15 Best Makeup Mirrors With lights in 2020 – The Trend Spotter

The Best Vanity Mirrors With Lights You Can Find on Amazon

15 Best Makeup Mirrors With lights in 2020 - The Trend Spotter
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It's never good for morale when you step away from your makeup mirrors at home thinking you look fab, only to catch a glimpse of your reflection later on and realize you low-key resemble an improperly-blended clown.

It's happened to the best of us, thanks to the generally subpar lighting in our bedrooms and bathrooms, but it's 2020, and we don't have to live this anymore.

There's a wellspring of makeup mirrors with lights on the market that can help you avoid the aforementioned beauty blunder, and the best part is that most of these light-up vanities are available on Amazon.

Whether you fancy a high-tech mirror with all the bells and whistles (yes, some of them can play music at you) or a super basic one that just gets the job done, you're bound to find one that suits your personal style and preference (plus, you'll have it in approximately two days flat if you're a Prime member).

All this is to say: If the lighting in your home isn't up to snuff and you find yourself fixing your makeup outside or once you get to work, then investing in a lighted mirror could be an amazing solution that changes the way you get ready.

Without further ado, check out these myriad multitasking mirrors you can score on Amazon right this second, no matter what your budget allows.

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  • Having a reliable, portable makeup mirror is crucial when traveling (or just in your everyday purse). This iPhone-sized one has some powerful LED lights on the sides, a ring to grip it, and a kickstand for standing it on a surface. It has a few brightness settings too, the brightest of which is so intense you can use it as a flashlight as well, should you need some utility tools.$55 (Shop Now)
  • The really cool aspect of SimpleHuman's vanity mirror is that it stimulates natural sunlight through a patented technology known as Tru-Lux Light System. This allows you to see how your makeup looks in different types of natural light so you can make sure it always looks flawless.$180 (Shop Now)
  • This little baby is Amazon's bestseller in the light-up mirror department, and it isn't hard to see why. The Funtouch Light-Up Mirror promises 360 degrees of rotation, meaning it can glide easily from portrait to landscape mode, as well as spin all the way around, so you can view your face from literally any angle. Plus, it comes with a smaller 10X magnification mirror that you can either mount on the LED-ringed 1X glass, or attach to any other mirror that catches your fancy.$39 (Shop Now)
  • This travel-friendly mirror puts an end to hotel bathrooms kerfuffles. The kickstand folds flat and the magnifying mirror detaches for super easy packing. Plus, it can be battery operated so it'll light up wherever you take it, no outlet required.$18 (Shop Now)
  • This tri-folding offering from Jerdon reminds us so much of an adorable little [Transformer] that we can't help but smile every time we look at it. But even though it's unly to warp into a fully sentient robot anytime soon, we're confident it will utterly transform your beauty routine. (See what we did there?) The slider at the base allows you to choose between four lighting settings – day, office, evening, and home – and includes a built-in outlet on the front that's proven so clutch for plugging in hot tools that now we can't imagine doing without it.$40 (Shop Now)
  • Makeup lovers, this on-the-go mirror has eight (yes, eight) dimmable LED lights that can adjust when you're dealing with terrible bathroom lighting. People who have already purchased it are obsessed — it currently has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Get yours while they last because they are selling fast.$15 (Shop Now)
  • This pretty little thing is more than meets the eye. The left side is split into 2x and 3x magnification for nabbing tricky brow hairs and getting eyeliner just right. And in case you need even more visibility options, the mirror tips back 180 degrees and the sides fold in. So whether you're looking down to apply false lashes or just want a profile view, it's got you covered from every angle. Plus, we love the storage nook for the knickknacks that inevitably gather on the vanity.$29 (Shop Now)
  • This mirror makes our inner millennial-pink-loving minimalist all kinds of excited. Aesthetics aside, it also functions as a legit desk lamp when rotated horizontally: Simply press the icons to switch between mirror lighting and lamp lighting. Ideal for the late-night studier prone to frequent lipstick touchups and/or the professional who wants to make sure their hair is on point at the office.$47 (Shop Now)
  • If space is an issue for you, this super slim mirror is thinner than your laptop — easy to slip in a desk drawer or stick in your tote bag. The LED lights get ultrabright and feature five notches of dimming, which allows you to have total control. Plus, the magnetic surface holds an included mini magnified mirror for close-ups and a phone mount for when you want to record your #getreadywithme routine. (Still not convinced? This stunner made Oprah's list of her favorite things on Amazon in 2019.)$195 (Shop Now)
  • We love anything that'll save us space in our apartments and time in the morning. This mirror's roomy yet compact storage compartment is ideal for stashing the makeup you wear on the regular, which is a game-changer for anyone who scrambles to unearth daily-wear products among sparkly blue lipstick in the a.m. The mirror also features a pull-out magnifying mirror, which can slide away to reduce visual clutter.$34 (Shop Now)
  • This smart mirror has a built-in phone charger and bluetooth speakers. In other words, it was practically made for getting ready to go out on the weekends. A) You can charge your phone as you're straightening your hair. B) You can play your favorite songs without interrupting your contour routine. Really, what more could you want from a mirror?$80 (Shop Now)
  • This mirror may look old-school Hollywood, but its Bluetooth speaker capabilities and touchscreen-adjustable dimming lightbulbs say otherwise. Plus, it has sneaky outlets and USB ports on the sides so you can plug in your straightener, curler, phone, your friend's phone…$350 (Shop Now)
  • If the magic mirror from Snow White were real, this would probably be it. We gave this a Best of Beauty award for its unique ability to re-create the lighting of any setting. Here's how: Simply snap a pic of your office, favorite bar, or anywhere else, then sync the Wi-Fi-enabled mirror to your image, and it'll re-create the exact lighting in the photo. Translation: No more wondering whether your green eyeliner is too much for the office (it's not, btw).$400 (Shop Now)
  • If you're looking to shell out some serious cash for a gorgeous wash of color, consider this (extra AF) flashbulb mirror with four light settings — the most important of which is the “strobe light” setting. And because a strobe light party isn't complete without tunes, the mirror features Bluetooth speakers. Just when we thought getting ready couldn't be any more fun.$445 (Shop Now)
  • The LEPO vanity mirror has four different magnifications on separate panels, a flexible arm that rotates the mirror 180 degrees, and a little storage section in the base. What's really unique about it, however, is the lighting system. This mirror features 24 built-in LED lights in a strip design that changes brightness levels with the touch of a finger. They mimic daylight to allow you full visibility even in a dark room, and they can be powered via USB or with AAA batteries, making this one of your most portable options.$17 (Shop Now)
  • Thanks to its rounded design and oiled bronze finish, the Conair double-sided mirror has a bit of that vintage glam style, but the built-in halo lighting gives it a modern, practical twist. It rotates 360 degrees for two different magnifications (1x or 7x), and since it's slim and sits vertically, it's a great option for those with minimal vanity space.$35 (Shop Now)
  • Especially given the affordability factor, reviewers are totally thrilled with this one. The Absolutely Lush mirror features a swiveling vertical rotation, multiple magnifications, and a touch dimmer to control the LEDs that entirely encompass the middle panel — plus you can plug it into any USB or make it cordless using batteries. “It arrived quickly and worked very nicely,” one reviewer raves. “Such an amazing quality item for such a low price!”$23 (Shop Now)
  • Don't be fooled by the Koolorbs Makeup Mirror's stunning exterior. Behind those sleek pink panels lie 21 sparkling LED lights illuminating three separate panels with magnifications ranging from 1X to 3X. (She probably wouldn't mind if you called her a triple threat.) Plus, travel lovers take note: This model can be powered by either batteries or a USB charging cable, making it equally at home on your vanity and tucked into an expertly-packed carry-on.$50 (Shop Now)
  • No longer do you need to book a room at a swanky hotel to get a decent peek at your pores. With its dual-sided 1X and 10X magnifications, this wall-mounted light-up vanity from Ovente brings the best parts of hotel mirrors right into your own bathroom. We love it for precise tasks nailing that impossibly skinny eyeliner look or plucking errant hairs from your brows, but the best part is that it won't commandeer a single square inch of your priceless counter space. Once you've completed your look, it folds away neatly, flush against the wall to await your next use. $37 (Shop Now)

Source: https://www.allure.com/gallery/best-makeup-mirrors-with-lights

Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors (Vanity Mirrors) With Reviews- 2020 Update

15 Best Makeup Mirrors With lights in 2020 - The Trend Spotter

Whether you’re a skilled makeup artist or a newbie, your mirror can make a world of a difference to your makeup look. Applying makeup in dim lighting can give you sloppy results. This is where lighted makeup mirrors enter the picture to make your life easier.

To help you upgrade your daily makeup routine and master beauty techniques in full HD, we’ve put together a list of the 12 best-lighted makeup mirrors. Want to know which ones to look out for to make you feel and look a diva? Read on to find out more.

Before we move on to the best-lighted makeup mirrors you can get your hands on, here are a bunch of reasons you need to invest in one.

Benefits Of Using A Lighted Makeup Mirror

  • A magnifying mirror helps you see (really see) what you’re doing. Those minor imperfections, too much foundation or stray hairs, will shine through – and you can quickly fix them.
  • Contouring in front of this mirror is a breeze as it illuminates your face evenly. It helps you achieve a perfectly sculpted and highlighted face that is enviously on point.
  • The contemporary makeup mirror models are super compact and take up very little space in your room. Some of them are even travel-friendly!
  • You can choose the intensity of your magnifying mirror. They usually range from 15x to 20x. You can also choose lower magnification levels 5x or 8x.
  • Your makeup application is bound to get more precise and even when you use a makeup mirror with lights. You’ll be surprised bywith the incredible finish that you achieve.

Now that you know why you need to grab a makeup mirror with lights ASAP, here’s a list of the best ones in the market right now for you to choose from.


If you are on the hunt for a backlit mirror that can be mounted on your favorite wall, this one’s for you! It is easy to install and comes with all the screws and anchors that you will need.

It has a touch sensor and a dimmer switch at the bottom to give you full control of the lighting.

Thanks to its defogger pad, it can also be placed in your bathroom, and it will remain clear at all times.


  • LED lights
  • Energy saving
  • Sleek
  • Comes with a touch sensor and dimmer

Tips For Choosing A Lighted Makeup Mirror

The lighting is perhaps the most essential factor when it comes to flawless makeup application. We recommend choosing a mirror that mimics natural light.

  • Steer clear of mirrors with warm or yellow light bulbs because they will make you look great no matter how you’ve applied your makeup.
  • LED white bulbs not only save energy but also last you a lot longer than ordinary bulbs. It’s a win-win situation!
  • Consider the placement of your mirror before choosing one. If you’re going to be placing it on a flat surface, opt for one with a smaller base. If you want to stick to a wall mount, make sure it has an adjustable arm. This way, you can apply your makeup in various positions.
  • If you want your mirror to accompany you on your travels, try picking a compact and portable vanity mirror.
  • Dimmability is essential as you get to see your makeup in various settings. If you’re heading for a night out, you get to dim the lights to see if the makeup still looks great in that specific lighting.

Your makeup mirror is more important than you think. If you’re going to invest in expensive cosmetics and makeup products, you might as well ensure you’ve got the right mirror to enhance your look further.

Besides, your vanity mirror is not only a functional tool but will also add beauty to your home decor. That was our round-up of the 12 best makeup mirrors with lights.

Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Source: https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/best-makeup-mirrors-with-lights/

A Magnifying Mirror is the Perfect Makeup Mirror

15 Best Makeup Mirrors With lights in 2020 - The Trend Spotter

Looking for a mirror that lets you zoom in on your beautiful face to flawlessly apply makeup, or find and pluck that stray hair?  Get yourself a magnifying makeup mirror for a crystal clear, larger-than-life view of you!  The cost of these “fancy” mirrors used to be prohibitive, but prices have come way down. Now everybody can have one!

Magnifying mirrors – which make the very best makeup mirrors – come with magnification levels, ranging from 2x to over 10x, all of which let you get up close and personal with your face – even without glasses.  Some premium mirrors come with two or more magnification options, so if one view is too close for comfort, you can quickly back off by flipping to the lower level.

When you’re shopping for your mirror, make sure to choose a makeup mirror with lights. A close-up view that’s illuminated pretty much guarantees perfect results, whether you’re putting on your day or evening face, tweezing brows, going after a rogue hair, or just trying to get your contacts in on the first try!  All the benefits of a magnifying mirror get better with lights!

How Do Magnifying Mirrors Magnify?

Think about those funhouse mirrors that make you look so weird. Fat and short. Super tall and skinny. All wavy.  Tiny head and big body or mostly just huge head with a little body.

Magnifying mirrors work in a similar way, distorting the standard view of you!  Neither funhouse mirror nor magnifying mirror surfaces are flat. In the case of the magnifying mirrors they’re uniformly and slightly concave.

So they’re not shaped exactly funhouse mirrors, but the images in both are still changed depending on where the light is reflected.  In a makeup mirror, light hits your face (the focal point) and gets reflected in the mirror.

 The concave, or parabolic, shape of the mirror surface concentrates the light beams, intensifying light as it gets closer to the focal point. As you move away from the mirror, the magnification gets stronger and the field of view gets smaller.

The really high magnification levels will give you a great closeup of a tiny section of your eyebrow!

When Choosing a Magnifying Mirror, Consider Your Eyesight

Those lucky enough to have 20/20 vision can easily get the clear views they need to put on makeup. To pluck tiny hairs, a lower magnification (2x to 5x) mirror can help a lot. If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, you might be able to take them off and let the mirror see for you!

Closeups and Comfort Level

There are a lot of magnification levels available in makeup mirrors today.

And depending on where you’re putting your mirror – table or countertop or mounted on the wall – you may need a lower or higher magnification.

Only you can decide just how close you want your closeup! You may even end up selecting a mirror with more than one magnification level. But the first question to ask is: How big a view of you do you want to see?!

A 15x magnifying mirror can sometimes be way too close for comfort. You may not need that level of large! Consider what you want to use your makeup mirror for, then decide which magnification level(s) work best.

The degree of magnification is simple to understand, but kind of hard to envision. With a 5x magnification mirror, for instance, your face is magnified five times life size. But how does that translate to what you see in the mirror? Which magnifications level(s) do you need on your makeup vanity mirror –  powerful, in-between, closer to life size?

2x Magnification

This magnification level only minimally increases image size, so it works best for those with close to, or perfect vision. The 2x magnifying mirror is commonly used for compacts and quick touchups. With good vision, you won’t see much difference, so you might decide to go higher.

Conair LED Lighted Mirror with Rose Gold Finish

5x Magnification

Affordable and easy to find in all kinds of styles and sizes, 5x is the most commonly used magnification level, and the No. 1 pick for shaving mirrors. It’s the most popular mirror for makeup application, and perfect for putting on contacts. For most people, a makeup mirror is a must-have, and if you’re looking for just one magnification level, 5x is probably the best choice.

Conair LED Lighted Mirror with Rose Gold Finish

7x and 8x Magnification

Higher magnification requires a larger mirror face for the clearest closeup views.

Double-sided pedestal mirrors that swivel a full 360°, with normal magnification on one side and the magnified view on the other are great.

They let you see your full face on the standard view side, and then can be flipped to zoom in for closeup 7x/8x or other views. Perfect for precision makeup application, tweezing, etc.

Reflections 1X/7X Oval Satin Nickel Incandescent Mirror

10x and Higher Magnification

These levels of magnification are intense, and ultra-high levels require the largest mirror faces. Most people are uncomfortable with the intensity, but anyone with poor or deteriorating eyesight may want a 10x or 15x magnifying mirror, which zooms in extremely closely on small sections of the face. Amplifying your face 10 times lets you see every pore and eyebrow hair.

If you’re choosing a makeup mirror with 10x or higher magnification, it’s a good idea to make sure it has two sides, one with a standard view or lower magnification level as well. Some standard view or 2x, 5x and 7x magnifying mirrors include a small, round 10x spot mirror that sits on the larger mirror’s viewing surface. This may be all you need for infrequent mega closeups.

Reflections 12X LED Spot Mirror

Two Degrees of Magnification Are Better than One

Some two-sided mirrors offer two levels of magnification instead of dedicating one side to the standard view.  Depending on what you use your mirror for, this can offer more versatility in viewing.  If more than one person will be using your mirror, consider which magnification levels work best for him, her … or them! 

Reflections Double-Sided Lighted Round Mirror

The Right Light Is the Best Reflection on You

All the benefits of a magnifying makeup mirror get better with lights! No matter how good your mirror, or how high the magnification, flawless makeup and precision grooming requires good lighting. And you want it built into your mirror.

Light can be more natural, softer or brighter, or warmer or cooler in tone.  When choosing a makeup mirror with lights, consider what you’ll most often be using your mirror for, then weigh the pros and cons of the different types of lighting available.

Magnifying mirrors with adjustable light settings, low, medium and high are especially versatile, reproducing the lighting levels and tones of different environments, such as home, office, outdoors, etc.

Conair is one brand that offers an extensive selection of magnifying makeup mirrors with lights.

Light Types

Incandescent – this is the “lite” light.  Soft, never harsh,  warm in tone, and often described as having the effects of soft halo illumination.

A nice light for doing your makeup, and it’s a good choice for brushing hair or grooming.

But doing closeup work may not be your best bet with incandescent lighting, because there’s usually a secondary light source that could alter the results.

Reflections 3-Way Touch Control Lighted Mirror“

LED and Fluorescent  – These are both brighter than makeup mirrors with light from incandescent bulbs. Their illumination is a little closer to daylight.

The best thing about choosing a mirror with LED or fluorescent lighting is that both save energy – a lot.  Up to 70%  less than incandescent bulbs.

And if you choose an LED magnifying mirror, you’ll never have to change the bulb!

Reflections LED Lighted Collection Mirror

Light Settings

Most lighted mirrors have just one light setting, but some premium brands and models offer adjustable or variable lighting. Conair has a variety of these top-quality mirrors to choose from.

Makeup mirrors with lights that adjust are ideal for applying makeup for different environments. These mirrors might have High, Medium and Low settings, Conair’s Touch Control model, or specific kinds of lighting for Daylight, Office, Evening, etc. You’ll always look your best, regardless of the setting!

Reflections LED Lighted Collection Mirror

Style Savvy Makeup Mirrors

With all the stylish mirror options out there ­­­­– colors, finishes, shapes, sizes, etc. – there’s no reason your makeup vanity mirror shouldn’t reflect your taste.

Metal mirrors in brushed stainless or nickel, polished chrome, oiled bronze, and black matte are the classics. These metal mirrors are always heavier than plastic mirrors and therefore will be a little more stable.

But color matters and lots of mirrors reflect that trend! Most colored mirrors are plastic, although new models in rose gold adds an elegant hue to metal as well.

Because plastic mirrors are lighter in weight than metal, they’re probably the smarter picks for traveling. If choosing a plastic mirror, make sure the plastic is high grade and durable.

Quality counts –  your mirror will last longer.

Tabletop Mirrors. Wall-Mounted Mirrors.

Before you buy, decide where you want to put your mirror.  That will make a difference in the magnification level you’ll want, too.

If you choose a wall-mounted lighted mirror, you’ll probably need to select a higher magnification. If you’re putting a tabletop mirror on a dressing table or bathroom counter, you won’t need as high a magnification.

  So look around and decide where you’re going to put your mirror before you buy!

Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Lights Checklist

  1. How much magnification do you need (without your glasses!)?
  2. Want a standard view on one side, or different magnification levels on either side?
  3. Are you more comfortable with warm incandescent lighting or brighter LED or fluorescent?
  4. If you’re not in one place from wake-up to bedtime, consider a makeup mirror with variable lighting.
  5. Which kind of mirror best fits your style: Classic metal? Trendy colored plastic?
  6. Decide where you’ll put your mirror and then double-check the magnification level you’ll need.
  7. Finally, check out shape and style options.

    The Conair Reflections line has a stunning selection that offers them all!

Enjoy your mirror!

Source: https://www.conair.com/co/112/a-magnifying-mirror-is-the-perfect-makeup-mirror/507

10 Best LED Mirror 2020 Reviews (Tested): Videos And Guide | TKH

15 Best Makeup Mirrors With lights in 2020 - The Trend Spotter

Interior designing is what can make a home look luxurious, even if it is not. LED mirrors are the hottest trend in the market.

Though it makes your wardrobe look more stylish, it also serves a better purpose at giving you a flawless makeup application. In a dim-lit room, it can amp your space while giving you a natural lighting option.

These mirrors are not just for decorating your home, but they are installed almost everyplace nowadays.

These LED mirrors are not only a great tool to decorate your spaces, but they can also save your money. They are energy-efficient and environment-friendly at the same time.

There are numerous kinds of LED mirrors out there in the market, and all of them have different qualities.

It can be overwhelming when you are planning to buy one and so here are a few tips to help you in designing the house interior with these mirrors:

Types Of Best LED Mirror 2020

There are a plethora of mirrors out there the functions and needs of a customer. Below are some types of them their characteristics.

● LED-Backlit Mirror

This type of mirror has to be the most popular among users. Instead of having the lights on the side of the mirror, they are placed behind it. Another interesting kind is the infinity mirror that gives an illusion of a never-ending series of lighting. Now, these are mostly used to decorate spaces because of their designs and subtle lighting.

If you are looking to buy an LED mirror for shaving purposes, there are those kinds to with sockets that can be used to charge your beard trimmers or keep electric toothbrushes.

● Alice Dimmable LED Mirror

You can adjust the brightness of the bulbs in this one and is very popular as well. It comes with anti-fog functionality. The light adjustments are in the range from 0 to 1600LM/1800LM.

● Hamilton Hills Backlit LED Wall Mirror

These mirrors are edgeless, giving it an elegant finish and also anti-fingerprint process, which keeps the mirror clean from unnecessary fingerprints.

● H&A Dimmable LED mirror

The thickness of this LED mirror is 5mm and also comes with anti-fog functionalities. You can adjust the brightness of the light as well from 0 to 1600LM/1800LM.

● Heated Demister Mirrors

These mirrors are a little different from the ones above. They have a demisting heat pad on the mirror, placed behind it, which means you do not have to wipe the mirror every time you take a hot shower!

Why Should You Buy An LED Mirror AKA Mirror Equipped With LED Lights?

When LED lights first came out in the market, it made a revolutionary move because of the fact that it saves electricity at a low cost.

These bulbs are up to 300% more efficient than fluorescent lights and 1000% more efficient than the standard kinds that we use, which are the incandescent lights.

These bulbs are environment-friendly as well since they do not emit mercury while being more durable. It is a win-win both ways.

Talking about the quality of the mirrors, they are better than the normal standard mirrors that we use. The features mentioned above are added advantage of these mirrors over the regular ones. Also, instead of investing in a decorative piece and a mirror, these LED mirrors do both the jobs, which are again a huge bargain.

Requirements For Installing Best LED Mirror

Well, most of these mirrors can be battery operated and also chargeable through USB chargers and cables. These do not consume electricity much and hence is a good way to save some bucks there.

Where Is The Best Location For LED Mirror? | Best LED Bathroom Mirrors

There is no particular location to fit these mirrors. You can add them to any space that you . But for the best results, LED mirrors are best suited for bathrooms.

Since they have anti-fog qualities, they are best utilized in there. The bedroom is another place that you can fix these mirrors most people get ready in their bedrooms.

Hence, an LED mirror will come in handy when placed in a bedroom.

Another place that you can place one of these mirrors in your office. Here, these can become a decorative piece. Clothing boutiques also make use of these stylish mirrors for giving their customers experience while trying on clothes.

Often times, we buy things when we are at the store but later come to hate it when we see in natural light. Well, with these mirrors, customers can make the right decision while purchasing any item. Since the lights used are close to that of natural lighting, it causes no illusion to the eye about the colors of the products and how it will look on the customer.

These are also profitable in was such as they can be used to make your cozy tiny places look bigger and brighter with the minimal effort and money.

The Electric Consumption Of Best LED Mirror 2020

Light-emitting diodes are very efficient, even though they are relatively smaller. Hence, they allow the mirrors to have good lighting without coming in the way of power consumption.

Many people believe that these mirrors will increase their electricity bill, but that is not true at all. Since the time LED bulbs have hit the market, people have chosen them over other kinds of light because of their energy-efficient nature. And it is the same case even here.

These mirrors can operate on solar energy as well, apart from batteries, which is a great way to become more and more environment-friendly at a low cost.

Some of these mirrors can also have storage spaces in them. And replacing the bulbs is an easy fix since the bulbs are available at any hardware store.

Where Do You Need To Light The Most?

LED mirrors gained its popularity from the advancement of beauty gurus and influencers. In earlier days, only movie vanity would have these mirrors.

But with passing time, these mirrors have come in handy when posing for a great picture or removing a blackhead from your nose that you can barely see in normal mirrors. They also provide a good accent in a dim-lit room and can brighten up your spaces immediately.

Some of them are also easily portable, so you do not have to carry lights and a mirror in your luggage.

It is not just for women, but for men too. As mentioned earlier, it helps in having a close look so that you can shave without getting any cut and also trim the edges of your beard quite perfectly.

These mirrors can also be used as a prop for photographers. There are ample opportunities as to how one can use this mirror to their advantage for that Instagram worthy picture.

How Do You Change The Bulb In Your LED Mirror?

Coming to the technicalities of these mirrors, here is how you can change the bulbs by yourself without any hassle.

Step 1: First, turn the power off at the main ports. And then remove the mirror depending on where the mirror is placed.

If they are fixed into the wall (LED wall mirrors), then you will have to remove the screws and then take it out.

Step 2: The next step is to remove the outer cover in order to reach the LED bulbs and then remove them.

After removing the bulb, fix the new bulbs in the fixture.

If you are facing any difficulty, you can always call for help and look at the manual first.

Where Can You Buy Best LED Mirror?

The best option to buy these would be at a store to prevent damage while bringing home. But if you prefer online shopping then we have already added a list of best LED mirror 2020 with honest and tested reviews.

There are plenty out there in the market but we selected only the top-rated products from Amazon and eBay for review and testing. Find the one from the above best LED mirror reviews 202o section that you think fits well in your budget and offers the best functionality. Best LED mirror 2020 options are undoubtedly a great investment at a budget!

So, that’s all with the best LED mirror reviews 2020 and LED mirror buying guide. We hope you enjoyed reading the best LED mirror 2020 reviews and buying guide and found the best one for your purposes.

That’s all for now. Do follow The Keen Hunter for more such honest review lists, buying guides and to buy only the best products for all your needs.

Source: https://thekeenhunter.com/beauty/best-led-mirror-reviews

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You’ve got enough to worry about, so don’t stress. We’ve made deciding on your wedding makeup effortless with these beautiful, elegant looks.

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Do you want to make your eyes sparkle, shine and pop? This guide to eyeshadow looks for blue eyes will show you how to achieve flattering eye makeup…

Dreaming of radiant looking skin? These highlighters will give you that summer glow in just a few easy strokes…

These are the best makeup organizers to keep your collection accessible and in check…

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