at your wedding, then, by all means, look a freakin' goddess! Iridescent highlighter and shimmery eyeshadow will give you that soft, angelic look—just tap the glow on the inner corners of your eyes, over your lids, along your brow bones and cheekbones, and on top of your Cupid's bow. To keep it from looking a ‘90s frosted overload, balance out the bright eyes and lips with semi-matte skin.


As with all century-old traditions, weddings—and wedding makeup—can start to feel a little cookie cutter. If ballet-pink lipstick and nude eyeshadow aren't for you, try adding in a bright, lively color, a maroon-red lip, or ruby eyeliner.


The Perfect Beauty Look for Every Type of Bride

Magical Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Kind of Bride - TheTrendSpotter

As a boho-chic bride, you want to look effortless. A natural look is what you strive for, and you want everything to be soft from hair to makeup!

“The boho bride wants simplicity. The beauty look should also be just as simple. Braids are always popular with boho brides and if wearing the hair down, soft waves or texture is favorable. What I love about braids is that there are so many possibilities whether you go up or down!” -Ashley Stone, Founder of Beauty Entourage

“For the boho-chic look, a half-up hairstyle is my favorite. Keep your curls soft and loosely pin back the front of your hair and criss cross the pieces in the back. For your makeup on your eyes, use matte taupes, browns, and ivory eyeshadow, use a pink on your cheeks, and on your lips a pink gloss.” -Nancy Caroline Allen, founder of Nancy Caroline Bridal Styling

“For a boho-chic look, you want to keep your make­up natural-looking with fresh, dewy skin. Natural earth tones for eyes and lips, and keep eyeliner soft. Use peach, or a warmer tone, to create a glow with your makeup. I would also recommend an eyeshadow that is a clay shadow. A wet/dry shadow achieves a natural and dewy look for the eyes.” -Jackie, Beauty Entourage Makeup Artist

Rustic Bride

If you're a rustic bride, chances are your wedding will be outdoors. There are so many outside factors that can come into play, such as weather, so maintence is a key factor in choosing your look.

“A rustic bride is often having an outdoor wedding.

When planning your beauty look for outdoors it may differ from the perfect look for an indoor wedding! I am a big fan of using anti humidity spray to be on the safe side, and I often gravitate toward a flexible hold hairspray as opposed to something harder.

Hair should be soft and appear effortless for a rustic wedding. A down style works well with accents, such as flowers. If you go with an up style, keep it loose. A tousled wave loosely pinned up is the perfect look!” -Stone

“Rustic brides are complemented by soft makeup­­. Neutral eye palette, blended eyeliner and natural false lashes, mauve and nude lipsticks, and a rosy or peach cheek.” -Anellyse, Lead Beauty Entourage Makeup Artist

“To have the perfect hair and makeup to go with your rustic wedding, think soft and pretty. For your hair, I suggest a beautiful, softly curled low updo and incorporating a braid. Allow some soft pieces to fall down. For your makeup I suggest pinks, taupes, and browns for your eye shadow, and a pinky nude lip. Stay away from smokey eyes.” -Allen

Classic Bride

As a classic bride's beauty look should be timeless. Think traditional with a modern, personal twist. You want to keep the natural look that is sleek and clean.

“The make­up is simple and clean, and the hair is the same. I always to add a little extra detail in the hair or with an accessory. Details should also be clean and timeless.

Whenever I am creating a look this for hair, I prefer hair to be blown out and smooth. Avoid a flat iron. The smooth hair texture allows the details to come through in the style and keeps everything clean.

A smoothing serum when blow drying is ok to use.” -Stone

“For your makeup, use a shimmery taupe shadow on your crease with an ivory shimmer on your lid. False lashes are a must, but opt for the individual lashes verse strip lashes. They look more natural. A soft bronze contour and peach cheek will give you a timeless look. A pinky nude lipstick will complete the look.” -Allen

Romantic Bride

With a romantic bridal look, you want to keep hair and makeup classic, but with some added shine!

“If you're a bride going for a romantic look, think soft waves and loose curls for your hair. If your hair is down or half-down, keep your waves structured and loose rather than tight and messy. For an updo, have your hair loose and curled, yet keep those curls slightly unstructured. A bridal headband is the perfect accessory for the romantic bride.” -Allen

“I love sultry eyes for a romantic bride and a pouty lip. Taupe, browns, darker shimmer colors on the eyes and a nice gloss in the middle of the lips to give a pouty fuller lip.” -Heather, Beauty Entourage Makeup Artist

Glam Bride

With a glamorous bride, the makeup and hair will be more styled, so you want a dramatic look that stops traffic, but still beautiful for your perfect day!

“'The make­up is slightly heavier and the hair requires a bit more effort on styling. Often, indoor weddings offer the best atmosphere for longevity with this look. This look can be achieved with shorter or longer hair. Clean, sleek styles or very polished curls are your go-to when creating a glam look.” -Stone

“I love to focus on the eyes when achieving a glamorous look. False lashes that extend in the outer corners give a more cat-eye appearance, and the eyes appear larger. Also, lining the waterline with a black liner gives a more dramatic look and makes the eyes pop.” -Brittany, Beauty Entourage Makeup Artist

“If you want to be glam, go with a smokey eye. Use black pencil eyeliner and smoke it out with a makeup brush. Then use grey and black eyeshadow to blend it up. Always go with a nude or light lip with a smokey eye. For your updo, a high bun and then use a braid extension to wrap around it.” -Allen