5 Amazing Beauty Tips from Vloggers

15 Vloggers Of Color That Your Beauty Routine Needs

5 Amazing Beauty Tips from Vloggers

In a lot of ways, the influencer industry has grown over the past decade to resemble the entertainment industry, from both impact to notoriety — and its issues with diversity are no exception, especially when it comes to the beauty vlogger space.

When inking deals for product collaborations and TV shows have become the norm, it's hard not to notice the lack of representation amongst those at the top.

Surely though, the issue isn't a lack of beauty vloggers of color on , as the platform is overflowing with creators of all backgrounds deserving their shine.

Though they make for a solid follow for anyone, these vloggers — whatever their background — offer tons of content relevant to people of color that can often be overlooked in mainstream beauty.

From tutorials on how to achieve the best smokey shadow look for monolid eyes or do your own box braids to videos uncovering what brands accommodate darker skin tones, vloggers of color are indispensable in the beauty space and beyond.

Whether they're already filling up your subscription list, or you're looking to throw some more into your daily rotation, we've rounded up 15 beauty vloggers of color you should be subscribed to right now. You (and your next look) will only become cooler for it.

Tatyana Ali

If you're constantly rotating out new wigs, want to finally try the temporary style, or just simply watching people put them on, Tatyana Ali is a must-watch.

With new videos every week, she offers a wide range of styles — from long, bouncy turquoise lace front waves to a blunt bob (which she accomplishes in five minutes).

Not a wig person? Videos of how to style natural hair and other protective styles, box braids and faux locs, are sprinkled in too.

Amy Serrano

Based in Los Angeles, Amy Serrano has mastered the art of soft, glossy glam. Her videos give off a light, relatable vibe, as if you're talking to a friend while she does her makeup. Serrano keeps things relevant with pop culture-infused content — from tutorials on Rosalia's red carpet looks to all of Maddy Perez's iconic makeup in Euphoria.

Hayley Kim

If you take a less-is-more approach to beauty, you'll want to follow Hayley Kim. With fluffy, natural brows and glowing complexion, she believes in the mantra so much that she recently made chic merch with the phrase. Based in the U.K., Kim manages to create minimal looks week after week without them ever feeling boring or uninspired.

Hannah Mussette

From box braid and wig application tutorials to how-tos on refreshing hair in-between wash days and perfectly swooping baby hairs, Hannah Mussette is a well of knowledge when it comes to natural hair.

With 3C/4A texture, Musette is constantly trying new styles and techniques, candidly taking subscribers along for the ride — good or bad.

Here and there, she'll throw in a video or two about her skin-care routine, often testing new, buzzy products.

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang's “The Darkest Shade” series, in which she tests the darkest shades of makeup from various brands to highlight the lack of shade inclusivity still so common within the industry, catapulted the South Sudanese beauty vlogger into her very own lane on , where she now has over 1.

1 million subscribers. Tang keeps that same energy with more conversational content — whether or not dark-skin women are solely loved online and how clean beauty differs for folks with dark skin — but still throws in reviews on some of the most anticipated products and light, funny challenge videos.

Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins started her channel way back in 2013 and, has since, become one of the top beauty vloggers with more than 3.3 million subscribers and counting. She's known for her cool soft glam looks, and for routinely having celebrities on her channel — she's done Kim Kardashian's makeup and has even had her makeup done by the one and only Victoria Beckham.

Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley pulls off that '90s R&B glam look so seamlessly and often, it's as if she wakes up that way. With 2 million followers and counting, Ashley is always creating useful content beyond your typical makeup tutorials, including how-tos on hooded eye makeup and getting salon-quality nails at home, and even gets real about breast reduction surgery.

Arnell Armon

If Arnell Armon bares a striking resemblance to Alissa Ashley, it's because they're twins — but it doesn't mean their content is identical. You'll still find plenty of product reviews and tutorials, but Armon often gives her subscribers a full look at how she gets ready, from skin-care to outfits.

Shaniah Bell

Based in the DMV, Shaniah Bell is a self-taught makeup artist who can whip up tutorials on anything from a sleek ponytail and glitter smokey eye to a wildly involved Halloween look.

Her talent recently landed her a top four spot in the 2019 Benefit Cosmetics Brow Search, where she was mentored by Patrick Starrr.

With a humble follower count just under 11 thousand, we suggest you hit that subscribe button now so you can call yourself an OG fan when she inevitably blows up.

Deepica Mutyala

After a video of her color-correcting her under eyes with a bright red lipstick went viral in 2015, Deepica Mutyala's following, on and elsewhere, skyrocketed.

Today, the Indian-American r has over 250,000 followers, who tune in to her “brown girl approved” makeup and skin-care recommendations and reviews.

The positive reactions to her videos manifested into a digital community focused on inclusive beauty in 2017, and today has evolved into a full-blown beauty brand called Live Tinted.


Kenny of HeFlawless can cut crease and blend their life depended on it, and uploads a video (or two) every week. His “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) videos are always infused with a heavy dose of unfiltered chitchat, so you'll be entertained whether or not you actually care about the makeup.

Karen Yeung

Born in Hong Kong and raised in California's Bay Area, Yeung ( @IAmKarenO) has garnered over 1.5 million subscribers with her glowing complexion, soft color combos, and pop culture-inspired tutorials. From K-Beauty skin-care tips to drugstore makeup hauls, she's sure to make for a cool addition to your beauty guru lineup.

Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina probably doesn't need any introduction at this point, but always deserves a shout-out.

Known for always giving her most honest, unfiltered opinions — be it while reviewing products, discussing a controversial topic, or calling brands out for lack of diverse shade ranges within a collection — Aina has racked up over 3.2 million subscribers by being herself.

After over 10 years on , she continues to make consistently insightful and hilarious content, and every now and then blesses viewers with a new product collaboration, too.

Hana Lee

With over 200,000 subscribers, Hannah Lee's channel has grown without all the bells and whistles or over-the-top production. Her content flows between no-makeup makeup tutorials — where she often focuses on different eye looks for monolids — and candid conversations about her acne journey.

Taylor Anise

In her frequent uploads (sometimes three times a week!), Taylor Anise covers a lot of ground, whether she's vlogging an armpit wax appointment or sharing her first impression of a new product launch.

With 4C curls, she fills a void in the beauty space for more content featuring thicker, more kinky hair — often walking through how she deals with shrinkage, different protective styles, and her wash-and-go routine.

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Top 5 Chinese Beauty Vloggers You Should be Following

5 Amazing Beauty Tips from Vloggers

Influencers come and go, but when it comes to beauty, skin care, and fashion, people across the globe still rely on the advice from a trusted name.

Influencers who live under a flag of integrity and expertise harness the most loyal of followers; those who check in on a regular basis for the latest news. We’ve taken the lot and pulled some of our favorites, both long-time champs and brave newcomers. Check out our list and follow some of these fascinating, inspiring new voices in Asian beauty.

From K and J Beauty to South Asian Looks, we couldn’t fit it all into one list. We focused today on Chinese-heritage influencers. So be sure to follow up with our next round-up on Asian Beauty that explores other growing voices across the Asian diaspora.

#1 Rainie Tian

Chinese-born, Toronto-based Rainie has scored a respectable 349.5k followers. Her makeup-heavy videos are informative, her breakdowns and reviews straight-forward.

She performs in-language Mandarin but her texts are bilingual – so whether or not you speak Chinese, you can still follow along to a certain extent.

Her IG @raintainie, with 186k followers, needs no translation and is more fashion than makeup.

#2 Oh Emma

Canada is producing a lot of stars and Oh Emma is one of them. The proud mother of the CUTEST baby boy is fashion heavy on her IG @oops_ohemma with 199k followers while her with 321.

6k followers is more geared towards her makeup and skin care topics in Mandarin. Her latest video published in Dec.

2018 reviews multiple Japanese makeup products – those that are more esoteric to American general market – making her videos extra interesting.

#3 Nana OuYang

Young (18 years old) and talented, the Taiwanese professional cellist and actress, has made a splash in China. Her IG account has a whopping 1.8M followers, she’s acted alongside mega stars Jackie Chan. She’s been featured in Shiseido ads and Vogue China.

But her Asian American relevancy is only just coming to fruition. Nana OuYang only joined the crowd in February 2018 with Nabi’s School Life but has already gathered 272.6k followers.

Her videos that she unapologetically titles “Vlog [number]” range on topics, from music to cooking to her morning makeup routine.

#4 Maaaxter English

Un the predessors in this article, Maaaxter performs bilingually in both Chinese and English, from her home base in Los Angeles. Her main goal is to teach English to Chinese speakers through interesting and compelling themes.

Her topics range from everyday conversations buying your morning coffee to the intricacies of politics. When she talks about beauty and fashion, it’ll be a video her 26 Luxury Brands Name Pronunciation which reeled in 287k views.

#5 Savislook

Based the US, the world-traveler Savislook is hard to pin down. From Milan to Tokyo, Savislook takes her fashion and beauty vlogs wherever she goes. In-language Mandarin, the young and hip Savi screams Crazy Rich Asian glamour and Parisian decadence in all the best ways. It’s no wonder her IG and channels have about 360k followers total.

Love our roundup? Be sure to check out our next round of Asian Influencers.

Source: https://www.admerasia.com/top-5-chinese-beauty-influencers/

The Best Beauty Vloggers Right Now

5 Amazing Beauty Tips from Vloggers

It would have been hard to believe all those years ago when Saturday Night Live posted “Lazy Sunday” on that the video platform would actually become one of the most fruitful places to talk about beauty on the whole wide web.

And yet, here we are, thinking less about Andy Samberg's music career and more about all the different highlighters that can make you look Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Beauty vlogging is practically an ancient art at this point, but if you're still one of the uninitiated, don't be overwhelmed—it's not too late to hop on the bandwagon. Below, find five of Glossier HQ's favorite channels for everything from products reviews to ASMR.

Dive in when you're looking to refresh your contouring skills—or when Netflix takes 30 Rock off streaming rudely at the end of the month. Whichever comes first.

The Tutor

Lisa Eldridge

If you read about beauty, chances are you're already a fan of Lisa. (You also might remember her from her Top Shelf.

) Now the Creative Director at Lancôme, the pro revolutionized the space, making it about more than just amateur makeup artists filming in their bedrooms. (Though we love those too.) Her highly detailed tutorials (plus soothing accent) would be enough to sell you.

But add in videos starring beauties Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Alexa Chung, and you've got one of the most engaging beauty channels anywhere on the internet.

The Korean Skincare Expert

Dasha Kim

Coming to you via Australia, Dasha is your one stop shop for Korean beauty reviews, skincare aimed at the no-makeup set, and very excellent Childish Gambino lip syncing. Subscribe (or just watch without commitment) for all the skin envy in the world, plus all the vibe-y aesthetics you can handle.

The Parisienne


Our girl! She needs no introduction from us (please see this Top Shelf, this After Dark, and this editorial shoot). It would seem even the coolest of French girls love —but with their own twist on it.

Violette's videos rarely go over five minutes long and focus on looks that are probably pretty similar to the ones you've got in your own arsenal.

But now you've got a few extra tips—spoken in a charming French accent, to boot.

The GRWM Queen

Rachel Nguyen

Boy, does this girl know how to wake up in the morning. And also go to bed. LA-based Rachel Nguyen has mastered the art of filming her quiet, alone moments and making videos we revisit again and again. Reviews sound so much better in a routine—and that's what she's here for. And a killer playlist, always.

The Hauler

Patricia Bright

Ah, the haul. A hallmark of the vlog, and a true art form if you can manage to get it right. Patricia hits all the right notes: effortless humor (making 15 minute videos that fly by in a snap), indelible beauty perspective, and a knack for all the shopping tricks you wish you had. Hit play to find your new favorite internet friend.

Another kid of vlog: Watch Christophe Robin school on how to wash your hair a pro, here.

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Source: https://intothegloss.com/2017/09/best-beauty-vloggers-2017/

25 Top Beauty Vloggers

5 Amazing Beauty Tips from Vloggers

Gone are the days of learning makeup trends from friends at a sleepover, or taking tips from beauty magazines. Nowadays, people are getting their makeup tips and recommendations from top beauty vloggers who post photos and videos. These influencers have also helped diversify the industry and expand its reach. See how these top influencers are changing the beauty world.

Rihanna is not only one of the hottest celebrities around, she’s also one of the top beauty vloggers. She has more than 61 million followers on Instagram, who are looking at her style, fashion, and beauty tips. When she launched her own line of beauty products — Fenty Beauty — the products took off wildfire.

With 107 million Instagram followers, it seems all eyes are on Kylie Jenner. She rose to fame as part of the Kardashian clan, and has since struck out on her own to build a beauty empire. Inspired by following other top beauty vloggers, Kylie launched her own line of cosmetics, and heavily markets it on social media.

Huda Kattan is a makeup artist and blogger who gained more than 25 million Instagram followers and became one of the top beauty vloggers. She creates easy-to-follow tutorials, and has her own line of cosmetics.

Manny Gutierrez dubs himself the boy beauty vlogger, and became the first male brand ambassador for Maybelline cosmetics. He’s got 4.5 million Instagram followers and 4.6 million subscribers who love to follow his tutorials, product recommendations, and other crazy antics.

Michelle Phan was one of the first top beauty vloggers on the scene, and went viral when she posted videos of Lady Gaga makeup tutorials. She has nearly nine million subscribers and over a billion views on her videos. Though she doesn’t post as much content about makeup, she’s used her influence to help other beauty bloggers break into the scene.

Jeffree Star is a singer/songwriter who got his start on the social media platform MySpace. He’s since gone on to become one of the top beauty vloggers, with 5.7 million followers on Instagram and 6.7 million subscribers on . In addition to tutorials and tips, he gives away products and uses his influence to help other smaller beauty experts make names for themselves on social media.

Nikkie de Jager is a Dutch beauty blogger with 9.6 million subscribers. She has earned the distinction of having the most-subscribed beauty channel in the Netherlands. As one of the top beauty vloggers, she partnered with OFRA and Maybelline to bring more content and products to her fans.

Dulce Candy is much more than a top beauty vlogger. She is a Mexican immigrant who started making beauty videos when she served in the U.S. Army. In addition to posting makeup and fashion videos to her 2.2 million subscribers, she’s also outspoken about issues that she’s passionate about.

Christen Dominique got her start posting makeup videos from friends and family. As one of the top beauty vloggers, she’s since gained 1.4 million Instagram followers and 3.7 million subscribers. Her makeup skills caught the attention of major brands, leading to collaborations with L’Oreal, Sephora, and Urban Decay.

Zoe Sugg, known as Zoella on social media, got her start making haul videos from her family home. She showed of different beauty purchases, and gave reviews. She’s since gained 11 million Instagram followers, and had more than one billion views on her channel.

James Charles made a name for himself in the beauty world before he even finished high school. The top beauty vlogger was just a teen when he was named a brand ambassador for CoverGirl. He posts about all things relating to makeup, as well as entertainment, music, and glimpses into his life on social media, where he has 4.2 million Instagram followers and four million subscribers.

With more than 2.2 million subscribers, Jackie Aina hopes to change the standard of beauty one video at a time. She creates videos that showcase her makeup skills, but she’s also known for calling out brands that discriminate against dark skin tones.

Shannon Harris hails from New Zealand, and got her inspiration from watching other top beauty vloggers’ channels. She noticed there weren’t many influencers from Australia or New Zealand, so she launched her own channel. She has more than three million subscribers and 374 million views. Shannon has collaborated with Clinique and Smashbox.

Lauren Curtis went from being someone without a big interest in makeup to one of the top beauty vloggers in the world. She makes and posts videos about all things relating to makeup and fashion on her channel, where she has 3.6 million subscribers. She also has a strong presence on Instagram with 1.5 million followers.

Desi Perkins is one of the most prominent Latina beauty bloggers on social media. She’s gotten nods from celebrities Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie. She has 3.6 million followers on Instagram and three million subscribers on , where she posts about makeup and fashion.

Miami beauty blogger Kathleen Lights has racked up more than 3.7 million subscribers and two million Instagram followers because of her easy tutorials and budget-friendly makeup recommendations.

Christina Cagle, known as Chrisspy on social media, is a California-based makeup artist hoping to empower women. She’s gained more than 3.8 million followers on Instagram, where she shows off her makeup techniques. She also posts reviews, tutorials, and more on , where she has more than 68 million views.

Chloe Morello is an Australia-based beauty vlogger with 2.4 million subscribers and another million followers on Instagram. She is praised for being authentic and posting instructional how-to videos that are easy to follow.

Due to his cutting-edge makeup skills, Mario Dedivanovic has the honor of being the makeup artist for Kim Kardashian and a dozen other stars. He’s credited as being one of the pioneers of contouring. That’s why he’s got more than 4.6 million followers on Instagram, hoping to check out his talent.

Known as iluvsarahii on social media, Karen Sarahi Gonzalez is definitely one of the top beauty vloggers. Her largest following is on Instagram, where she has 3.9 million followers, but she’s also big on . She teaches different techniques, and informs people about the best affordable products on the market. She even has her own line of cosmetics.

Nyma Tang has a smaller following than many of the other top beauty vloggers, but she represents a specific portion of the population. With 600,000 subscribers and 108,000 Instagram followers, she offers tips and product recommendations for women who have skin on the darkest end of the spectrum.

Naomi Giannapoulos made a name for herself on Instagram, where she has 7.6 million followers. She posts photos and short videos showing off different makeup techniques. her strong following, she’s been able to launch her own line of successful cosmetics.

Brazilian beauty Camila Coelho is a makeup artist who launched her career on . She started making videos in Portuguese before also creating content in English to expand her reach. She has more than four million subscribers across her two channels, and 7.1 million followers on Instagram.

Vivian Vo-Farmer, also known as Vivian V, is an Asian-American social media beauty influencer with over 1.8 million subscribers. Fans love her beauty tips, which include many “effortless” styles, Q&A videos, and insights into her daily life. She’s even partnered with Maybelline.

Jenn Imv is a Korean-American beauty vlogger with 2.1 million subscribers and 1.6 million Instagram followers. She has an accessible style, and offers simple makeup tips. She launched her own collection of cosmetics in 2016, and has collaborated with many fashion designers in her career.

Source: https://izea.com/2018/05/14/top-beauty-vloggers/

5 Amazing Beauty Tips from Vloggers

5 Amazing Beauty Tips from Vloggers

Nobody dominates digital space Vloggers do.

Their down to earth personalities have made many of them new-age celebrities and the feeling of connectivity has us trusting them when it comes to advice and tutorials.

  We scoured the internet for the best and most influential vloggers in the online field and chose five women who are entertaining, informative and offer some of our favourite beauty tips.

1. Zoella

British sweetheart Zoe Sugg is the undisputed queen of . With 8,559,123 subscribers she dominates the internet and it seems that Vlogging runs in the family; her younger brother Joe has almost 5 million subscribers.

At only 25 years of age she is not only a world renowned internet celebrity but is also an author. Her debut novel, Girl Online broke records having ‘the highest selling first week sales of a first time novelist.

’ Created in February 2009 her channel gained popularity with her ‘favourites’ videos and tutorials.

With over 10 million views Zoella’s How To: My Quick and Easy Hairstyles is one of her most popular videos. The tone is light and bubbly and Zoe is easily able.

The video starts with an introduction before she switches to voice over and explains the processes behind 5, easy to follow hairstyles.

Zoe takes us through a fishtail braid, messy ponytail, half up do, every day look and curly haired style all while poking fun at herself. She comes across as your little sister and each of her videos are thoroughly entertaining to watch.

Zoe’s Tips:

• Finish a completed fishtail by spreading and backcombing braids for a messy look. • Add sea spray and scrunch hair for added volume.

• When straightening your hair, flick and twist various sections to define layers.

2. Michelle Phan

With 7,819,379 subscribers, her own cosmetics line and a mention on the Forbes 30 under 30 list this entrepreneur is well on her way to building her empire. Michelle Phan started her blog in 2005 and uploaded her first video in 2007 and the progress from her original to most recent videos is enormous.

Originally, the now 28 year old, began with makeup tutorials, followed by character/costume makeup how to videos.

Over the past couple of years her channel has taken on a more mature and professional feel and most of her videos these days are filmed in what appears to be a studio. In 2013 Michelle uploaded a Cara Delevingne makeup tutorial which has since gained over 3 million views.

The video teaches how to recreate Cara’s signature eyebrows and brown, smoky eyes and it succeeds in doing so. In under 5 minutes you can reinvent your look.

Michelle’s Tips:

• Use upward strokes and a ‘light touch’ when drawing on eyebrows. • To counterbalance darker eye shadows, use a lighter colour in the inner corner and lower lash line.

• Use a concealer in place of a lip liner to reshape your lips.

3. Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello is an Australian Vlogger whose knowledge and occasional slice of Aussie humour has earned her over a million subscribers. She’s made many eye-makeup tutorials and if you’re after a sexy look then she’s the girl to watch.  

Sound issues and amateur problems from her first videos have been replaced by truly helpful tips and although she might be known for bombshell ‘how to’ videos, one of her most popular videos informs viewers on how to create an invisible makeup look. My Ultimate ‘I’M NOT WEARING MAKEUP’ Makeup! is a must see for girls who don’t want to go bare to the gym or beach. Chloe explains every product she uses and asks viewers to embrace their flaws.

Chloe’s Tips: • Ensure that you prep your skin properly when trying to achieve a ‘no makeup’ look. • If you’re wearing makeup every day try to avoid products containing silicon.

• To keep lashes looking natural apply mascara at the base but not on the ends.

4. In The Frow

Known for her trademark lilac locks, British Vlogger Victoria Magrath is well aware on how to market herself with a Phd in mobile fashion app design. She speaks to her 316,602 subscribers about fashion and makeup and will have you dreaming of a pastel makeover.

Her Everyday Makeup Routine video is informative and although clearly intelligent, Victoria never comes across as arrogant. If Zoella is the adorable little sister, then Victoria is the trendy, older sister. The video is upbeat and there’s an emphasis on applying an everyday look in a quick, no fuss way.

Victoria’s Tips:

• To keep your makeup light don’t overlap the areas in which you use a primer/concealer and your foundation. • For everyday makeup precision doesn’t matter.

• Line and fill your lips using a lip liner and only apply your lipstick in the centre of your lips.

5. My Pale Skin

We can’t talk about Vloggers without mentioning this brave beauty. Em Ford may only have 209,630 subscribers but her latest video ‘You Look Disgusting’ gained 10 million views in only one week and sparked a global conversation about unrealistic beauty expectations. From the beginning her videos have had a professional look to them and her channel has a clear focus on acne coverage.

Her recent video has inspired millions by challenging conventions and exposing bullies focused on surficial appearances and her tutorials offer girls with blemishes concealing tips to boost their confidence. The Girls Night Out Makeup Tutorial includes a dark lip and matte face.

Em’s Tips:

• Define your jawline with a contouring powder. • After drawing on your eyebrows use a concealer to clean up the edges.

• Balance dark lips by using fake lashes if needed.

Source: https://www.thetrendspotter.net/5-amazing-beauty-tips-from-v-bloggers/

Three Latina Beauty Vloggers Share Their Tips for Success

5 Amazing Beauty Tips from Vloggers

Today´s young women go online to find the best beauty advice for them. They love following the makeup and hair tutorials of their favorite beauty vloggers or rs.

We interviewed three successful vloggers of Latino heritage, to find out why they started out, what keeps them going and what their best beauty tip is.

They also shared insights for aspiring beauty vloggers who would to follow in their footsteps.

Dulce Candy, creator of DulceCandy.com.Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy, 29, has well over two million subscribers on her Channel. She is also the author of the book The Sweet Life: Find Passion, Embrace Fear, and Find Success on Your Own Terms (Penguin, 2015).

This wife, mom and army veteran started vlogging because she wanted to be a part of the online beauty and fashion community and help other women thrive. She´s been featured in numerous national women´s magazines and TV shows and looks forward to growing and reaching an even larger audience in the near future.

Dulce Candy believes much of her success hinges on her authenticity.

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“I keep it real! I'm always researching what's trending to stay relevant, but only post about things I consider important and beneficial to my community,” Dulce said.

Her main mission is to help women accept and love themselves and embrace every flaw, she told us in an interview.

One of the vloggers she admires is Ameriie from Books, Beauty, Ameriie, “because I people who have a big heart and are passionate about what they do.”

To up-and-coming vloggers she says: “Don't give up! Do what you are passionate about, not what everyone else is doing.”

Her best beauty tip: “Remove makeup every single night no matter what!”

r Kandee Johnson.Kandee Johnson

  • Kandee´s Heritage is a melting pot. Her mom is half Mexican, Spanish & Native American and half Danish. Her dad was Swedish and Irish. She is based in Los Angeles
  • channel: Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson, 38, has a channel with close to four million subscribers. Before embarking on her beauty vlogging adventure, she was a makeup artist. She loved being able to help people feel good by using makeup. A friend of hers introduced her to the beauty videos of U.K. vlogger Lauren Luke on . Kandee was immediately hooked on the idea of following in her footsteps.

“I thought, wow, now I can really teach all the women that have said they wished I could teach them how to put makeup on!” Kandee said in an interview.

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Her secret to her large and enthusiastic following: “I really have a heart to inspire and encourage others and especially to remind people that the real beauty is not in what you see, but in how you make people feel.”

Her words of encouragement to aspiring beauty vloggers: “Always film, talk and write you're talking to your best friend or sister. And have fun, be yourself, that's what people are going to love about you,” she tells NBC Latino.

“Don't feel you have to look or sound perfect or that you need fancy equipment — and ignore any and all hate. Everyone gets hated on. You know you're killing it when you start getting haters!”

Her best beauty tip for all women: “Always invest in good foundation and brushes or a beauty blender!”

Alba Ramos, creator of SunKissAlbaBlog.com.Alba Ramos

Alba Ramos, 28, better known as SunKissAlba, has 800,000 subscribers on her Channel. She began vlogging as a hobby, when she was a new stay-at-home mom.

“Vlogging was a fun way for me to connect with -minded girls in the comfort of my home without sacrificing time as a mother or wife,” Alba said. She then took her viewers on a journey towards recovering her heat-damaged hair to health, and inspired her subscribers to embrace their natural hair too.

“Today it's been about 5 years since I stopped straightening my hair! In the future I hope to have my own organic and non-toxic hair care and skin care products.”

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Alba only uses and promotes beauty products that don’t include toxic ingredients. She draws her inspiration from other vloggers, such as HolisticHabits, HeyFranHey, Teni Panosian, CloudyApples and Claire Marshall.

To aspiring beauty vloggers she says: “Let your experience be your best coach. I did not start vlogging knowing exactly what I was doing, and how to make it better.”

She also tells them to be themselves. “No one can duplicate your personality, so being yourself is the only thing that truly makes you unique and separates you from others.”

Her best beauty tip for any woman: “Always be sure to fully cleanse your skin at night.”

Follow NBC Latino on , and Instagram.

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Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/three-latina-beauty-vloggers-share-their-tips-success-n647916

How Vloggers Influence The Way You Buy Beauty Products

5 Amazing Beauty Tips from Vloggers
A girl sits in front of a camera. Low, natural lighting provides enough brightness to show her face. One-by-one, step by step, she walks you through her daily makeup routine.

A drugstore brand foundation applied with a brush, a blush to add a nice flush to her cheeks, and a swipe of lipstick. What usually takes a whole 15 to 20 minutes becomes condensed into 10.

Sound familiar? This was one of the first templates of beauty-related content on , as we know it today.

has more than two billion users watching videos on the platform daily.

Established in 2005, now boasts of more than two billion users — almost a third of the entire Internet population. People spend over one billion hours watching videos daily. It’s no wonder that digital livelihoods, such as content creators, were made possible in this day and age. The terms “vlogger” and “influencer” were nonexistent two decades ago.

Now, they're part of the daily lexicon. Of the various niches present on the platform, the beauty community is one of the largest and most active. According to Statista, beauty-related content garnered 169 billion views on the platform in 2018.

“Fashion- and beauty-related content such as makeup and skincare tutorials, cosmetics hauls and product recommendations are among the most popular content on ,” according to the website.

The Rise of Beauty Vloggers

The very first beauty video on was uploaded by Adrienne Nelson on 30 March 2006. Nelson’s four-minute video showed her applying makeup onto another lady, simply choosing to title the video as “Makeup Lessons — Look Hot in 5 Minutes or Less”. Since its first appearance, the video has garnered more than 3.5 million views in thirteen years. While small in comparison to the number of views beauty content creators now generate, this was the beginning of the online beauty community. With such a wide audience, beauty content creators have a lot of influence held within their hands. The top 10 most popular beauty content creators have millions of subscribers individually. The most subscribed beauty content creator on the platform is Yuya from Mexico, who had 24.1 million subscribers as of December 2019. Coming in second place is the infamous Jeffree Star with 16.7 million subscribers. Of the two, the latter managed to be in the list of highest-earning rs in 2018. Star had an estimated annual earning of USD18 million in 2018. He also has several entrepreneurial endeavours outside of , which includes his own cosmetics company and a distribution facility that houses other merchandise from other entities. From uploading personal reviews and recommendations to building their own beauty brands, beauty vloggers have changed the way viewers behave as consumers. At first, product reviews appear to be simple cosmetics recommendations of a friend. In reality, these product reviews hold such potential to make or break a product — or even an entire company.

Beauty content creators have a mutually beneficial relationship with their viewers. They review according to the needs and requests of the viewers, and in turn, viewers support the content they make.

Inclusivity became more visible in the beauty industry when beauty content creators, most of whom were people of colour, demanded that companies' expand their shade range. Too Faced Cosmetics tapped beauty guru Jackie Aina to help expand their bestselling Born This Way Foundation range.

Another beauty content creator, Nyma Tang, has a series where she tries the darkest shade available in a complexion range. As time goes on, beauty vloggers have become the voices and representatives of their audience. Inclusive became an important part of conceptualising and marketing a beauty product because content creators became vocal about it.

In turn, this empowered their own viewers to patronise the brands that embody such values.

“Most of the content I create are audience requests,” shares Star Clozetter Shanthi, known as TheLeiaV in the Community.

“Content featuring trending products do tend to have more buzz than non-trending products as it's still pretty much the 'in thing', at the moment.

In terms of engagement, content [with trending beauty products] has been noted to have more shares, s and increased interactions with viewers and potential new followers.”

We also spoke with Czari Domingo, Benefit Philippines' National Brow Artist, on her journey from r to makeup artist. Domingo, who started making makeup tutorials in 2014, shares that has its pros and cons. “It’s amazing how knowledge is so accessible to anyone these days. I would not be where I am today without .

In many ways it was my first teacher,” she says. “I’ll never forget some of the kind comments I’ve received and lives I was so surprised I was able to touch in my own little way all because I was brave enough to post my first makeup tutorial. In contrast, I’ve been so moved and inspired by other beauty rs as well.

Content creators who also work in the beauty industry have a unique perspective of both consumer and developer.

However, beauty trends can also be the very reason why creativity doesn't flourish. “I veered away from 'Instagram' or ' Makeup' a few years ago because I felt as though most people just started to look the same. Makeup to me has always been about breaking the mould and expressing one’s self,” Domingo shares.

She continues, “It made me so upset to see that a lot of people online were doing their makeup a certain way because it was what became the only 'acceptable' way to do makeup for the s, follows, subscribers, etc.

Some people suddenly felt compelled to stick to certain looks instead of being creative because in a way, they were trapped in a loop that gets the engagement they want.” Domingo is one of the lucky few who was able to pursue her passion as a career.

On the topic of her journey from r to National Brow Artist, “Not much has changed for me as compared to when I was making videos just for fun because at the end of the day I’m still free to post what I want online no matter how creative or risky I want to be.” This is a struggle that any content creator will face at any point of their career.

She also shares that being on the business side of the beauty industry, “Being a part of a business means I also had to start looking at numbers and data. Whereas before, I wasn’t that concerned with views, s, analytics, etc., with my new role I now understand that these are incredibly important tools in business that need to be utilised.

In less than a year in my role as the NBA, I’ve learned so much about what it takes to run a makeup company successfully.” It's easy to get lost in the numbers. But she says: “At the same time, I always make it a point to remind myself that being business-minded should never come at the cost of your authenticity.”

A review video is more ly to get views than an announcement video of a new product.

Research shows that beauty tutorials are vastly more popular than branded content made by cosmetics companies themselves. The hard-sell ad becomes annoying when it pops up before a video plays.

People want to see the product in action before they decide to purchase it. This is why a review video can garner millions of views within days.

Convenience, entertainment, and information are contained in one 15-minute video.

Viewers' purchases are informed by the content they watch.

In an interview with Clozette, Yi Wei Lau, a Senior Marketing Executive of Cason Group, Beautyblender’s distributor in Malaysia, shares, “Consumers today refer to [or] rely a lot on the content creators' user experience before they proceed to make their own purchase.

” For Lau, the direct one-to-one relationship between the content creator and viewer is invaluable as they act as a “medium to reach out to our potential customers directly [since] the direct communication [has a] significant influence on customers' buying will.

” Similar to a friend recommending something for you to try, the relationship between a content creator and viewer is genuine and built on the trust established through time.

“Watch before you buy” seems to be the new motto of loyal beauty content viewers.

Beautyblender is just one of many beauty brands that gained popularity and following after it became a staple in beauty vloggers’ makeup videos.

But with raving reviews, it soon became a must-have and deemed “revolutionary” in one’s daily makeup routine.

While makeup sponges have always been available, the proven ease of use and hearty recommendations have made the brand’s name synonymous to the tool.

It’s undeniable that beauty content creators have the world at their fingertips.

Whether they continue to upload beauty videos while running their own beauty brands ( GlamLifeGuru's Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star), or choose to leave behind and pursue a different path ( Michelle Phan), these successful beauty content creators will always have a big impact on the community they’ve built around their content. There’s always makeup to be reviewed, skincare to be tested, and new tools to try. Beauty vloggers are here to stay — hopefully, for the better.

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