All You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions – The Trend Spotter

Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

All You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions - The Trend Spotter

In her Meet The Team profile, Glossier's Digital Designer Nadine Head-Gordon had this nugget of wisdom to share: “I used to get eyelash extensions, when you essentially get synthetic eyelashes semi-permanently glued onto your real eyelashes. I wanted to look Bambi.

I was on a date with a guy and one of them fell onto my cheek, and he told me make a wish. So I made a wish on a fake eyelash. That was when I decided to get them removed.” In our book, this makes her the office expert on the topic. So we coerced her to write us all a guide to share with the world.

Because who doesn't want to have semi-permanent Bambi lashes, too?

Despite working at a beauty company, I am the laziest of the lazy when it comes to getting ready in the morning. In my ideal world, I would wake up looking exactly as I did the day before—this is why, for most of 9th grade, I slept in my makeup. That doesn't work and I don't recommend it.

Then in 2012 came the answer to my prayers: eyelash extensions. Similar to the ones you can get on your head, eyelash extensions are individual lashes, made of silk, mink, or something synthetic, that are attached to your existing lashes semi-permanently.

If you've ever dreamt of waking up with Bambi lashes but without that ring of leftover mascara dangling a foot under your eye, this is your solution.

Curious? At least a little? Good, so get off Google search—here's everything you need to know about getting eyelash extensions:

1. It’s a very luxurious process

Really—it’s enjoyable. You lie down in a bed and close your eyes for an hour and a half while calming music plays in the background and a technician attaches little feathery nothings to your lashes. It’s the most socially acceptable naptime a working adult could ask for. And if you’re not already sold, most salons offer a complimentary massage while you’re on the operating table.

2. Every lash extension experience is customizable

When you're done, you will not end up looking you just got a permanent strip lash attached to your lid. First, you can choose the length. Most salons will carry extension lengths from 9 to 15mm (or, from natural to Kardashian length). The sweet spot for most is 10-12.

After you pick your length, pick your curl. A “J” curl is for a more natural, awake look, while a “C” curl is a more dramatic, “I never leave home without my Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler” look. If you want to get creative, you can do “J” on the inner corners of your eyes and “C” on the outer edges for a more cat eye look.

Now, in terms of material, you have a lot to choose from: Faux Mink, Faux Fox, Silk, Real Mink, and last but not least, Real Human Hair. The differences between these looks are negligible so opt for the Faux Mink since it's the most affordable.

3. Eyelash extensions last longer than you think

With proper care, I can get my extensions to last up to a month and a half. Most places recommend you come back every 2-3 weeks for a touch up, but if you’re looking to save a bit of money, you can prolong their lifespan. Just be careful not to get water on your lashes and don’t use oily products near your eyes.

4. Yes, you can wear makeup with them

If you can't stand the thought of ditching your smoky eye, don't worry, you don't have to. Only liquid-based eye products can be damaging to the extensions, but you can get away with a tiny wing of liquid liner as long as you're not dragging it along the lash line.

Make sure to carefully remove the shadow or liner with oil-free makeup remover and Q-tips for precision. Most importantly, stay away from mascara entirely as it leaves the extensions crusty and damaged.

It's only acceptable if you're at the end of your cycle and will be getting a fresh set in a few days.

5. Extensions can ruin your eyelashes—but they don’t have to

That is, if you don’t play by the rules.

I am one of the many people who have made the mistake of pulling out the extensions myself–not only is it extremely painful but it leaves you with few to no natural eyelashes left.

However, after what I to call the intense “eyelash rehab” program of applying Vaseline to my lashes every night, my natural eyelashes were back to normal after a month and a half.

6. The only way to get rid of them is to get them professionally removed or have them fall out naturally

Having the extensions removed is as easy as having them put on–painless and relatively quick. Every salon will have this service available. If you're not looking to spend any more money, however, the extensions do fall out with the natural shedding of your lashes. This is a much slower process, but it is $free.99, so there's that.

—Nadine Head-Gordon

Photo via ITG.

Maybe mascara is more your thing—in that case, read up on the best drugstore mascaras over here.


All You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

All You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions - The Trend Spotter

Lash extensions have become hugely popular in recent years. From celebrities and stars to the women at your work, and ones you see on the street, ladies everywhere are obtaining beautifully full and long lashes with lash extensions. If you’re wondering whether you should try it out yourself, here’s everything you need to know before diving in and getting glued.

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Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons

any beauty treatment, eyelash extensions can have both pros and cons. Their biggest benefit, however, is the way they look. There’s no denying that eyelash extensions are a great way to get the lashes of your dreams without having to apply them every morning.

They’ll also save you time on your makeup routine as you won’t need to curl your lashes and apply mascara. Some lashes do need maintenance, though, including regular brushing, special cleansing and sometimes even blow drying. Although they’re incredibly long-lasting, eyelash extensions also need regular touch ups, which costs money.

Despite being somewhat pricey, a lot of women find that they’re worth the investment and provide great results.

Are Extensions Bad for Your Natural Lashes?

It’s a common misconception that eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes. If the extensions are applied correctly and not pulled out, they will not damage your lashes or your eyes. Just make sure to visit a professional technician for the application.

Although the glue used in the process is safe, be aware that some women can experience allergic reactions and tell your technician if you experience any stinging or pain. Once the eyelash extensions have been applied, they will take some time to grow out.

If you decide you don’t want to keep up with the upkeep of your new lashes, you will experience an awkward growing out phase as your lashes naturally grow out with the extensions attached.

Getting eyelash extensions should always be a pain-free experience when done right. If you’re concerned about the sensitivity of your eyes, make sure to ask your lash technician about the glue before beginning. The glue shouldn’t contain anything to harm your eyes, such as formaldehyde.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

There are three types of eyelash extensions: synthetic, silk and mink. Which type you receive will depend on your natural lashes and desired results, as well as your technician’s preference. Some technicians to use a synthetic and silk combination while others stick to one or the other.

These artificial lash types will create a uniform look with ease. Mink lashes, on the other hand, are 100% natural fiber lashes. This means that they’re lighter and appear more natural than artificial lashes, but their length and thickness cannot be controlled.

 Although they might sound appealing to you, be aware that mink lashes come at a higher cost.

Eyelash extensions can come in a range of sizes from around 6mm to 17mm. The length and thickness of the eyelash extensions you can receive depends on your natural lashes.

A professional technician will be able to best advise you on the right lash extensions for you.

As you want to ensure that your natural lashes remain healthy, it’s best to start with smaller and fewer extensions and add more later, particularly if you have naturally short and thin lashes.

How Long Does it Take to Apply?

In the process of eyelash extension application, each lash is individually adhered to a single natural lash using semi-permanent glue. For a full set of lashes, this process will generally take around two hours.

During this time you will need to keep your eyes completely closed to ensure correct application and safety. If you’re wanting eyelash extensions on a budget, or are looking for a more subtle effect, consider getting a half set of lashes instead.

A half set will still have a great thickening appearance on natural lashes without the drama of a full set. It will also take less time to apply and cost less.

How Often Do You Need to Get Them Re-Done?

One of the great things about eyelash extensions is that they’re long-lasting. A set of lashes can easily last year-round with the right maintenance.

Since a single lash extension is attached to a single natural lash, the extensions should each last through the whole growth cycle of your natural lashes (generally six to eight weeks).

To ensure they always look their best, however, it’s suggested that you get light touch-ups every three to four weeks. Also, make sure you don’t pick or pull at your extensions as this can ruin both them and your natural lashes.

Products to Avoid

Once you’ve received your eyelash extensions (including touch-ups), you’ll need to avoid water (showering, washing your face and swimming) for the first 12 to 24 hours. Water can weaken the glue before it’s completely set and cause lashes to fall off. After that time, it’s fine to get your lash extensions wet, but be sure not to rub or pull at them.

Avoid using oil-based products and makeup removers around the area as they can also affect your extensions. wise, using waterproof mascara is not recommended as it’s hard to remove and can lead to lashes falling out.

Regular mascara, on the other hand, can be used when you have lash extensions but is best avoided if possible as it can shorten the life of the lashes.

Find a Salon

When looking to get eyelash extensions, it’s essential to find a professional technician. Only someone with the proper training can guarantee the right products will be used and that the lashes will be applied without damaging your natural lashes or causing harm to your eyes. Here are our recommended eyelash extensions salons in Australia.


Curious About Eyelash Extensions? Here’s What You Should Know

All You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions - The Trend Spotter
Continue reading the main story

Can I let you in on a secret, just between you and me? I’ve worn eyelash extensions continuously for about two years now. They make me feel a Disney princess whose pure and gentle spirit has enticed delicate, mascara-free butterflies to live on my face.

Amid my otherwise low-maintenance makeup routine, lash extensions are a cosmetic cheat code: Whether I’ve just woken up, exercised for an hour, gone for a swim or lived through a harrowing 24-hour stomach flu, I’m unfailingly delighted by the way my eyes pop, and by how quickly I can get ready.

When it comes to, say, applying eyeliner, I have the fine motor skills of a ventriloquist’s dummy, but there is no daily effort required on my part for lash extensions work their fluttery magic.

For the uninitiated but curious, I asked the owners of four eyelash-extension salons (and one ophthalmologist) about what to expect when you’re extending.

Un temporary false lashes, eyelash extensions are neither a D.I.Y. affair nor a fleeting commitment.

They are professionally applied, one on each natural lash, with a semi-permanent glue meant to hold them in place for several weeks. Extensions bewitch your lashes with the length and volume that nature didn’t see fit to give you (and beyond what multiple coats of mascara and a lash curler could), but at a length your face deserves.

Before we go any further, let’s get this the way: Ophthalmologists are fine with it.

“We don’t have any problem with people being gorgeous,” Rebecca J. Taylor, a Nashville ophthalmologist and clinical spokeswoman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. That said, there are some risks that lash extension customers should most definitely be aware of. More on those later.

The price of eyelash extensions varies depending on the style, the technician’s experience and the area in which you live, but you can expect a full set to start around $100 and climb to as high as $500.

At the Lash Method in Salt Lake City, a full set of eyelash extensions begins at $99.

You’d pay $150 for that service at Maxim-Eyes Lashes in Orlando, and Chicago’s Flutter Lash Studio will set you back at least $350.

Other than personal recommendations from friends, reviews and client photos posted on sites Yelp and Instagram are invaluable for offering insight into both the quality of service and the style of lashes a company provides.

Tirzah Shirai owns BlinkBar, an eyelash extension salon with three locations in greater Los Angeles. Her star-studded client base includes Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner and Renée Zellweger.

“As a general rule, I would tell people: Save the Groupon for a yoga class,” Ms. Shirai said. “We’ve seen some crazy stuff at BlinkBar — people who have Groupons who are doing lashes the back of their car, using Krazy Glue.” (Full disclosure: I got my first set of eyelash extensions with a Groupon. Do as I say, not as I do.)

Shelby McKinney owns and operates the Lashing Out eyelash extensions studio in Dallas. When you arrive at your chosen lash salon, she said, look around.

“Take a quick glance to make sure all products used during your service are new or sanitized,” she said. “Your stylist is also required by law to be licensed in the state in which they are performing the service and their license should be posted somewhere in the salon.”

Your first will be your longest, taking at least 90 minutes and possibly upward of two hours. You should arrive at the salon with your eyes entirely clean of makeup.

“We ask that our clients don’t have caffeine before they come in,” Ms. Shirai said. “You’re lying still, it’s a great chance to unplug. My advice would be to bring a playlist or a book on tape.”

I’m partial to podcasts myself, and I always make sure to switch my phone to airplane mode to make sure it won’t be buzzing in my pocket with crazy-making notifications I won’t be able to check for two hours. And given the complicated logistics of extricating yourself mid-application, you should always visit the restroom just before your appointment begins.

Your technician should discuss your expectations and personal taste with you: Are you interested in a more subtle look, or are you hoping to unleash your inner diva? The health and thickness of your natural lashes as well as the shape of your face and eyes will be used to determine the right set of extensions for you.

Eyelash extensions are available in a wide variety of lengths, diameters and curls. There are also different materials, including synthetic, silk and mink (the most expensive, and ethically dubious, option, touted for its real-fur fluffiness).

The general wisdom is that synthetic lashes tend to look glossier and more dramatic than softer, lighter silk lashes, although different extensionists offered me contradictory descriptions of their attributes.

I think it’s safe to say that an untrained observer probably wouldn’t clock a drastic difference.

Julie Mella and Ramona Azcona, the owners of She Winks Lash Studio in New York, recommend that novices err on the conservative side; they can always up the drama later.

“If a client is coming in for the first time, we advise them to follow their lash growth pattern and just make them darker,” Ms. Mella and Ms. Azcona wrote in an email. “That will give them a natural look, as if they were wearing mascara, until they get accustomed to the change.”

To begin, you’ll lie down on your back and get comfortable. Your bottom lashes will be shielded with under-eye pads, stickers or tape. Prepare for your eyes to remain closed for the entire application, as your technician delicately affixes each extension with tweezers.

It may take a few minutes to adjust to the knowledge that a pointed metal object is moving so close to your eyeball, but the procedure is gentle enough that, if you’re me, you might very well find yourself dozing off. I’m usually awakened by the breeze of a small fan the technician points at my lashes to help dry the adhesive as the service wraps up.

“I have clients that come in, say hello and fall asleep,” said Soul Lee, owner of Beautiful Soul Makeup Studio in New York City. “If you can find a way to relax yourself, I think it’s great to find an hour during the day to take a nap.”

After your appointment, don’t let your extensions get wet for the next 24 hours, so that the glue can dry completely. Steer clear of humid environments saunas, too. I once made the mistake of running a 10-K on a steamy summer morning right after an evening lash application, and I remember wiping my sweaty face with my hand and finding three or four fugitive extensions on my palm.

To preserve your extensions, keep them clean and gently detangle them with a pristine mascara wand or spoolie brush every day. You can wear eye makeup, but accept that oils and oil-based makeup remover are your lashes’ worst enemy, because they break down the adhesive. When it comes to mascara specifically, the experts suggest skipping it.

“You don’t really need mascara. That’s why you’re getting the extensions, and you’re spending a lot of money doing it,” Ms. Lee said.

Ms. McKinney added: “The rule of thumb for eyelash extensions is the less you mess with them, the better and longer they are going to stay.”

To keep your extensions looking full and fresh, touch-ups should be scheduled every two to four weeks. These fill-in appointments take roughly one hour and range in price from $50 to $250. (After a month, you’ll normally be charged for a full, new set.

) Extensions, properly applied and cared for, should not make your eyelashes fall out, but you will notice some inevitable casualties as your lashes grow and shed according to their natural cycles. Ms.

Lee said she has clients who have worn lash extensions for 10 years without any apparent adverse side effects, though she does recommend that her customers take a three-month break every year or two.

Among the medical concerns associated with eyelash extensions are the possibilities of trauma to and infection of the eyelid or the cornea, permanent or temporary loss of the eyelashes, and allergic reactions to the glues, some of which have historically contained formaldehyde. ( other cosmetics, eyelash adhesives are not subject to F.D.A. approval.)

If you’re interested in lash extensions, and your eyes and eyelids are otherwise healthy, Dr. Taylor, the ophthalmologist, recommends asking about the contents of any glue before it’s applied near your eyes and even requesting that your technician first do a spot test on the inside of your wrist.

“What you don’t want to end up with is a massive allergic reaction,” Dr. Taylor said. “You’re just trying to go in and get a little bit more glorious and beautiful, and two days later, you wake up with swollen eye you can’t even open.”

Should symptoms pain, itching or redness present themselves, don’t take matters into your own hands. Dr. Taylor strongly recommended against attempting to remove your extensions at home, as did every lash guru I spoke to.

“If you’re having a problem, please come in and see an ophthalmologist,” Dr. Taylor said. “You may exacerbate your symptoms by tugging and pulling. You may fracture your lashes. Try not to handle it yourself, because sometimes it can be a bigger fish to fry than you realize.”

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Everything to Know About a Lash Lift and Tint

All You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions - The Trend Spotter

One of the simplest ways to change your look is with a lash lift and tint. After the quick, painless, and affordable treatment, your eyes will look instantly brighter and more open, making you seem more youthful and awake. Plus, your lashes will get that sexy curl and flutter you’ve always wanted! Think of it permanently curling your lashes and applying mascara that never wears off.

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What is a Lash Lift and Tint?

A lash lift-and-tint treatment involves two separate processes, both designed to give you beautiful, fluttery eyelashes for weeks. The lash lift mimics the effect of an eyelash curler.

It makes your lashes bend upwards, leaving them looking longer, and your eyes more open and bright. Meanwhile, a lash tint is similar to a brow tint – or applying several coats of mascara. It makes your eyelashes look darker, thicker, and fuller.

It’s particularly striking on those with naturally blonde or red lashes.

Lash Lift vs. Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are one of the most popular ways to fake a fuller flutter. During the treatment, the beautician will attach synthetic eyelashes to your natural ones using a special non-irritant glue. Typically, 80 to 140 lashes are applied per eye.

Depending on how the lashes are applied, the shape of your eye can be changed, and your existing lashes will be longer and fuller. The results usually last four to six weeks. While lash extensions can give a more dramatic look, a lash lift requires far less maintenance and lasts several weeks longer, and the treatment itself is quicker and cheaper.

Extensions can also make your natural lashes more brittle, while a lift has no adverse effects.

Lash Lift Before and After

The natural shape, direction, and thickness of your eyelashes will determine how dramatic your results are.

If your lashes lie almost flat – or even point downwards – you’ll see a big difference after having a lifting treatment.

Most women notice their eyes look more open, brighter, younger, and more ‘awake’ following their lash lift. Additionally, the eyelashes themselves will appear far longer, fuller, and more defined.

How Does Lash Lift Work and How Long Does it Last?

A lash lift is a chemical treatment. First, your beautician will discuss the final result you want – for example, extra curved lashes, a cat’s eye effect, or a defined, fanned-out look. Next, they will cleanse and separate your top and bottom lashes.

The top lashes will be attached to a silicone patch on your eyelid and combed into place. Then, an eye-safe perming solution is applied. The process works similarly to a hair perm – the chemical solution breaks down the bonds in the eyelash, allowing it to change shape.

After a few minutes, a setting solution will be applied to seal in the curl. The results last around six to eight weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle.

Lash Lift Aftercare

Avoid water, steam, eye make-up, and make-up remover for the first 24 hours after your lift. As with any perming treatment, exposure to moisture and humidity straight afterward can ruin the result.

After 24 hours have elapsed, you can treat your lashes as usual – there’s no need to change your make-up routine or stop cleansing your face.

Some professionals advise using a conditioning treatment coconut oil to keep your lashes healthy and nourished post-lift.

How Much is Lash Lift?

The price of a lash lift can vary. Some factors include where you live and the experience level of your beautician.

In general, lash lifts cost between $60 and $200, with most salons charging $100 to $150 for a combined lash lift and tint.

For women on a budget, many salons offer promotional discounts and introductory deals for new customers, so it’s worth searching online for different options.

Professional Lash Lift Kits

To save time and money, you can perm your own lashes at home using professional-grade kits. The kits come with enough perming and setting solution for multiple applications and are easy to use. The process is the same as in a salon.

First, you apply a silicone pad to your eyelid, then use lash glue to attach your eyelashes to the pad. Once the lashes are glued down, apply the perming solution and setting solution according to the instructions.

You’ll love the results!



Everything you need to know about lash extensions

All You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions - The Trend Spotter

Hello darlings. Okay so, let’s discuss one of my most favorite things ever invented. of all time.

Eyelash extensions.

They are my absolute favorite luxury. Before I took the plunge and got lash extensions, I would try to apply drugstore lashes myself but always felt a walking clown. They felt heavy, over-glued and seriously off center. I hated wearing them but I love the effect of extra bold lashes.

The first time I tried them I was terrified. I heard so many stories about glue burning your eyes and lashes all falling out, never growing back the same. There were so many horror stories. Fortunately, none of those things has ever happened to me.

Having lash extensions has been an amazing experience. I often get complimented on my lashes and asked a lot of questions, so I felt a blog post would be a perfect way to share all the secrets.

Here are my tips for getting a beautiful set of luscious lashes.

Find the right person. You’ve got to do your research and find a really good place. A place you and feels comfortable to you. You will be sitting in their chair anywhere from 1-3 hours, so you’ll want to vibe with the person. I have had one bad experience when I went to someone new, in a different city. I’ll never do that again. It was awful.

My girls are incredible. If you are in Austin, go see Amanda @lashsistersaustin . If you are in Houston, go see Maria @ria_lash . Tell them Ashlina sent you and they will hook you up.

When you’re looking for someone, you’ll want to make sure they have the proper license and credentials. Find their reviews and read them ALL, every single one. Really see if you can get a feel for their work.

I personally to know that they have a strong Instagram and show that they are focused on growing their business. I love a hustler and a perfectionist. So if their images look good and their media looks chic, I’m a fan.

Presentation is everything in business.

Be very clear about what you want. I’ve seen people ask for full lashes and come out looking Janice, the blonde muppet. , you want to be very clear and specific about what you want.

They make all kinds of lashes, mink, faux, hybrid, etc. They have shape, curl size, length, all sorts of variables. Do your research before hand so you can be very clear with your girl.

Keep in mind, a good lash girl will have an in depth consultation with you and guide you to what’s best for your needs.

I personally use the single lash, with a D curl. I mine between 11-13 mm and a little long on the arch of the eye, in the cat eye shape.


Does it hurt? No, never. I have never felt anything when getting them done.

Do they rip out your lashes? Do your lashes grow back? My lashes have always maintained even when they fall out. I highly recommend letting them fall out, NEVER try to remove them yourself. I have heard of lashes falling out but that was because of poor glue job so just make sure you go to a strict professional.

How long do they last? My lashes always last about 3 weeks but I take really good care of them and brush them every morning and every night.

Here’s what mine look a few days after the appointment:

-Begin taking Biotin or HSN vitamins to help your lashes get stronger.

-Day of appointment, do not wear any eye makeup, or makeup that may fall into the eye area. Avoid wearing contact lenses, too.

-Let people know you will be unavailable by phone for 1-3 hours. Set aside time you won’t be able to answer the phone or respond to texts.

-Wear a sweater. Most eyelash rooms are very cold because they need to keep the temp chilly for the lashes and glue.

-Under NO circumstances can you get your lashes wet for 24 hours. If you don’t wear makeup, you can skip washing your face after the application.

-No heat or steam for 24 hours. No working out, swimming, grilling, sauna, steam room, facials, etc.

-Use oil free products in your skin care regime, so it doesn’t loosen the glue and lashes last longer.

-Don’t wear mascara. If you do decide to wear it, apply it only on the ends of the lash, that was it is easier to clean.

-Don’t rub or pull on your lashes.

-Wet a clean mascara wand and brush your lashes every morning and night. This is how I clean and care for my lashes.

-Sleep on a silk beauty pillow. They really help with skin, oils and all the bacteria.

-Schedule a refill about 2-3 weeks after application. If you care for them well, they should last a good 3 weeks.

Hope these tips help you & if you want more posts this, let me know in the comments below. I am always happy to share. Love, Ashlina