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15 Best Body Groomers for Men - The Trend Spotter

Way back in the 20th century,  tattoos were rare, body piercings were even rarer and men’s grooming was a decidedly head-centric past time.

Today, however, there are dozens of different devices on the market designed specifically to tackle back, leg, arm, and chest hair. As well as hair in places your dad probably never thought needed grooming.

To deal with all that fur you’re going to need a body groomer you can rely on and we’ve got the 9 best body groomers in 2019.

The Best Body Groomer

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One thing that is for sure is that the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 is a highly versatile tool that makes the grooming process is a lot more accessible.

Thanks to this, you can not only shave/trim beneath below the neck but they can also switch between shaving and trimming. They also have the option of adjusting various trim lengths without actually changing the attachments. Talk about convenience right at your fingertips.

Making it even more convenient is the presence of a 4-directional pivoting head that delivers up a comfortable shave.

What’s more, it comes in a one of a kind dual-sided design – thanks to that you can trim all lengths of air located in any area of the body.

It is also equipped with a total of 5 adjustable lengths as well as an ergonomic grip which ensures that you have a wide range of choices of style and comfort.

Additionally, the blades also happen to be equipped with rounded tips which ensure that it is safe for skin contact. To crown it all up, it is fitted with an ergonomic rubber grip which is not only comfortable, it makes getting better handling.

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Included within the kit are items such as a full-size trimmer that can be used in different areas of the body. It also has a hair clipper comb, beard, and stubble combs as well as a pouch to store them in.

The Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit also offers up tools that can bring any style imaginable to live.

This is all thanks to the presence of a self-sharpening, surgical steel blades that do not only stay sharp but also last quite long.

For added convenience, it is fitted with a textured grip that offers up stellar ergonomics and complete control from all angles.

It is also equipped with a total of 14 settings ranging from a full-sized nose trimmer, a hair clipper comb to a surgical steel blade and has the ability to run for up to 70 minutes of when it is completely cordless.

Then there is the fact that all the parts happen to be washable, so there’s no hassle when it comes to cleaning each one of them. The good number of washable attachments can be cleaned by simply running them under a faucet.

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The Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion + Beard Trimmer is a sight to behold. This ingenious product offers up double the power employed by its predecessors and is also equipped with a smart LED status indicator.

It is also accompanied by a handy cordless trimmer that has a long-running lithium-ion rechargeable battery which can be used with 110v as well as 220 volts overseas.

More on the lithium + ion technology, it provides you with a total of 4 hours run time and offers up double the torque as well as the option of a one-minute quick charge which lasts for a total of three minutes tops. As nifty as this all is, the lithium + ion technology feature only scratches the surface when it comes to the efficiency of this device.

With its high tech design, this device offers the ability to shave, cut, trim and also detail. There’s also a highly functional Wahl’s blade design coupled with a number of heads and guide combs that will smoothen it all from head to toe.

What’s more, it comes with a set of self-sharpening precision blades; not only are they incredibly durable but they offer up quiet and superior cutting performance.

Additionally, the different multi-functional attachments are suitable for use on all forms of facial hair and their styles.

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With the Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver, you can expect to receive precise trimming never before. With its one-of-a-kind OneBlade shaving technology, it makes use of a fast-moving cutter in collaboration with a dual protection system.

These two components work hand in hand to provide a proper shave for longer hairs and efficiently follow the contours of the face enabling quick easy grooming. In fact, it does not shave too close so as not to cause any discomfort to the skin. To make this all possible, it includes components such as 3 stubble combs which are adequate for different lengths of hair.

Additionally, the OneBlade is incredibly easy to replace when the need arises. In most cases, the need to replace the blade arises every 4 months.

The device itself is made even more efficient thanks to its rechargeable NiMH battery which offers up 45 minutes of use after a mere 8-hour charge. And with its water-resistant properties, you can expect a device that is incredibly easy to clean; you simply need to run it under a tap. What’s more, it can equally be used as effectively when it is dry.

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What’s great about the Panasonic Electric Body Hair Trimmer is the fact that it offers up a convenient, and more importantly, a painless way for you to take off unwanted hair from all parts of the body.

It also offers up versatility and excellent design and is fitted with gentle wide edge, hypoallergenic blades that are specifically designed with rounded edges that can glide across all corners of the face. The blades themselves offer up trimming void of any irritation.

this, it is perfect for the more sensitive parts of the body.

And as it is equipped with a total of three specially designed trimmer attachments, the different lengths come in perfect for different areas of the body.

Thanks to its V-shaped head, you also have the option of swiftly navigating the body most especially the hard to reach ones. For even more convenience, the device comes in a waterproof design.

Thanks to this nifty feature, it can be used in the shower accompanied by foam or gel. What’s more, it can be used on dry skin; the possibilities are endless.

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The BG1026/60 is the little brother to the 2034 profiled above. The 1026/60 is light and compact and runs on a single AA battery which should be good for a couple of months.

This is a great tool for on-the-go touch ups and every guy that works in a professional environment should have one of these in their desk, just in case.

The skin protectors do their job, the two-way trimmer produces crisp clean results, the rig is showerproof and the whole thing costs less than a large pizza.

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One of the great things about the Remington BHT6455FF Shortcut Pro Body Groomer is that its stainless steel blade is 60% wider than most others. This makes it a lot easier to take off more hair in one session.

And thanks to a handy trim/shave technology, you can adequately trim body hair down to a convenient 0.2mm. Then the fact that it is also dual-sided ensures that you can trim hair in more than one direction.

The possibilities are endless with this wonderful device; you can even reach those tricky hairs on your back and with the extendable handle, all the annoying reach hair is more accessible than ever.

Also on the front of versatility, this groomer can cut different lengths of hair and even lowers hair as close to the skin as 0.2mm. To crown it all up, it is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that can run for a full 40 minutes. Best believe that with this handy device, 40 minutes is more than enough.

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The BG2040 from Philips Norelco is a number 1 groomer on our best body groomers list for a reason. It is a handsome, effective personal grooming device that’s comfortable to hold at any angle and has a pivoting head that effortlessly follows the contours of your body.

The BG2040 is designed specifically for men and completely safe to use in the shower. The 5 length settings allow you to achieve exactly the effect you want in any given area while the trimmer provides the finishing touches with nary a nick or scratch.

Fully rechargeable, lightweight and built to last.

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For the ProGlide Gillette reached out to Braun to help with the grooming technology and the 2 personal grooming powerhouses wind up producing a device that has both style and substance.

The ProGlide is completely waterproof, has 3 combs to achieve differing lengths in different areas and an aggressive, ribbed style that actually does wonders in helping you maintain a solid grip in the shower. Great for fast touch-ups or achieving a complete look.

 Be sure to also check out our list of the best hair removal cream for more great items this.

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Un some battery powered groomers that deliver 15 or 20 minutes per charge the Remington PG525 provides you with a full 70 minutes.

The PG525 has 3 beard combs, a full sized trimmer, a trimmer for your nose, ears and details and a hair clipper comb.

While the grip you’ll get on the PG525 is not as solid as on some other groomers, especially in the shower, the quality of the cutting and trimming tools is beyond reproach and earns this groomer a spot on our best body groomers list.

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With the OneBlade the emphasis is on protecting your skin – particularly skin that is not accustomed to having razors dragged across it – from irritation, nicks, scrapes and cuts.

You’ll get as close a shave as you want, wherever you want to shave because the company’s “dual protection system” combines a fast moving blade with a skin-friendly design. OneBlade is not designed to shave you clean as a whistle.

Instead it’s designed to be used a couple of times a week by those want to trim back the hair they have. Don’t forget to also check our guide to the best pubic hair trimmers for more great products this.

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With the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver the shave is close and clean.

But it’s really its ability to provide access to previously underserved areas of the back that makes the Mangroomer one of the best body groomers on the market and a must have tool.

There are 2 groomer heads: one for large areas the other for smaller or more delicate areas. There’s a quick charge battery feature and an easy to use mechanism in the hinge that lets you lock in any angle you need. Much lighter than it looks.

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Panasonic hits it the park with this waterproof device.

It cleans up in seconds, has one of the more comfortable handles you’ll find on a men’s personal groomer and there’s more than a dozen settings for trimming your hair or beard.

It’s light, provides about 40 minutes of use on a full charge (which typically takes 8 hours) and comes with its own lubricating oil (directions included) so that you can keep it running smooth for years.

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If all groomers worked as well as the BG2034 looks it would be a wonderful world indeed.

Fortunately the performance of the BG2034 lives up to its own looks by providing clean, close shaves, 50 minutes of run time, a variety of heads to produce different length effects and an extension that allows you to reach those hard to access areas in the center of the back. You’ll be surprised how deftly the BG2034 handles your sensitive areas as well. One of the best body groomers out there, for sure.

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Braun Cruzer 5 is a sharp looking grooming tool that you can take right into the shower with you on your next manscaping expedition.

It’s a little heavier than some other groomers but the Braun designers put the extra heft to work so that you barely need to exert any effort to produce a nice clean skin surface.

This is a beautifully balanced tool that allows you to effortlessly switch from shaving to trimming and back again without skipping a beat.

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Trend Spotting-Go for Gravity Defying Structural Attires – Hautelist

15 Best Body Groomers for Men - The Trend Spotter

As the weather’s turning swiftly, everyone is packing away their heavy winter attires and gearing up for spring summers. This SS/20, the chic and stand-out style is all about gravity-defying structural sleeves and attires.

Source: Image 1 | Image 2

With a pleasing retro touch, these perfectly tailored sleeves evoke the inspirations from the runway of AW/19.

Are you worried about what to look for in structural attire? Well! A perfectly tailored dress emphasizing on the upper arm is surely going to elevate your style game in no minutes with minimal efforts.

Source: Image 1 | Image 2

Here’s a quick guide to styling your sleeves this spring-summer:

Are you a trendsetter or a fashion diva? Then stop following the herd and look no further because the structural fashion style has plenty of things to offer starting from the sleek futuristic looks to extravagant anti-gravity structures that are surely going to upgrade your style sense and make your wardrobe look extraordinary.

This trend is simply going to sweep you away from basic aesthetics. Many of the designers are now focusing on geometrical and 3-dimensional features to add more depth and enhance the overall look of the clothing designs.

These structural designs are adding to more stars to a designer’s collection with reference to sci-fi and abstract influences taking fashion to another level.

This season will bring you a lot of wearable art from corset inspires frocks to sharply structured architectural dresses.

These artistic styles are going to mark this season’s biggest trend and for all the fashion connoisseurs it’s going to be an absolute treat for the eyes.

Image source

For women who want to create fashion statements, a wide range of bold, chic and colorful options are already available in the market. You just need to go beyond your comfort zone and widen your perspective and you’ll easily melt with the surroundings being an avid fashionista.  

For the ultra-chic appeal, beautifully tailored outfits in neutrals are available that are hard to refuse and catch everyone’s eyeballs.

This trend of structural patterns and designs is emerging with cutting edge pieces that will melt your heart and you are sure to fall in love with the extravagant design creations. One will also witness the fusion of basic colors with the explosion of structural pieces of designs that are equally visually appealing and sophisticated at the same time.

You can also find subtle tones of beige, black and white with touches of neon or other poppy colors to add a bit of jazz to these elegant outfits.

And for all the ladies who love puffy sleeves, let us assure you that it’s not going to go anywhere. It’s getting much bigger and better this time so you can flaunt it with more pleasure now.

Shop here: Black Dress | White Blouse

So whether you’re a person who is minimalist at heart and s to pick subtle tones and outfits or a maximalist who s to go beyond the boundaries and make everyone’s head turn, this fashion trend has got you all covered and is here to deliver pieces that fit everyone’s aesthetics and demands.

Shop here: Beige dress | Black dress

Source: http://elanstreet.com/blog/trend-spotting-go-gravity-defying-structural-attires/

15 Best Body Groomers for Men in 2020

15 Best Body Groomers for Men - The Trend Spotter


We all know that looking sharp 24/7 can take a fair amount of prep. If you were born into the male species, chances are that right about now you are fighting the daily fight to keep undesired body hair in check.

Fortunately, there are a number of handy tools that will help you maintain a dapper appearance all year round without taking up all of your bathroom time.

Whether you’re looking for a versatile travel styler, a reliable allrounder or a precision trimmer to reach that one particular spot; if there is a hair place, you can be certain there is a tool for it. These are the best men’s body groomers to add to your grooming repertoire.

1. Braun Multi-Grooming Kit MGK3020

The Braun Multi-Grooming Kit provides an excellent grooming range for little money. With four different combs and 13 precision length settings from 0.5-21mm, you can effortlessly update your look at home.

Braun’s precision stainless steel blades were made for a lifetime of perfect trims without dulling down. One full charging cycle of ten hours will result in a smooth and powerful 40-minute hair-trimming experience.


2. Philips MG7710 MultiGroom Series 7000

Not all body trimmers are made equal, but you may find that the Philips MG7710 MultiGroom Series will be a welcome addition to your daily routine. The device is stainless steel with a metal grip and designed for both wet and dry use.

It comes with a rechargeable battery: There is a one-hour charge time, and the trimmer can be used for approximately 120 minutes. If you are in a hurry, you need only wait for 5-minutes to avail of the quick charge. Use it for beard and stumble, other areas of the body, and to trim your nose and ear hairs.

Useful add-ons include a cleaning brush, a two-pin adapter, and a travel pouch.


3. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

As one of the smallest tools on the market, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide is not only a great travel companion, but will also achieve a precision trim in areas that other groomers won’t reach.

Armed with Braun’s most advanced blades, the ProGlide Styler offers maximum closeness and comfort for your skin.

The slim design makes the styler easy to maneuver and create crisp and defined lines wherever you choose to use it.


4. Remington PG525 Grooming Kit

With 70 minutes of cordless runtime, the Remington PG525 is the long-distance runner amongst men’s grooming tools.

The grooming kit comes with eight attachments, including a vertical body hair trimmer, ready to address all of your hair trimming needs.

For long-lasting, powerful performance, Remington has installed self-sharpening blades made from surgical steel, which will leave your skin with a baby-soft finish.


5. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100 is a smart little allrounder.

This high-performance trimmer is equipped with rounded blades and a 3D pivoting head that follows the contours of your body to prevent any irritation to the skin.

The sleek, versatile design allows you to service all areas, without having to change the shaver head. Whether you prefer a wet shave under the shower or a quick-dry one, the Philips Norelco will have you covered either way.


6. Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver was designed to adapt seamlessly to the natural contours of your back.

The shock absorber multi-functional flex necks on the shaver heads ensure perfect skin contact every step of the way, while the handle is fully adjustable to your desired length.

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro also comes with two interchangeable attachments and a power burst button for extra stubborn growth.


7. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100

If you struggle with sensitive skin, take a look at the Philips body grooming range. The Norelco Bodygroom 3100 features a hypo-allergenic shaver with pearl tips to specifically prevent skin irritations often caused by shaving.

Its blades self-sharpen over time to maintain a strong performance as if it was the first day.

In addition to three comb adapters for different lengths, the Norelco also comes with an extra-long back attachment that will make it easier to access hard-to-reach areas your back.



8. JTrim Ultimate Pro-Groomer

If noise levels of your groomer are a concern for you, the Trim Ultimate Pro-Groomer may be for you. Its noise-conscious, no-vibration design will provide you with the smooth and silent trimming experience you desire.

You can purchase the JTrim Ultimate Pro-Groomer in a kit that will service your body, beard, hair, eyebrows, ears, nose and bikini zone.

It also incorporates a charger stand, which provides a stylish storing option for your groomer’s attachments.


9. Remington PG6157 Grooming Kit

This powerful allrounder from the Remington Lithium Power Series comes with a versatile grooming kit that addresses all your hair-related grooming needs.

The 10-piece kit includes a body hair trimmer, a detail trimmer as well as attachments for your nose and ear hair. In addition to that there are haircut, beard and stubble combs, so you can be sure no hair remains ungroomed.

Just the Remington PG525, the titanium coated blades and durable lithium battery ensure a long-lasting performance up to 70 minutes at a time.


10. Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body, Hybrid Electric Trimmer

The Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body shaver has been created to use on both the face and the body.

One of the best things about this device is that it is multi-functional and can trim, shave, and edge various lengths of hair, and is both efficient and comfortable.

It can be used on wet and dry surfaces, and even in the shower, which makes it super convenient and very simple to transport thanks to the fact that it’s cordless!


11. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

If other home hair trimmers have failed your full head of hair before, the Remington Shortcut Pro is here to restore your faith.

Its stainless steel blades cut even through the thickest hair, while its extra-wide curved blade contours your head with maximum coverage and reduces pulling and snagging.

Fully recharged, the Shortcut Pro will provide you with 40 minutes of cordless runtime, but don’t fret if you forget to plug it in; this trimmer can even be used on the cord. The 13-piece grooming kit also includes adjustable combs, cleaning brushes, a travel pouch and blade oil.


12. Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer for Men

The men’s Panasonic Body and Beard Trimmer is another appealing product on the market. The trimmer comes with an affordable price tag, and the hypoallergenic blades can be used to trim quickly and efficiently.

It can also cut the hair on the body, simply adjust the dial and three comb adjustments, with up to 39 precision settings, to suit your need.

The cordless design is straightforward to use and features a rubberized grip, which aids the control.


13. All-Purpose Gillette Styler

To avoid clutter in your bathroom cabinet, it makes a lot of sense to purchase an all-purpose device, the Gillette Styler. This piece can be used as a razor and edger, as well as a beard trimmer.

Highlights include the grip for ease of use and precision. It is also waterproof and shower safe and can be used with any Gillette Fusion5 men’s razor cartridge.

All this, for a reasonable price, makes the Gillette Styler a very appealing product.


14. Surker 3-in-1 Hair and Beard Trimmer

The three different shaver heads of the Surker 3-in-1 Hair and Beard Trimmer will not only service your beard but also your hair, sideburns and any unwanted nasal hairs.

The 3D rotary head adjusts perfectly to your jawline and neck for an even and smooth finish. The Surker’s lightweight and sleek design make it an excellent travel aide, whether you’re on the road for business or pleasure.

Fully charged within just three hours, this groomer can last you up to a week.


15. Suprent Beard Timmer Kit

The Suprent Beard Trimmer Kit is the great addition to your at-home grooming routing. The kit comes with five multi-functional trimmer attachments, addressing all facial grooming needs, such as trimming hair, sideburns, beard, eyebrows and even nose and ear hair.

It is also equipped with 420 stainless steel moving and standing blades that prune the hair close to the skin while only producing low-friction heat. This will prevent potential skin burns. The Suprent charging dock will make sure your trimmer is ready whenever you are.


Source: https://www.thetrendspotter.net/best-body-groomers-for-men/