15 Gorgeous Square Nail Designs To Copy – The Trend Spotter

15 Most Elegant Nail Designs for Different Occasions

15 Gorgeous Square Nail Designs To Copy - The Trend Spotter

So, you’re about to get a manicure, but you’re unsure what you want? Depending on the season, occasion, and your style, there’s a myriad of nail art to choose from. If you’re on the lookout for delicate, timeless and stunning fingernail inspiration, look no further than these elegant nail designs for all occasions.

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1. Alice + Olivia Nails

For fans of minimalistic nail art, this subtle and stylish design will be a beautiful addition to anyone’s hands. Featuring a dusty pink and white color combination style wraps around the fingers and will make every outfit look sleek and polished. The different shades make your nailbed look elongated and dainty. It’s the perfect option for a night out or during spring.

2. Almond Nails

An almond shape is an excellent choice if you’d to create the illusion of longer fingers. For those who prefer a natural style, you can’t look past a nude color.

Add a sharp white tip for a sophisticated and modern update to the French manicure. These suit a myriad of events, from the office to a fancy night out with your friends.

Switch up the shades at the end of your nails for a fresh twist – try red, baby pink, or even something sparkly!

3. Aqua Nails

For those who love soft colors, this aqua manicure is a stylish option for every occasion. With a somewhat retro feel and a modern twist, you can add a series of diamantes to the center of the nail. To make the sparkles stand out more, opt for shades yellow, gold or orange. It is an excellent choice if you love keeping it minimal with a feminine touch.

4. Astrology Nails

Are you a proud Libra or Leo? Show off your sign and incite amazing conversations with these astrology nails.

The delicate design looks funky from afar and elegant in detail – the celestial patterns are simple enough to wear to any event.

Choose shades such as pink, nude, or grey – it will look amazing on every skin tone and suits a myriad of occasions. No matter what your star sign is, this beautiful manicure will reflect your personality perfectly!

5. Floral Nail Design

Take the garden with you everywhere you go with this delicate floral design. The small and delicate flowers on the edge of the manicure are a fantastic option for a day at the park, picnic, or a spring date. Paint the background of your nails a soft pink hue, or even a light blue or gold – let the flora stand out from the rest of the space on your manicure.

6. Geometric Nails

Who said simple nails have to be boring? These geometric designs are an elegant alternative to the one shade manicure, and they’re a modern update for those who love nail art.

The trending colors for this season include pink and red – add a single square at the top of the fingernail and leave the rest of the space clean.

It’s a timeless choice for those who prefer simple and delicate styles.

7. Glitter Nails

Get ready for a night of partying with these polished twinkling nails. Sparkling as it catches the light, this is a classic manicure that looks traditional with a subtle twist. Just the French style, paint the tip of the fingernail in an alternative shade,  in this case, with glitter. Choose from gold, silver or even white – show off your true shine with this gorgeous design!

8. Gold Nails

Feel elegant and sophisticated in every outfit with this gold manicure. Create a modern pattern with tiny golden stick-on dots.

Choose from a design that covers the whole finger, or keep it simple with a sporadic sprinkle along the cuticle.

For those who love designer labels, why not form a series of spots into the Chanel logo? There are so many options to choose from, so you can mix and match to find your perfect fit.

9. Green and Gold Nails

Take it back to the ’20s with this Art Deco-inspired manicure. Featuring clean and sharp lines in a crescent shape, the green and gold add an extra touch of sophistication. Swap the shades around to suit you – you could even alternate in patterns on each finger for an updated look. Perfect for date night or even a lunch with the girls, it’s a timeless option for modern nails.

10. Hearts Nails

Whether you’re going for a romantic Valentine’s Day date or you love this beautiful design, this is an elegant update to the classic French manicure.

Swap out the white shade at the tip for cherry red, and let the color hit the middle of the nailbed. It works best with an almond nail shape, as it gives the appearance of a heart on your fingers.

Watch as you add a bit of extra love to everything you touch with these beautiful designs!

11. Matte Nails

While glossy manicures are a great choice, sometimes it’s best to go matte. Subtle and refined, it still provides a cutting edge effect without going over the top. Choose pastel colors peach, rose, or lavender for a soft and elegant look. If you’re interested in achieving a modern style, take the classic French manicure and replace the white for a pretty hue.

12. Oscar de la Renta Nails

Why have regular nails when you could have something inspired by Oscar de la Renta? This subtle and intriguing design is an elegant choice for any occasion, on and off the runway.

The shades of peach and baby pink look best in spring or summer – and just many of the other designs, it’s an updated version of the Fench manicure.

Make use of the negative space on your nailbed by adding a few dots in the same shade as the tip, and you’ll have the best fingers of them all!

13. Pearl Nails

Pearls aren’t just for jewelry; they also make for beautiful manicures. Align the small jewels in two lines down your nail, which instantly makes them appear longer.

You can add them to a single finger or place them across your entire hand – there are no rules with this one.

It’s an elegant addition to a clean and simple manicure, and it elevates your look, no matter where you’re going.

14. Stripes Nails

Take your manicure to the next level with this striped design. Although it’s simplistic, it offers a stylish alternative to classic polish.

With a thick and thin line placed under each other, it gives the appearance of longer nails with a designer flair. If Gucci inspires you, choose shades cherry red, bottle green, or navy blue.

Opt for a nude shade for the base coat, which makes the opposite hues stand out more.

15. Simple Nails

Simple and elegant, these manicures do all the work for you. Sticking to a pearlescent shade as the base coat, you can create artwork in the center with a single holographic stripe.

It may seem plain to some, but it elevates your outfit without going over the top. If you’re not a fan of the multi-faceted colors, you can swap it out for a bold hue black, blue, or even red.

The key to this nail art is keeping it uncomplicated – less is more!

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15 Cool Stiletto Nail Designs – Best Long and Short Stiletto Nail Shapes

15 Gorgeous Square Nail Designs To Copy - The Trend Spotter

Courtesy Image

Stiletto nails (not to be confused with coffin nails) are exactly what they sound : long, skinny, and sharp AF.

The killer mani style peaked in 2015 (celebs Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and Beyoncé are super loyal to the trend), and despite there being a million different nail shapes to chose from, stiletto nails are still going strong.

So to inspire your next manicure appointment, I’ve rounded up 15 celebs rocking the edgy shape to inspire you. Just don’t ask me how to text with your new talons, okay?

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1 Cardi B’s 'Bardi Blue' Stiletto Nails

Cardi B switches up her nails almost as much as she changes her wigs. Cardi’s statement manis are her signature—and she only trusts her manicurist, Jenny “Queen of Blings” Bui, to maintain her epic nails.

2 Rihanna’s Nude Stiletto Nails

Take a page from Rih Rih’s book and select a demure nude shade for your new, lengthy nail shape. Cool hand tattoos are optional but highly encouraged.

3 Mel B’s Two-Toned Stiletto Nails

This colored French manicure feels cool and fresh and is a great option if you aren’t ready to do a full-on nail-art look.

4 Nicki Minaj’s Bedazzled Stiletto Nails

A boring French tip would never do for the Queen of Rap. Instead, she accented her traditional look with chunky, 3D jewels for a customized finish.

5 Khloé Kardashian's Dusty-Rose Stiletto Nails

The Kardashian-Jenners—specifically Khloé and Kylie—are known for having some pretty sick manicures. And despite being (wrongly) Mom-shamed in the past for her long nails, Khloé is keeping it pushing with her statement mani.

6 Bhad Bhabie's Cool Gray Stiletto Nails

Similar to Cardi B's, this viral rapper’s nails are super attention grabbing, to say the least. This spring, try a a subtle-yet-edgy shade of gray for a versatile look that matches any outfit—or mood.

7 Kylie Jenner’s Hot Pink Stiletto Nails

Before an egg beat Kylie's most-d Instagram record, the makeup mogul first broke the internet with a pic of her manicure (and the first look at baby Stormi). Now that Kylie has motherhood under her belt, she's been more experimental with her nail lengths, returning back to the stiletto shape.

8 Halsey’s Jelly Stiletto Nails

Don’t @ me, but I’m calling see-through jelly nails out as one of the biggest nail trends for 2019. Believe me, Halsey’s pointy, sheer-pink nails will be popping up everywhere. She even took the trending look a step further with graphic text and black tips.

9 Beyoncé's Soft-Pink Stiletto Nails

Red carpet or not, Beyoncé’s nails are always on point. Word on the street is she's even occasionally down for a 1 a.m. manicure when she’s in the studio. Can you say #LifeGoals?

10 Blac Chyna’s Red Crystal Stiletto Nails

There’s bling, and then there’s Blac Chyna–level bling. This insanely cool mani is a constant KiraKira filter on your hands.

11 Kehlani’s Lime-Green Stiletto Nails

Kehlani's Instagram pic was supposed to be about her new haircut, but I instantly zoomed in on bright-green nails. Turns out, she's ahead of the curve—neon nails were spotted on the recent NYFW runways, which means they won't be disappearing anytime soon.

12 Raven Symoné's White Chevron Stiletto Nails

If you don't want super-long nails, try adding a chevron design to your stilettos, which can give the illusion of longer lengths without the hassle.

13 Zendaya's Glossy Black Stiletto Nails

Zendaya has been pretty consistent with showing off her love for nail art. This time, she chose an inky, glossy black polish to spotlight her near-lethal nails.

14 Zara Larsson's Pink Chrome Stiletto Nails

Shine on with pink chrome nails, just those on Swedish singer and songwriter Zara Larsson. Also dubbed “holo” or “mermaid” nails, this cool take might look kiddish on shorter lengths, but on stilettos? Killer.

15 Rita Ora’s Iced-Out Stiletto Nails

I’m not sure if I’m more enamored by Rita’s sharp-AF nails or her diamond bling that rivals J.Lo’s new engagement ring. Just zoom in to see for yourself.

Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/g10223890/stiletto-nails-art-design/

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15 Gorgeous Square Nail Designs To Copy - The Trend Spotter

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20 Best Winter Nail Designs – Best Winter Nail Ideas 2020

15 Gorgeous Square Nail Designs To Copy - The Trend Spotter


We are fa-la-la-la-loving how we can mix up our everyday manicure this winter. While we'll never stop loving classic Christmas nail art, we're always looking for new, more neutral ways to celebrate the holiday season.

That's why we went on a mission to find the winter neutrals, glitter, and even floral designs that are perfect to wear from November to February (and even before and after that!).

These creative winter nail designs are versatile, on-trend, and bound to be all over your Instagram in the coming months.

From barely-there beiges to bright accent nails (reindeer nail sticker, anyone?), you can try any of these 20 options for your next mani. Thanks to bloggers, professional nail artists, and nail salons, we know all of the trends for the winter season.

Complete with designs that you can easily copy in the comfort of your home, these examples should inspire you to design fun and affordable looks everyone will love. Your holiday outfit game will only get better with a little extra sparkle or a modern twist on the classic French manicure.

Take a look at our favorite selections below!

Sparkles on Sparkles

Everything feels more bright and exciting around wintertime. Another way to enjoy a variety of nail color options? Don't limit yourself to only one. With gold glitter, multi-colored sparkles, and a deeper shade, you'll love this one.

See more on Tori's Instagram »

2 of 20

Snowflake Accent

Red and snowflakes are classic for a winter manicure, but this off-center snowflake on the accent nail (which is typically your ring finger, but anything goes!) gives it a modern twist.

See more on Anna's Instagram »

3 of 20

Winter Blues

Pastels don't have to exist in the springtime. Bring them to the cooler side with these white accents to give a snow-covered, wintry effect.

See more on Naomi's Instagram »

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Marble Magic

Another sleek design that goes particularly well with gold jewelry is this design with two different accent nails. Both are chic, but we absolutely love how the gold striping tape connects them.

See more on Kayla Marie's Instagram »

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Milky White

There's something cozy and winter season-friendly about this simple and sophisticated nail design. Find a cream polish for the base and pair it with a bright white to copy this nail art.

See more on Anna's Instagram »

7 of 20

Starry Night

Bring your dreamy landscape photos to life with a winter nail design this one. Complete with a moon, stars, and snow-capped mountains, this definitely deserves a spot on the 'gram.

See more on Gracie's Instagram »

8 of 20

Winter Wonderland

Yes, it's all white, but this screams winter. There are solids, swirls, and sparkles, and it's bound to go with any holiday outfit you have planned.

See more on Naomi's Instagram »

9 of 20

Reverse French

10 of 20

Midnight Mani

When the clock strikes 12 on January 1, make sure your nails look the part. From fireworks to popping champagne, this winter nail design shows how the night will go down.

See more on Gracie's Instagram »

11 of 20

Pastel Gradient

13 of 20

Burberry Accent

While we don't necessarily own a Burberry coat or scarf, we love the idea of incorporating the signature design into your winter nails. Pair it with your seasonal latté and you're ready to show everyone on Instagram.

See more on Nail Poetry's Instagram »

14 of 20

Glitter Snowfall

15 of 20

O Christmas Tree

Rockin' around the Christmas tree just got so much more fun. Copy the one you decorated on your accent nail, and everyone will ask how you did it (Trust us, it's actually really easy!).

See more on Tori's Instagram »

16 of 20

Pretty Poinsettias

Spring and fall florals are well known, but we think it's time to celebrate gorgeous winter blooms. These poinsettias look beautiful with a soft pink base.

See more on Gracie's Instagram »

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Fresh Powder

Traditional manis are no match for this asymmetrical glitter design with powder blue nail polish. The best part? You can totally do this at home.

See more on Tori's Instagram »

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Glitzy & Neutral

This might look an all-white mani with one accent nail, but it's so much more than that. A few of the nails are a soft beige, so nearly every nail is slightly different. And that glittery nail makes it all pop.

See more on Beauty and the Brush SA's Instagram »

20 of 20

Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/nails/g29072953/winter-nail-designs/